Living Room Redo...er, Repurpose.

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So I've taken lots of pictures of my front room.  It's technically the living room, but we've used it as a reading/library room.  It's been painted a greyish-no-color.....

Then a deep taupe.  And the book shelves went from this:

...to this:

Here's another recent deep taupe shot:

In the last few months I've decided to homeschool again.  And I decided my front room would make a perfect school room.  Though I loved the deep taupe, I felt the boys and I would need a happier, brighter color scheme.  I chose green.  Seaweed by Martha Stewart, to be exact.  It's an old Kmart chip I had color matched.

Here we go...Reading area:

I switched the dropcloth drapes with the white linen drapes in the dining room.  Painted the rod and rings. Spray painted the antique light in the corner too.  And the small bookshelves peeking out down there.

Here's the kids area.  This is the big wall where the couch used to sit.  I repainted the corkboards and to match the chalkboard...which was also a cabinet door I picked up at the ReStore.  We'd given the drop leaf table to my son and his wife several years ago, but they just got a new dining set and returned it to us.  Yep, I painted it.  Same color at the couch.

Here's my desk area...still messing around with it.  Might paint it white. Or green!  Antique chair from Craigslist.

The boxes are from Walmart.  The green is the original color, and I spray painted the others deep aqua.

Our printer is a beast....hubs cut the legs off an old wooden sewing table so it fits perfectly below it.  I will be spending lots of time printing off curricula.....Might paint it green....or white like the desk....or?????

I used scrapbook paper to make labels....

I kinda like how the green and aqua mix, but I may end up making them all the same color.  Here's the boy's binders that I used scrapbook paper to decorate.  This is there shelf for storing books and supplies.

Here's my supply shelf:

I LOVEEEEE the green color.  The room faces south and feels happy and bright.  I can't wait to start schooling.

So now you know what I've been busy with lately.  Painting walls, furniture, organizing supplies.....I still have lots more I want to do in here, but wanted to show you the 'so far'.  OH, and I also designed a new blog for my homeschooling journey...which would explain the missing 'cottage instincts' mark at the bottom of the pictures.

Click the button to go visit.  Not a whole lot there yet, but I'm workin' on it!

So there ya go ladies.  A new repurposed room.  The dining room is next.....it will become my hubby's office, a place for a kiddo to work on school alone without distractions, and overflow dining.  Have you been repurposing rooms?  Would love to see.  Post a link in your comments.

Miss you guys, but hoping to get back into the swing of things again now that school is over.  We're headed to Mackinac Island on Father's Day, and will return Thursday.  We're staying at the Grand Hotel, so I'll take lots of pictures.   Love that place!  Once we're home, I'll post more regularly.  I have lots of projects in the wings that I'll be recording for posterity.  'Cause I like to hear myself type. 


This is for family.

Facebook is being ridiculous, so I'm posting pictures here of graduation and such for family.  FB is becoming uber-creepy to me lately.  And frustrating.  And dumb.  So there.

So here's some pics of K, Open House decor, friends and family....reminds me of a button I saw on someone's blog the other day: "I'm so creative, I make people."  3 of my peoples done, only 3 more to go :)

Hip Hip Hooray!


Open House.

The Shrine.


With my folks.

With the cousins.

With sisters.

With brothers.  (Biggest Bro and wife hadn't arrived yet)

Exhausting day.  But fun.  (Yes, Dad, I'll send the pictures *grin*)


hello? hello?...this thing on?

I'm shocked that I still have followers after such long silences between posts, but thankful that so many still cling to the hope that I'll get back to blogging here.  I can't tell you how guilty I feel.  Mostly because I don't feel that guilty, but I didn't just type that out loud.


Anyway, I *will* begin some regular blogging after Saturday....which is when my daughter will graduate, we'll do her Open House, and I will promptly crash and burn for the following 24 hours.....

.....then I shall dutifully take up the  pen keyboard and camera (which I cannot find right now...grrrrr) and begin again chronicling my decorating faux pas, attempts, and perhaps a few successes.  I've completely revamped some furniture, and did an entire room re-do that I will show you soon. Having been practicing dressing and decorating My Truth, it's not taking as long to pull together my look, despite being overwhelmed with choices. I will also be adding some homeschooling posts in here, since that takes an enormous amount of creative energy, and well, my kids are cute and it's my blog. 

In the meantime, I've seen several bloggers do this thing that kinda interests me.  They open themselves to questions from commenters.  This kinda, sorta scares me, but then I'm a pretty open book.  So here's your opportunity to ask the Cottage Chick any old think you'd like.  I don't promise to answer every single one, but I will do my best.  I'll be sure to have a plate of Oreos nearby to sustain me.

So, what's eatin' ya?


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