::Miss Me?::

Helllloooooo out there in bloglandia!

(message left for us from the stone masons working on our house)

As usual, when life gets overwhelming and things need to shift, ye olde blogge is the first to go.

Here's a quick overview of my last 6 weeks:

The family had the sickies, and I had some doctor visits and testing due to constant migraines.  More on that another time....

I painted up some new pieces, had some custom paint orders and a couple benefit auction shows for The Serendipity House:

(this one was for Cancer Services of Fort Wayne....took my pink vanity set and highlighted my momma's beautiful picture to honor her.)

I went to Disney in Florida with my sis and some cousins last week....

Been scrambling to get stuff ready for my daughter's wedding this coming weekend:
(Here's a shot from the bridal shower....toilet paper dresses, my daughter Grace on the right is the bride-to-be, my daughter Kristen is on the left.)

And of course staying on top of the new house build....we're supposed to close in 3 weeks!

Here's some pics of our kitchen.....I got brave and did two-tone beadboard cabinets with antique gold hardware. Yes I did. Blue cabs are Sherwin Williams 'Watery', white is Glidden "Antique White".

Island is fake wood laminate, but hope to replace it in the near future with real butcher block.

Walls are Martha Stewart 'Spring Melt'....all appliances will be white.

Couldn't do a farmhouse sink because of the corner, but did do a white cast iron single bowl with a vintage look faucet in 'champagne bronze'...which is basically liked a brushed gold....instead of brushed nickel.
I'm seriously in love with it.  Seriously.

Here's the stone fireplace.....planning some planking action in this room, maybe a built in corner seat by the windows.

So October flew by with all the happenings.  I missed decorating for the fall....and anxious to be in the new place for the holidays.  Still overwhelmed, but excited and grateful for the goodness happening on all levels.

Thanks for the emails checking up on me!  I apologize for not returning them as computer time just needed to take a back seat to Real Life for awhile :)  I'm looking forward to jumping back into painting and decorating once the wedding has been enjoyed and moving commences.

I'll try to post some pics from the wedding next week, then more sneak peeks of the house :)
Happy Trick or Treating!


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