A little help?

So it's Q&A time over at The Shabby Chic Cottage, and just in time let me tell you. I posted a question about this awesome oak table my mom picked up years ago from some summer camp. It had been (ab)used by kids doing their crafts. It's really sturdy and fits my decor perfectly...except it only sits about 16 inches off the ground. Soup in the lap. Lettuce leaves making the plummet back to the table from whence they came. Chiropractic treatments ensuing after meals. You get the idea. So, any brilliant ideas on how to raise this up without it looking like, um, "there i fixed it."???? Here's some pics to peruse.

Pretty planks on top.

Let's peek under the skirt, shall we? (bench in back).

'Nother shot of underside.
Really cool bench I picked up somewhere or other....has these really cool iron supports on the sides. Looks great with the table, methinks.
So....what options are available? Anyone? Bueller?


Unknown said...

2x4? You said two inches too short, and technically a 2x4 is only 1 1/2 inches, but it might work. To try, a piece on the floor on each end and set the table legs on top of it. If it's the right heighth, then take the top off, attach the 2x4 where the legs meet the table, then attach the legs to the table. Or, you could stain/paint it a matching or complimentary color and just attach it to the bottom of the feet. OR you could just make "blocks" of 2x4 and attach it to the feet, instead of an entire strip. That way they would be like a little architectural detail adding to the table. Clear as mud? I really think the "blocks on feet" method might be the easiest. You could use scraps, since you only need enough to give the legs the lift they need. If you wanted to get fancy, you could even add some molding around it, to give it a little more detail.

Thanks for asking (bet you wish you wouldn't have after all my rambling, though:)

cindy@cottage instincts said...

I was thinking along the same lines as the 'blocks of feet' too, and may run by my Home Depot and see what's available. Hubby says if I'm up to matching the stain, he could 'dow' a same sized piece to each leg to just extend them. I'll play around today to see how much actual height I need to add. Thanks oodles for the suggestions! I'll keep ya posted ;)


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