A bit of grieving for the inevitable.

So many talented bloggers out there, whom I'm very jealous of....I mean very impressed with, are gearing up to start decorating their homes for autumn. Pumpkins, leaves, sticks, dirt....ok, not dirt. Anyway, autumn is my FAVORITE season for many reasons, the biggest being because my hubby and I fell in love in the fall. (go ahead and 'awwwwww'). But as I get older, I find myself dreading the end of summer. I really hate winter. Really hate it. If we had money to spare, I'd live in the south during the winter like my mama does. But that's a pipe dream.

So while I'm enjoying seeing all the creative tablescapes and vingnettes of the blogging world, I'm tenaciously clinging to the warm temps and green grass. Capris and short sleeves. Beachy colors and light weight blankets on the beds and couches. Long days and evening walks to get ice cream. I do look forward the fall, and then the holidays....but I can't help dreading the long space of gray skies, ice and wind, snow and naked trees that follows on it's heels.

So forgive me for bowing out of some the 'show me your fall stuff' memes....I'm just not ready to let go of the sweetness of summer. I'll bring out some pumpkins when Halloween approaches. Not before.

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Kate said...

Cindy I love your blog site!!!! Looking forward to sharing the beautiful fall season and watching you bloom with creativity.



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