Desparately seeking...

This knob.

Actually, I'm desparately seeking 5 more of these knobs...

I got these at Hobby Lobby, but they won't be getting any more in like this.
(There are a few similar styles with different designs, but I need these rosebud spirally ones as they match the antique latches on my hutch.)

If any of my terrifically awesome readers lives nearby a Hobby Lobby and would pick up 5 of these little numbers for me, I'd be so thankful!  
Pretty please?
I'd even send ya some Little Debbie cakes with payment and shipping costs.

If you can oblige me, click on the crazy lady in the birdcage in my sidebar to email me.  
Thanks gals!

EDITED!  Found some from a lovely reader who's sending them my way.  Y'all are way neat.


NanaDiana said...

I am going right past Hobby Lobby later this afternoon. I will stop and check for you. xo Diana

COTTAG3 said...

If I see some at ours, I'll let you know.

Kate said...

Hi Cindy

we do not have Hobby Lobbys here but I hope you find them. Much love to you and your mama


Amy said...

I wish I could help you but we don't have a Hobby Lobby. Best of luck. I bet someone will find them for you!

Anonymous said...

I checked at a Hobby Lobby in Columbia, MD, yesterday - they didn't have them. :(


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