Fallishness 2011 Pt. 3: The Dining Nook/Kitchen Mini-Reveal

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I teased you yesterday with my new kitchen/nook wall color.  
It's a Martha Stewart shade from Home Depot called Brown Alpaca, iffn' you wondered.

The previous color was by Devine Paints called Reflection, and oh how I adore that color. 
So much that I painted not only my kitchen, 

but my master bedroom (which doesn't look like this anymore), 

and living room with it.

Since I don't want to tire of it (and I was beginning to), 
I figured one of those rooms needed to be adorned in a warm toasty brown.  
It made the most sense to do the kitchen because it opens to my family room 
which houses the big brown sectional. 

 That's the reasoning I used anyway.
Besides I just painted the living room, and I've already picked a different color for the master.
(Hazel Woods by Ralph Lauren, this is not my bathroom, btw)

Anyway, I'd actually painted the kitchen a deep taupe previously.  
(this is right after we moved in, hense paint swatches every which where, no covers on the outlets, etc.
Weird faces I can't be responsible for.)

But the shade was too grey-ish.  
Don't shoot me, but I can't abide grey or putty at all in my house. 
I know that's sacrilege in blogland, but grey is just kinda blah to me.  
And WAAAAY too trendy.  
No offense to those who love it of course.
Fiddle dee dee.

Here we go:

(doesn't Bogart the Big Black Dog look key-oot?)

I added in chocolate brown fallishness.

My wee hutch fallified.

All the shades of beige, cream, and brown make me swoony in the fall.

Mini plastic punkins spraypainted white in an apothecary jar
and mini cloches sit under another cloche.  LOVE.

Ironstone pitcher from my gramma's collection.  LOVE.

I have a plan for the big back wall behind the table where the huge peg shelf hung, 
which entails these two big vintage windows.

So there ya go.
Fallishness and new paint.
A great way to distract one from the gloomy, cold rainy fall here in NE Indiana.

PS.  Sorry for the poor quality photos lately.
I hope to remedy that in the near future.


Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

I love the new color... although I liked the old color too... but I can see what you mean about growing tired of it used in too many spaces. Everything DOES look warm, cozy and inviting. I can't wait to see what you have planned for those windows! I'm thinking of a change in my living room and we have tons of windows (my husband seems to collect them and doors), so I'm looking for inspiration!


PS I think my favorite thing is those mini cloches.... never seen any like these!

www.thewhitefarmhouse2.blogspot.com said...

I like the new color. That is somewhat like the color I have in my kitchen! We're kitchen twins! I agree with you on the gray. Too blah and gloomy. I like what you are doing lately. Great job!

You know, you could say you are coming to paint and we could just put our hair in ponytails and jump on the beds all day!

Destiny said...

Everything looks lovely and cozy! I also love the fabric that you've used for what seems to be on your drapes, table runner and the skirt on your china hutch! Did you make them all? Thanks for sharing these photos...very inspiring and I need that right now haha!

HeatherF1 said...

I agree with you about the color gray. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and we have waaaaay too much gray outside to even want to think of having it inside, as well. Or at least for me!

Kate said...

Cindy you always do such a fantastic makeover!!! Love the new color looks like its fresh cozy and inviting. Have a wonderful week


Amy W. said...

i {heart} your fallish decor and color choices. i am gearing up to give a couple of my rooms a paint make-over. very inspiring. :)

Amy W.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

It's a pretty brown! Perfect for fall. I liked the old color, too, but if it's getting old, it's getting old. And change is good. :)
I LOVE gray, but I would NOT want it everywhere in our house. Small doses are fine.

Fibro Fog and More... said...

Great job!! I love it!! I love that fabric... it goes so well with your paint.

Unknown said...

Looks great, and love the new paint colour.

The Coolidges said...

I need you to come decorate my house! I truly s.u.c.k. at being crafty and 'seeing' things, and obviously you are absolutely amazing at it. I'm only about 2,000 miles away...just a day trip. :)

would love to see you following our blog at www.coolidgelifeonthefarm.blogspot.com

Loving your craftiness,



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