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cottage instincts 

Second Time Furniture:  Pretty in Pink

Workman Witticisms:  Floats some  DIY Shelves

I Heart Naptime:  Sweet DIY Tray

pickles & paper:  Dandy Door Numbers 

Alrighty.  Let's get this show on the road. 


'Bout as random as you can get.

(Bogart the Big Black Dog, pic by son B.)

My visit last week with the infamous Coop Keeper was sooooo much fun.  Unfortunately my camera done died the day we were out and about mingling with the Amish.  DIED.  Hubby fixed it that evening after Jayme left by smacking it against his hand.  Oh, so that's how you do it. Pshaw.

You can read about some of her trip adventures HERE.     She took pics, but hasn't posted many...prolly because we look darn silly in most of them.  But you will see a chicken in a compromising position.  You expected something different?

We visited Clara too.....to drool over her cutie-patootie house and go for a walk in her woods.  'Twas a loverly time, spent with two of my most favorite peeps in the world. My idea of heaven is Jayme on one side, Clara on the other, with Little Debbie taking up the rear.  Come on now.

Forgot to brag tell you about my win over at Holiday....with Matthew Mead.  50 buckaroos to splurge on at Anthro!  Almost missed it as I used my hubby's paypal account to pay for the magazine, and when it said 'Christopher Harvey' I thought....how cool someone with my last name won!  Ayup.  Brain cells aren't firing on all cylinders lately.

My brilliant son, The Lego Berserker, posted on his LEGO blog, video included.  He'd love some comments!

My daughter who I blathered on about yesterday, finished editing the photos from her Field Trip Shoot.  Very cool pictures.  So much talent wrapped up in such a little person.

Oh yeah.  EVERYONE should read THIS POST by my friend Anita of Going A Little Coastal. If you don't, she and I will go postal on ya.  Word Verification is from the devil.  Get thee behind me, thou foul spirit of nonsensical words.  May you never again stand in the way of comment-leavers.

Random enough?


Once Upon A Time...

...a pink bundle of joy made her appearance ( 3 weeks late).

I turned around to change her diaper one day, and she was already one.

I ran to the grocery, and then she was three.

Did a load of laundry and she was suddenly four.

Silly as can be with just a tad of personality.

She amused us with her dignified ways at her first tea party....

and I patted myself on my back after giving her her first perm...

We clapped with abandon at her first recital....

Watched (and sang from behind with the guitar) as she danced with her sister to 'Breath of Heaven'

Giggled at her larger-than-life, never-ending make believe games...

Thanked my lucky stars when she helped get the baby to sleep

Blinked....and she was in jr. high...

then suddenly going to her first high school dance...

and realized she was almost as tall as me!

Stood in the stands to cheer on my cheerleader...

...and my show choir soprano.

And then I brushed my teeth and I swear she was 16.

We sometimes endured a round of pouty teenager...

But mostly enjoyed her cheerful antics, like posing with sis.

And then I put some gas in the car, and it was time to schedule senior portraits....

Then I'm sure it was just the next day, and we were overcome with pride watching her receive awards, trophies and an honors diploma....

But then, I took a shower and she brought a boy home.

And just like that, we were buying a wedding dress....

walking her down the isle....

and savoring the father/daughter dance.

In the blink of an eye she went from this....

to this.  The blink of an eye.

Today, my first baby girl turns 21.  So much has happened, so many 'firsts', and yet I still remember those wee fingers uncurling as she made her entrance into the world without a sound.  She's made up for those first silent moments (grin), and I wouldn't have her any other way.  

Happy Birthday Schmodie.  
You are a gift, a treasure, and forever my baby girl with a ribbon scotch-taped to your bald head.  
I love you.


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