happy ME

I'm Cindy, located in a swivel chair in NE Indiana. 
Let's talk about me, shall we?

First off, I love being a wife and mama to 6 kids, 2 kids-in-law, 2 grandkiddos and 1 furbaby.  

Me and Hubs

 I love my many random talents and interests, and my brilliant, very busy, right-brained mind. 
logic and math play less-than-stellar roles, so let's not talk about it

Son C.Ray

I love the Disney lyrics about magic and dreams and wishing on stars and happily ever after. 
I got no strings

I love knowing I don't have to decide what I want to be when I grow up.
and that I don't have to grow up

 Daughter Maddie and beau Mitch

 I love knowing nothing is more important than that I feel good.
no one likes a grumpy-pants anyway

I love change: the new, and bright, and shiny.
and the familiar: the old, and faded, and chippy

Daughter Kristen with Hubs Kelly
Grandbabies Robyn Rose and Walter Wyn

I love finding a deliberate, unconditional, chronic state of Good-Feels, the best springboard to inspired creating of Happy things for myself and others. 
and the process from the flash of an idea to the finished dope is DE-LISH

I love knowing I'm never off the Happy path, even when I don't see it in a particular moment because I'm beating the dirge to the Ugly Place.
as for me and my blog, we will serve the Happy

I love following that Good-Feels path to more and more fun, even if the creative medium-of-the-moment seemingly turns out a 'dud'.
I'm ok with it, really

Daughter Gracie and Hubs Greg

I love the means more than the end.

'cause I know there's no real end to any of this 

I love momentum and thrive on the moving of energy towards an inspired idea.
I also thrive on the movement towards the nearest you-make-it-yours yogurt place

I love the feeling of that new idea percolating in the 'ole grey matter.
the best ones often happen just before bed or at 3am after a potty-run, amIright?

 Sons Ben and Sam with Bogart the Big Black Dog

I love attracting journeyfolk of like-mind who believe we *are* actually just playing make believe everyday, creating our own realities.
and that's truly about as serious as this life gets


Unknown said...

Beautiful family Cindy!!! You are one busy lady!

sandie898 said...

Hi Sweetheart, I just read your post about your Mom. What a wonderful daughter you are! I just had my 66th birthday and would be so proud to have a daughter say such wonderful thing about me. But I would not want her to worry and miss me so much. I lost my mom at a very young age also. It gets better in time. Your mother will always be with you. Sandy

Unknown said...

I just finished reading ur post on AS chalk paint & more & thoroughly enjoyed it ;)

Do u know if it's possible to use AS soft wax on regular paint to get same sort of finish?? Thanks in advance


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