::A Photo Shoot with BH&G::

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I had to wait until Big News #3 actually happened before I could post!
Back in the early summer I was contacted by a field editor from Meredith Corp about my kids' kitchen.
They'd seen the 'before and after' post I wrote after I'd helped paint their kitchen cabinets and walls and offered a sounding board for my DIL as she picked finishes.

They came on Thursday...Betsy was the stylist and will also write the copy.  She was so so great!
She brought a ton of fun stuff for staging.
I got to fill the potato and onion bins.
Oh, and that dish detergent decanter at the sink.
I'm just that talented, yo.

This is Justin, who was just thrilled that I was taking this pic.
 Besides offering his talent for taping the blind cords out of sight, he was the photoshop magician :)

This here is Warner, the main photographer who also offered me some tips with my own Canon. 
Not that I remember what he told me.

This is Warner's gear, which I drooled over.

This is my DIL's cat Bermen, who claimed Warner's gear for the afternoon.

Including this light tree as well.....

This is my DIL Andrea showing Warner how to make friends with Charlie, another of her brood.

 This is Kingsley with Charlie who thought all the cords were new chew toys....

Ok, enough of the cats....
Betsy was great at asking Andrea how she liked the staging and open to her input.
Because my DIL also works on photoshoots as a graphic designer, it was really awesome that they included her in lots of the decisions.

 (that industrial island was bought for the shoot, and the kids get to keep it!)

Here they are discussing 'tangents' and 'hot spots' and other tech speak about the first shot.
That first shot takes FOREVER to get.  They tweak the staging, the lighting, the angle, etc.
Once they get that, the rest goes fairly quickly. 

I tried to stand out of the way and take pictures of really interesting things like the messy table and cats.
(See how well I filled the onions and 'taters in the baskets back there?)

Warner and Andrea discussing another shot.....also, please notice how cool she painted her chairs!
We're hoping they use a shot that included them.

Justin doing his thing....offering suggestions on lighting and so forth as each shot appeared on his monitor.
Betsy froofs in the background.
(And there's a bit of the crendenza I showed you yesterday that I painted up for the kids.)

I managed a few artsy shots of some props and the kitchen space, but I don't want to give too much away.

Doesn't it look great?

They got the pendants from West Elm.

The artwork is Andrea's own, and I was so happy they wanted to use it for the shoot!

We had a ball, learned a lot, laughed a lot, and felt very thankful her kitchen was chosen for their magazine.
It will appear in their "Kitchen + Bath Makeovers" Special Interest edition which comes out 5-6 times a year.
We have no idea when the piece will run, but I will let everyone know when it does!

I know lots of bloggers get magazine features, but I'm so tickled that I got to participate in this one!  My kids style is very different than mine, but I was honored to help with a bit of the design and work that went into this space....and was happy that sharing it on the blog brought us this opportunity!

Now I shift gears again and start crafting for the wedding in November, painting up custom furniture orders, and picking out kitchen finishes for the new house :)  Never a dull moment.....


::'Nother One and a Hint::

 So my group of Paint Mavens (of Awesomeness) are doing another vintage market tomorrow, so if you're in the area (NE Indiana), stop by Emiley's Haute Cottage to check out our wares!

Here's a couple wee pieces I did to add to what's already on the floor at the shop:

Veronica the Mid-Century end table.  Played up her legs and gave her some gold toes :)

This shabby pale pink chair matches Rita, a retro vanity I haven't shown you yet.

Not going to market, but I wanted to show you the other mid-century piece I finished up.....my kids' bought this credenza to use as a bar, but it was in pretty bad shape.  
Hubs and I repaired it, then I painted the the outside bright white, used vinegar and oil to clean and shine the drawers/cabinet, and brasso to shine up the original hardware.  

If you look closely in these two pics of the crendenza in my kids' house, you'll see hints regarding
BIG NEWS #3....

Any guesses?  I'll spill the beans Sunday night!
Until then, wish me lots of pixie dust for good sales this weekend....


::So, What's My BIG News?::


These three pics were in my hubby's birthday card :)  Robyn Rose is 16 months old now, but will be 23 months when when her new baby sibling arrives.  Whoop whoop!
(And they'll all be our next door neighbors when the house is done)


#3 daughter got herself engaged!  Here she is with my son-in-law-to-be at the Mumford concert Monday:

They are getting hitched November 3rd.
Why yes, that *is* just 7-ish weeks away.
That's just how we roll around here.  
(psssst....wanna see Daughter #1's wedding?  or Daughter #2's wedding?)
I'm armpit high in wedding planning, picking colors for the house, and helping with Robyn Rose as her momma struggles thru morning sickness.....ANNNNND I have 3 custom orders waiting in the garage and another vintage market this weekend.

Send chocolate.

BIG NEWS #3 will have to wait a couple days, but I promise not to keep you hanging too long.....



PSSSST...I'm no longer blogging here!
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I'm trying to catch you up on recent do-overs, so today will also be a two-fer.  Ain't cha lucky?

Meet Penelope.  She went home with a customer from last month's Vintage Market.

Before....That mirror piece is detatchable.

Penelope also hides another secret...

Pull out her top drawer....

Drop the drawer front down...

And she becomes a desk!

I did Penelope's makeover using MMS milk paint in Kitchen Scale mixed 1:1 with Homestead Milk Paint "Combed Wool" (a warm white) to get this soft color. I also used the bonding agent.

Some distressing of course, and wax finished her off.
Can't wait to use this color again!

Next up is Brittany....with no before :(  Imagine just plain 70's wood.

I did a two-tone treatment using a DIY chalky paint color match for AS cream for the lighter color.

Brittany is so unique because her drawers can be viewed from all sides.

I did those in actual Annie Sloan Provence, dry brushed actual Annie Sloan Cream over that, and used a baby wipe to smear the two colors together....after they were dry.

Used the original hardware, which also got a coat of AS Cream with some light distressing.

Brittany is residing in her new home, and this week I'm painting up an antique caned chair in cream to match.

That's today's show off!  


::Antique Wash Stand and Dry Sink::

PSSSST...I'm no longer blogging here!
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I'm so behind in showing you all my before and afters.  

Here's two of my recent faves.  First is Daisy the dry sink:

Daisy before:

I used DIY chalky paint with calcium carb in a Sherwin Williams 'Watery' Color-to-Go sample.

I used her original hardware, using some Brasso to shine them up.

I'm having a hard time parting with her.  May need to keep her as a bedside table in the new house. :)

Next up is Annie, from 1850....so says the English ironstone pitcher and basin:

Here's her original incarnation:

She was treated to American Paint Company's 'Blue Jeans', then 'Home Plate'.  I used a baby wipe to rub back the white to reveal the blue, which compliments the ironstone so well!

I have several others to show you too, but that's it for now!
I have another market coming up as well as some more custom orders to do this week, and 3 SUPER big announcements to tell you about!  My life is crazy full with awesomeness right now :)

Hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day festivities tomorrow.
Me?  I"m heading down to a family picnic then VIP tickets to see

(compliments of my brother who is their booking agent....that's him being kissed by Winston) 


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