2010's Top Projects.

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Rhoda's having a shindig:

Here's the highlights of the last 12 months at ::cottage instincts::

As I was going thru the last year's posts, I realized I have 
several unfinished projects still simmering on the back burners, namely:
Each of the boys' bedrooms
Dining Room-to-office
Other big projects for the coming year include:
Sewing a sectional sofa slipcover
Painting several pieces of furniture
Possibly painting kitchen cabinets
Board and batten in hallway
Guest bath do-over

Hopefully I can get those finally finished...
or at least entertain you a bit this coming year as you follow along the antics 
of one woman attempting to get in touch with her ::cottage instincts::

Images from Christmas 2010

So I hear tell some of y'uns have already de-Christmasfied your homes.  
Not I, said the cottage chick.  
Mostly because we're hosting my hubby's family Christmas here on Friday.  
My tree is  beyond dead a tad crunchy.  

In the meantime, this week we've done lots of this:

and this:

So hubs and I started this:

Anyway, in the past you guys always seem to appreciate pics of my Mom's most excellent cottage instincts, so here's some snippets of her home all dolled up for the holly-days. 

Here's the fabulous tree, which I failed to capture well. *rolling eyes*  You guys would sooooo understand her frustration when the family came in and dumped their UN-coordinated presents in front of hers.  

She was all like "I wanted you to see how cute the presents looked 
so you could put them on your blog..." 
 I understand Mom.  Oh how I understand.

So here's a couple shots of her coordinated cuteness, up close and personal.

Right outta Macy's eh?  Now check this out.....
she took the coffee filter wreath idea and made little snowballs for her tree!  
How cute is this?

Lots of sentimental, colorful ornaments:

And a big ole bow with red squigglies expoding out the top.  Very Type 1, I might add...

Since I last posted pictures of Mom's place, she's painted her kitchen cabinets.  
Correction:  She HAD the cabinets painted.  
They also changed out the hardware and added crown molding. LOVE.

And how 'bout this cute red chair?  Yep.

Her centerpieces are always fun 'cause the playful ceramic reindeer take center stage:

And Christmas isn't Christmas without dozens of cookies to tempt us all afternoon....

There ya have it.  My mom's got serious cottage instincts, dont'cha agree?

I've been reading your blogs when I can, but haven't taken time to comment since I got so behind!  I think there was over 650 items in my Google Reader yesterday.  Last year the blogsphere was quiet the week between Christmas and New Years...this year yowsa!   

I have some fun things to share, but for the next few days I may not be around much.  
I'm relishing these few quiet days after the hustle of last weekend.  Even editing pics seems like work :)
I'd love to get a post ready for Rhoda's Top 10 Projects of 2010, but we'll see.  

Speaking of seeing....I also got new glasses. 


Merry Christmas Blogsphere!

Wishing you and yours a peaceful, happy holiday!

I'll be back in a few days :)  


Meet My Wee White Charlie Brown Tree!

It's dinky, it's scraggly, it's skinny, and has some kind of iridescent goofiness, but it was $10 at Big Lots.

I went with pale pinks, pale golds, and a bit of shiny silver to bling it up.

It's incredibly hard to get a picture of what it really looks like because all the bling reflects the happy green walls in this room....

...and the woman in orange with the camera.

There's actually no green balls on the tree. Those are shiny silver and pale pink.

I had some wee clear iridescent bulbs, so I poured in some pale pink craft paint
and used pink curling ribbon to make hangers:

The other stuff I picked up here and there on Christmas clearance, like this velvet ribbon studded with gold:

I made a bow for the top of the tree with it:

and with bit of fluffy white batting and iridescent tinsel,
it made a pretty bed for some extra gold ornaments around the bottom.

The sheer pink ribbon I had in my stash...

The shiny pink balls are my favorite.  Picked them up at Meijer.

I loves it.

I think I'm smitten with white trees the most because they GLOW...

 in early evening light....

in early morning light...

 or no light at all....

Y'all were so kind in your comments when I posted about missing out on the other white tree at the thrift.
 I still wish I'd snagged it, but I'm content for this year with my Charlie Brown tree.

See? I'm happy.

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