Another room makeover has been sighted.

Ya know, I hate to do this to you guys again, but when the creative muse hits I embrace her with gusto.  What I mean to say is, I'm doing another complete room makeover.....nothing like the holidays and a decorating blog to get the creative juices flowing, eh? Great timing.  Sorta.  I'll be providing bits and pieces over the next couple weeks as I get stuff 'just so' regarding Christmas paraphenalia and the like.

So, this month's contestant is my family room in which the beastly fireplace resides.  Let me show you where this adventure begins:

Mind you, these pictures feature the previous owner's 'country fair' decor.  And I will also mention that I have already painted the paneling 4, count 'em, FOUR times (each time entailed 3 coats).
First I primed with 2 coats, and painted the room a pale blue/green:

Here's another view...ignore the blurry members of my family...this is the only shot I have of the room looking in from the kitchen nook.  You can see I was already experimenting with other beige-y shades in the corner by the fireplace.

I had also painted the kitchen deep taupe, but ended up painting *it* blue, and the family room became Taupe 3...and I didn't even show you the 2 other sets of couches I tried in here, but you can read all about my revolving furniture woes HERE:

Even the linen floral slipcovered loveseat, adorable hubby and Bogart the dog couldn't make me love that band-aid pink taupe.

So we moved on to a deeper taupe, which was the same color as I used in my dining room.
I loved the blue of my kitchen next to the deep taupey brown, but when I decided to do the dining room that shade, I then knew what color the family room needed to be

Did I mention we've only been in this house just over a year?  
My girls just roll their eyes when I pull out the rollers and brushes and start in again on the paneling.

Yesterday, I tackled once again the painting of all that paneling using the same shade and sheen as the trim...called Woodlawn Lace from Lowes.  The walls breathed a sigh of relief. Ahhhh.

I finally think I have a vision for this room, and I'm so excited to share the progress with you.

And because I'm me, no redo would be complete without Craig, so hubby and I drove south 30 minutes to pick up this shelob (and her ugly loveseat stepsister), which will receive new duds of dropcloth delight to match the cushion on my double rocker.

These are actually 10 year old pieces from an upscale local furniture store...weighed a ton (good sign...hardwood construction), super comfy, and only $150 for the pair.  I like the quality, simple lines (making the job of slipcovering them a bit easier), "normal" overall scale, and slight hump back.  As soon as I get them gussied up, I'll show y'all.  Until then, though, I'll use a ready made slipcover I got from Overstock on one, and some kind of throw quilt/blanket on the other until after the holidays when I can tackle the sewing project.

Thankfully, I also figured out how to get rid of the 8 ton TV we had in the armoire shown above (girls playing guitar hero) by telling hubby I needed something lower-profile.....so he finally got his flatscreen TV (!), which will be perched atop an antique dresser my mom got for me when I was young.  Love it when we all get something out of the makeover :)

Looking forward to showing you some progress for my Make it for Monday post.  Don't forget to add my button (code on my sidebar) and get the word out.  Can't wait to see all the gorgeousness you guys have slathered on your homes this past week!



Elisa said...

I can't wait to see it!! If it weren't for blogs like yours, I'd never get anything done..haha.

Pine Tree Home said...

Wow. I would have given up with the "pink." Thanks for sharing that it's ok to keep trying until you LOVE IT.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Where do you get your energy?! Wow, I love the ideas you have. Can't wait to see the progress. I purchased a slipcover book, figuring I would probably need a lot of direction for this project :) I have two couches and at least a couple of chairs in mind. It takes a while to get my procrastinator self going, but I'll keep coming back here for more motivation and inspiration. Thank you, Cindy!! -Tammy

Funky Junk Interiors said...

LOL!!! Chosing a wall colour generally costs me 2 gallons, 2 pints and 1 hand held thingmadooey. Meaning, the first two tries I'm REALLY SURE of my choices! And when they don't fly, I start with the wimpy smaller tins, and when they don't fly, I grab those hand held sample deals and pray.

I then have loads of paint for the first coat. Wrong shade of course, so when folks walk in before I'm done, they go, "Is THIS your new colour?!?!?!"


This room looks interesting to watch! And right before Christmas even. I bow down to you, brave one!


Dena said...

Okay I can't help but giggle over this one because in our last home the master bedroom was paneled. I painted it white. But that was too plain. Then I hired painters to come and paint it a shade of pale green that I labored over selecting...that turned out to be way too blue. Hated it. It matched nothing. Now, that same color is the hot shade of icey aqua-ish blue that everyone is pairing brown with. Brown? Had I thought of that...Oh well. Then I finally found the actual color that it should be and painted it myself again - "Pickling Spice" by Behr was the name of the color. I la-la loved it! I'm cheering you on girl. Keep changing it until your heart sighs :)


Lori said...

we have paneling in our family room and it is the only room in the house that I have been afraid to touch. We also have a huge issue though ~ there is also stucco ~ it just screams 1970 to me! So until I can actually figure out what to do with the stucco ~ I am stuck in the 70's when we sink into our big comfy couch and watch tv. Our new TV will be here next week ~ I am sooo excited!!

deb said...

Ok can you bottle up some of your energy & send it top me?!! Now that you are a paint expert are you available for hire?? LOL
Can't wait to see the transformation. You rock!

Marigene said...

Cindy, 4 times in a year, you have painted the family room?! You have way too much energy, girl! I can't wait to see everything completed...

Unknown said...

Ahhh, yes! my fav ... white! There is so much one can do with white.

Follow me on our new blog ~

We are having a HUGE GIVEAWAY, come enter.

TTFN ~Marydon

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

I can not sit down in my family room without thinking about what to do to it next. My head is spinning and my mind is going a thousand miles an hour. My husband takes one look at me and he knows that I'm gettin ready to make a change.
I can't wait to see what you do to your room,
you have quite a project ahead. Be sure and keep us updated.
Thanks for your sweet comment on my Pink Saturday blog. I love for you to visit.

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Isn't that how it always is? Inspiration strikes when you really don't have the time - but the must must be followed! Can't wait to see what's next!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Don't feel bad...I painted our home office and bedroom 3 times in about one year. The office is about ready to get painted again. My poor husband!

Claudia said...

I can't wait to see what happens with this room. I will be early following your progress- I know it will be fabulous.

Maggie said...

Are you available to come to France & make slipcovers for my furniture??
S'il vous plait? LOL

Seawashed said...

You can never go wrong with WHITE, ever! Every home I've lived in, I leave the walls white and it always looks new. This is the first home I let my kids paint their rooms...one is pale pale robin's egg blue, and the other a soft beige...goes well with the coastal theme. Good luck, I look forward to seeing the results. BTW your girls are cuties.

Lynn said...

I hope your white is the color you'll finally LOVE!!
Our living room is paneled and I *finally* convinced my husband to let me paint it - Yeah! I think I'm going to do it white as well, although I'm definitely not looking forward to three coats of paint :)


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