1x2x3x4x5=some pretty awesome displays.

What do you have multiples of around your place?  Well, what are you waiting for?!
Take some pics and go get yourself linked up to

How fun will this be?
I mean, maybe I'll get inspired to find some new and interesting things to horde collect!

So here's what little groupings of similar thingys I have...

Birds & various  birdie thing-a-ma-bobs
(yes I know everyone in blogland has a collection of 'em)

she sits on my mantle

along with my 'home' sign and the birdcage down thar...

this is a wall in our dining nook

close up of one end of the shelf

the whole shebang

 some wall art I cut out of a journal and had framed

more wall art

china cabinet display

top of china cabinet display

I have birds nests kinda all over the place (see my blog banner up thar yonder?) You'll notice I also like white pitchers.  I also have this thing for floral fabric, but I'm too embarrassed to show you *that* stash.  I might have to kill you. I like baskets and glass bottles too, but I'm too lazy to get my camera out and show those this week.

Lastly, here is the most precious collection of multiples I have:

My beautiful kids
(even though my boys never learned how to properly smile)

My two oldest with their spouses who I love as much as my own

One last birdie thingy:


Some fall-ishness.

Changed up my front door decor....went from this:

To this:

And all it took was a two for one sale at JoAnns. :o)

I'm linking here on Monday

And here on Wednesday:

And here on Thursday:


Soap on Parade.

I discovered a new blog! I love it when that happens...so I"m linkin' up my craftyness over there (allbeit a bit late). Check it out girlies!

And I also linked up over here:

Anyway, a couple weeks ago I did a country fair, selling my soaps. (If you'd like to know more about how I started making soap or more about the soapies themselves, visit here)  My wonderful sis-in-law lives right on the main drag thru town and lets me set up my display on her front porch. Ain't she a peach?

Here's some pics from that weekend.

Several folks thought I was selling fudge by the slice :o)

Sold lots, but still have plenty available on my website:
If you tell me you saw this post, you'll get a discount of 10%!

This week's linky parties...

Almost every day of the week I link up my newest decorating projects, junking steals, trash to treasure transformations, room makeovers, or seasonal vignettes at these gal's blog parties. They are a fab.u.lous. way to pick up inspiration from all over the freaking place. There are soooo many talented women out there! It's also a fairly easy way to find those with similar decorating styles and budgets and subscribe to them in a reader or follow them each day. Totally addicting past-time, gotta warn ya *wink* (I'll activate the links on the appropriate day)

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Well, this week I'm showing off my Salavation Army $11 coffee table makeover (and a few others below). Picked 'er up last week after I heard her quietly sniffling in between an orange velour couch from the 70's and a beat up metal file cabinet that looked to have been a contestant on 'kick it to the curb'.

Here she is in all her glittery nail polished, heart-stickered, scratched, and broken-legged glory:

She was begging me to make her into a happily ever after story....

I obliged :o) The Mister fixed the broken leg (center leg across the middle on the bottom was cracked in half and hanging by a thread). I pried off the sparkly stickers, sanded down her top and used dark walnut gel stain and some wipe on poly. Then I re-spray painted her shapely legs in heirloom white. Can't you hear her screaming "thank you thank you thank you!!!"

By the way, there's the couch I mentioned in this post that my folks helped us buy. And I mentioned as well that I'm actually letting my little peoples sit on it. I'm a nice mommy that way sometimes. This is our reading/computer room. I'm still working on it, though, and I'll post a 'big reveal' sometime in the next month or so. Or not. Depends on how those Home Depot painting drop cloth drapes work out. You know.

And since these sit in the same room, here are the IKEA bookshelves I posted the tutorial about. I HATE arranging bookshelves, so they sat empty for like a month. I'm still not content with them,
but I'm getting close.

All you homeschooling mamas out there can drool over my father-in-law's collection of original Landmark history books. I took the covers off to reveal the charming colors you see here. And my Dr. Suess collection, my husband's childhood storybook collection, and a few odds and ends that also came from his dad are snuggled up to them as well. I'd love to work my way thru the Landmarks, reading to my boys each night thru the winter. They are truly classic stories, written by some of the last century's most celebrated novelists. A GREAT way to teach your kids about our nation's history in story form.

And lastly, I found this wooden magazine rack at a consignment store, painted her and originally thought I'd use it like this.....but I thought it would be cool to set it near my aqua couch and display my magazines for each month (October right now). That way I can see all the seasonal ideas in one lump of inspiration each month. And get overwhelmed. And end up vegging on the 'puter. And for all of us who got gyped into Family Circle when our beloved Country Home went under, I'd just like to say:


So...what say you? Did my coffee table transform to your liking? How 'bout those bookshelves? Does displaying magazines seasonally seem too much like a tacky doctor's office?

Lots more inspiration at Sheri's, Kim's, Kimm's, Susan's, Kimba's, Kristen's, Gina's, and K+J's this week....Go Dog Go!


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