A morbid tale of my revolving furniture....

Well, the furniture themselves didn't actually 'revolve' as in turning around and around, but that would be super cool, no? Kinda like a Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry shabby chic thingy...anyway, what I mean is they rotated in and out of rooms and (much to my mister's chargrin) in and out of my house. *sigh* I've been on a quest since moving into this house a bit over a year ago for the perfect couch set. I've utilized craigslist and a local consignment store for this, but have not succeeded in accomplishing my goal. Just frustrating hubby and kids who think my minor schizophrenia with funiture is a little, uh, off.

Let's start with Exhibit A; our first set of 'real' furniture, purchased new from Value City Furniture 8 years ago. I could not kill this set. It simply would. not. die. But it was too pouffy and 90's and not worth recovering. And the green was not working with my new lighter and brighter outlook on interior decor. Finally convinced my mister to sell it and buy something off craigslist. And we're off.

Enter Exhibit B; first craigslist find. These were top-of-the-line couches sold for cheap in great condition. I figured I'd save up and get slipcovers made for them. Unfortunately they were stiff and uncomfortable for watching TV. No 'sink in', just 'sit up'. Vetoed by my teenagers, hence re-sold on craigslist.Oh, and let's throw in a chair too. Dreams of recovering didn't materialize with this catch either. So I sold it with Exhibit B.Next we have Exhibit C...another hair-brained craigslist find. It was an upholstered couch that *looked* slipcovered. Nevermind that it had no back cushions and was filthy. I intended to save it. Tell me the Ralph Lauren cushions helped? But alas, it ended up being too big with those huge rolled arms. So it was re-sold once again on craigslist.Here we have Exhibit D...I spied this loveseat from afar as it sat in the back of my favorite furniture consignment shop. It hadn't even been priced. Again, a well-made piece that had just been newly slipcovered. The owner wasn't happy with it, so took it to consign. I should mention that whilst I was buying and selling all these couches, my parents gave us some money to purchase a new sofa.....which we did, but it hadn't come in yet. The lines of this loveseat were a perfect match to the new couch we had ordered. Or so I thought. Yeah, resold on craigslist.
In the meantime, I was still trying to find a couch set for the TV room 'cause no one was going to be allowed to sit on my new couch. But I got side-tracked. Behold Exhibit E; a detour into the world of my screened in porch. Weather-resistent furniture....but then I decided I wanted to put a table out there instead. No room for a settee, two side chairs and a coffee table with an eating table too....so this set got the boot to my sis-in-law's basement. Who sees a pattern here? Hmmmm.

Now I will showcase Exhibit F, which is actually psuedo-Exhibit F because it's a picture of the chair, not the couch, which we got during our 'early parent's attic motif' period. I finally sold the big bad bold orange couch.....though it was one of the most comfy we'd ever owned. Which is why I'm keeping the chair, and it's having a beautiful buttercream cotton twill slipcover made as I type. Hooray! I also rescued an ottoman who will be decked out to match.
Exhibit G....hand-me-down Ethan Allen wingback from my mother, newly reupholstered and rotated forlornly thru every room in my house until my friend put it out of its misery and finally bought it for her traditional-style guest room where it happily resides amongst cheery reds, browns and creams.
Can ya believe we've arrived at Exhibit H and her younger sister? Raise your hand if these look familiar. No, don't. I feel stupid enough as it is. Well, I might as well tell ya the story....found this set on craigslist, 45 minutes away mind you, and got all shimmery inside thinking how fun it would be to have a reclining couch and chair set for the TV room. In a nice neutral green. Very like the original set WAAAAAY up there at the beginning of this post. Ahem. My teenagers actually loved this set. I became unenamored with it in about, say, 2 hours.
I mean look at this beast. It took up the whole stinking room. Rachel Ashwell would shudder.
And it had a sibling! Eegads, *what* was I thinking????? Long story short, I decided to switch the TV back to the other room (wait, did I mention I'm always changing my mind about where I want the computer or the tv or the beds? No? Well, maybe that's another post for another day). The back room was not gonna accomodate this set. No way, no how. Three minutes on craigslist, 45 minutes later, cash in hand. Angry teenagers. *sigh*
So where does all this leave me now? I'm still loving the new couch my folks got us (I will get a pic of it later once I get the throw pillows made) and have even consented in letting rear ends touch it. I also bought a little white slipcovered chair on craigslist that I adore, and have repainted a couple cottagey wood chairs and made new cushions and slipcovers for them. That takes care of the computer/reading/quiet room.

But I'm still without a couch for the tv room. I have saved the money I got from selling the green beasts above, and am adding to it as I sell other pieces here and there (let's just not even get into all the dining room tables, chairs, dressers, and side tables I've gone thru....) I don't trust myself to buy ONE MORE COUCH SET. Not until I really really really really know what I want.

Wait a minute.

I really want the couch upstairs. Forgot to mention that one. Years ago, one of the houses we bought came with some couches in nasty shape fabric-wise, but sound underneath. One of those we've kept over the years, I made a slipcover for it, dyed it lots of different colors, and moved it from house to house, room to room. In our present home it resides upstairs in the playroom. But it would be perfect for the family room! And Bob's my uncle.

Between the orange monstrosity getting her makeover, and a newly dyed slipcover on the old couch.....I don't think I'm looking for another couch set anymore. Ah, but don't tell my mister. Let's just keep this between you and me, what'd ya say? I'll reward your silence with pictures of my new/old furniture in the next few days. Pretty please?

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