Me again.

Last update for awhile.  Mom's oncologist says no chemo...Hurray!  The cancer she has doesn't respond well to it, and they decided to forgo that route for now.  Needless to say she is relieved.  They may do some radiation on the tippy top of her sternum and collar bones, and they are starting a new estrogen blocker.  He did say she is still considered 'terminal'...meaning she won't ever be considered cancer-free, but the plan is to monitor her every few months with scans and such and treat symptoms as they arise.  He doesn't give prognosis....thinks it best to take things one day at a time, which I appreciate.

IN other news, I'm letting myself off the hook and officially taking a sabbatical from ::cottage instincts:: so that I can focus on my personal life.  All the good intentions in the world aren't filling me with inspiration to prepare posts over here, and I just need to accept that.  I'm not shutting it down, just refocusing on some different stuff.

I am still blogging regularly at cindy. in the present tense if you're at all interested in my meanderings thru the thicket of overcoming compulsive eating with Geneen Roth, my physical changes with Teresa's T-Tapp, and learning to live in my Type 1 world with Carol Tuttle's Dressing Your Truth.  I'd welcome some friends over there. It's kinda quiet, comparatively speaking :)  If you've ever been curious as to my inner workings, that's the place to know me better.  It's real and raw, but I keep things pretty light and fun.

Many blessings of peace and creativity till we cyber-bump into each other again.  Hopefully sooner than later.


Checking in:

 (me with my brood at Animal Kingdom last week
...hubs didn't turn into Flick, he was still at his conference)

Yeah.  Another non-decorating post.  At this point I'm not sure I'll ever get around to projects around the house.  It seems I'm behind in everything in my life, and I just don't have any real creativity flowing, let alone motivation.  Just being honest.  I have lots of good intentions, but it seems my energies are needed elsewhere this season. I haven't even been able to read your blogs.  My reader is out of control :)

Anyway, for the many lovely souls who have continued to ask about my Mom, I went to see her today.  She's still really weak, has lost a lot of weight, but improves each day.  She's tired of laying around, and takes slow walks around the house, then takes a nap :)  She's just using tylenol extra strength for pain, and as long as she doesn't cough or sneeze, she's pretty comfortable.  Docs are pleased with her progress thus far.  She'll meet with her oncologist this week to get the report on the tumor itself, and discuss chemo.

Here's a picture that she wasn't pleased I took!  But I told her my readers need real proof that she's doing better. :)  She was just trying to fix her hair when I snapped it:

Again, thank you all sooooo much for your love and concern, prayers, happy thoughts, positive energy, emails, and shoulders.  It's just been awesome.  Just awesome.  Here's another pic of my brave mama....beautiful still.

And for funzies....here's my kids in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Note the wands, Butter Beer, and Gryfindor scarves....yea, we're HP geeks.  My favorite was listening to Moaning Myrtle in the ladies rooms.

 l-r: Kristen, her boyfriend Kelly, son-in-law Josh, Maddie, Gracie, 
C.Ray and daughter-in-law Andrea, Ben and Sam in front

One project in the works that I *will* share is my personal makeover....so far, down one size: almost 14 inches and 10 pounds, even with the holidays, vacation, and hospital time with my mom. I'm darn proud of myself.  Darn proud.

Blessings to all.....I appreciate you!


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Okay, now back to your regularly scheduled blog of decorating attempts, crafting adventures, and silliness :)


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