(Robyn Rose meets a very nice fella for the very first time)

May you get every thing you wish for, may you always believe, 
and may you hold those you love close this Christmas day.


::Christmas Centerpiece::

Oooo.  Shiney.

As of yet, I've not been able to curb my appetite for brown shiney stuff this Christmas.  When I see such items, they pounce in my shopping cart, unbeknownst to my conscious, rational brain.  The hands move in perfect harmony with the eyes as the brain is like "wait, wah?"

I did manage to use a few things I already had, like the ORB sprayed former brass candlesticks and the cake plate I must've picked up (or pounced in my cart like the aforementioned brown shiney things) from TJMarshalls sometime way back.

A peek at my wee hutch (I'll post about it another day) and the tree that never looks any different year to year....and I'm ok with that.


::Christmas Blue and Whites::

PSSSST...I'm no longer blogging here!
You can now find me at


Welcome to this year's holiday mantel.
I'll just step aside and let you look.

Hobnail milkglass, mercury glass, the usual suspects.

And pinecones.  Always with the pinecones.

Some snowified branches...some real, some wanna-bes.

Reimagined stockings from last year.  
Bought them ready made from that (million)Dollar Store 
and embellished with ribbon and monogrammed frames.  

Just a bit of glitterfying....

IKEA lantern.

Artsy shots of the aforementioned branches all dolled up.

 And there she blows.

Interested in past holiday mantels?  
Your wish is my command.
2011 Ye Olde Naturalized Christmas Mantel

Oh yeah, and I'll be bringing my mantel to Kevin and Layla's party:


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