So Guess What.

I met a reader who happens to have her own wee shop full of vintage goodness
 not 15 minutes from my doorstep. 

Imagine me attempting to contain myself upon meeting a like-minded junker-fixer-upper who actually chased down her dream of opening her own place, doing what she loves (and has obvious talent for), and passing along the goodness to others.
I know.

So welcome to Amy's Like Yesterday Shop (facebook HERE)

She's only been in this location for a few weeks, so new signage is on the way. 
She shares her space with Moe's Bikes.
(Let's just say swoon-y vintage cruisers were definitely spotted.)

Amy's re-loving of furniture is amazing, her pieces are unique and stylish for all kinds of cottage lovers.
Her prices?  
All you locals better get yer bums in here before she realizes what a steal her stuff is.

She's got another room full of neato kitchy, rustic, vintage-y yumminess.
See here.

(My son's waving at cha)

Totally wanted this signage.

Vintage bottles. Ok, yeah.

Interesting, unique, one-of-a-kind cool stuff.  What's better'n that?

Amy has a love of old toys, like this fella here and several of his comrades.
Totally made me feel like an antique myself as I recognized lots of toys from my own childhood.
I think I'm ok with that.  

Her Hubs helps transform pieces like this with his wicked woodworking skills, 
like adding wheels to this crate.

She stocks lots of painted pieces as well as original stuff with beautiful patinas.

So far, she can't keep furniture in stock!
There's so few little shops like this in our area.

Amy loves color, and the shop is filled with cottagey colors all over the place!

And owls.  Owls tucked every which where.  
My boys had fun playing a version of where's waldo and discovered at least 34 owls in the shop.
No joke.  It's like me with birds.
Ok, not that bad.

She hand paints and stencils some of her pieces too:

My youngest sitting at a fun desk Amy painted, distressed, and stenciled.
Please excuse woman's rear-end.  
If said woman is a reader of this blog, I sincerely apologize.

As I said, Moe's stocks refurbished (and sometimes new) bikes, as well as doing repairs and rebuilds.
I know where I'll be purchasing my new (old) bike!
Amy painted the sign for the bike shop in back.

I kinda sorta covet this bike as it looks like my very first 2 wheeler back in the early '70s.  
Only mine was pink :)

I had such a great time meeting and chatting with Amy.
And what fun to walk in to THIS!

Here's me and the proprietess hereself, all fuzzified and sepia'd.
We're gorgeous.  I know.

Best news:  I might get to sell some pieces myself at Like Yesterday Shop and help Amy with 
styling and decorating!
Not that I'm excited about that or anything. *snort*.  
I'm fairly certain I talked too much and freaked Amy out abit, but she's too nice to say so.

I'll keep ya posted.

Amy's shop address: 
204 North Jackson Street
Auburn IN 46706 

Go forth, you locals, and follow your ::cottage instincts:: to Amy's place.


Fallishness 2011: Pt. 4 The Front Door

PSSSST...I'm no longer blogging here!
You can now find me at

Dang, I sure got my autumn decorating mojo on.
Two posts in one day!
Today I did some tweaking, and did up a door thang.  
Don't quite know what to call it.

I usually have a metal shabby basket full of fake folliage of some sort, 
so I thought of doing a wreath instead.
But then whilst wandering thru the piles of junk interesting pieces I've accumulated in my garage,
I found the other half of this:

Remember what I did with the first half?

So I took the other half and sprayed it white, sanded a bit, and glazed with a bit of walnut stain. 
Then I gathered the usual suspects....

I used a Q-tip to stain the wooden letters, then glue-gunned them on. 
Nothing like a glue gun to make ya feel like you've been truly crafty.  

Then did the "drape the silk and plastic branches over the top rung" game and frouffed.

Metal letter came from Restoration Hardware Christmas clearance a couple years ago.
Used to have a pale aqua cast, but now it's just kinda goldish-silver.  
Or silverish-gold.

Obligatory shot behind storm door:

Obligatory warmified shot from inside the house.

And the obligatory artsy-sepia:

If you're newish to ::cottage instincts::, here's where you can see: 
And here's where I'm a linkin' as well as my usual haunts:


Fallishness 2011 Pt. 3: The Dining Nook/Kitchen Mini-Reveal

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I teased you yesterday with my new kitchen/nook wall color.  
It's a Martha Stewart shade from Home Depot called Brown Alpaca, iffn' you wondered.

The previous color was by Devine Paints called Reflection, and oh how I adore that color. 
So much that I painted not only my kitchen, 

but my master bedroom (which doesn't look like this anymore), 

and living room with it.

Since I don't want to tire of it (and I was beginning to), 
I figured one of those rooms needed to be adorned in a warm toasty brown.  
It made the most sense to do the kitchen because it opens to my family room 
which houses the big brown sectional. 

 That's the reasoning I used anyway.
Besides I just painted the living room, and I've already picked a different color for the master.
(Hazel Woods by Ralph Lauren, this is not my bathroom, btw)

Anyway, I'd actually painted the kitchen a deep taupe previously.  
(this is right after we moved in, hense paint swatches every which where, no covers on the outlets, etc.
Weird faces I can't be responsible for.)

But the shade was too grey-ish.  
Don't shoot me, but I can't abide grey or putty at all in my house. 
I know that's sacrilege in blogland, but grey is just kinda blah to me.  
And WAAAAY too trendy.  
No offense to those who love it of course.
Fiddle dee dee.

Here we go:

(doesn't Bogart the Big Black Dog look key-oot?)

I added in chocolate brown fallishness.

My wee hutch fallified.

All the shades of beige, cream, and brown make me swoony in the fall.

Mini plastic punkins spraypainted white in an apothecary jar
and mini cloches sit under another cloche.  LOVE.

Ironstone pitcher from my gramma's collection.  LOVE.

I have a plan for the big back wall behind the table where the huge peg shelf hung, 
which entails these two big vintage windows.

So there ya go.
Fallishness and new paint.
A great way to distract one from the gloomy, cold rainy fall here in NE Indiana.

PS.  Sorry for the poor quality photos lately.
I hope to remedy that in the near future.


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