::'Nother One and a Hint::

 So my group of Paint Mavens (of Awesomeness) are doing another vintage market tomorrow, so if you're in the area (NE Indiana), stop by Emiley's Haute Cottage to check out our wares!

Here's a couple wee pieces I did to add to what's already on the floor at the shop:

Veronica the Mid-Century end table.  Played up her legs and gave her some gold toes :)

This shabby pale pink chair matches Rita, a retro vanity I haven't shown you yet.

Not going to market, but I wanted to show you the other mid-century piece I finished up.....my kids' bought this credenza to use as a bar, but it was in pretty bad shape.  
Hubs and I repaired it, then I painted the the outside bright white, used vinegar and oil to clean and shine the drawers/cabinet, and brasso to shine up the original hardware.  

If you look closely in these two pics of the crendenza in my kids' house, you'll see hints regarding
BIG NEWS #3....

Any guesses?  I'll spill the beans Sunday night!
Until then, wish me lots of pixie dust for good sales this weekend....


Lori S. said...

I know! I know!!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Unlike Lori, I have no clue. I await Sunday with bated breath...

And, after staring closely at the two pictures, it's fair to say that I'm really impressed with the beautiful restoration you've done on it!

Cassie Bustamante said...

i have no idea! just tell me! and LOVE the sideboard! i am picking up an mcm one tomorrow for me and can't wait to get my hands on it! and you know our walls are a similar charcoal!


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