A little Roll Call. Yes, that means you.

I just get curious sometimes.  How ‘bout you?  I saw another blogger do a roll call, and I thought it was a great idea.  So I stole it. (Thanks Sheri!) 
I’d love to know:
  1.  Where you’re from and your blog address if ya have one.
  2. Are you more interested in interior design or crafts (or both) or Mi4M?
  3. You’re favorite post from cottage instincts (I know, it’ll be hard to narrow it down *snicker*) or why you decided to follow/subscribe.
  4. And lastly, what nudges you to take time to comment (here or elsewhere)?
Call it market research.  Or just a curious blogger.  I see all these numbers, but I want to put a more human face to them.  The red parts on the analytics map don’t tell me much about you, and I’d like to get a better feel for who’s reading.  As I said, I’m a curious blogger. 
And no, I’m not adding sponsors or advertising.  I’m just nosey.

Now that the teen's room is done (and obviously already being used and abused) I’ve got lots of projects in the works (the never-ending office re-do, painting rooms and stuff, beginning the boys’ rooms, bathrooms, sewing a slipcover….)  And I still have a  list of boogers bloggers I want to introduce you to!  There is truly a ton of writing, crafting, and design talent out there to share.
I also am working on a giveaway, just to say thanks for reading my blog.
Have a great weekend full of doing stuff you love to do, be it family time, relaxing time, organizing, crafting, or decorating time……and hope to see ya back on Sunday night for Mi4M.buttons sign offs headers13


Lisa said...

My name is Lisa and my site

I am mostly looking for inspiration in decorating/sewing.
I also enjoy a good story and pictures of course.

I think one of my favorites was the redo for the porch. I think it had an orange loveseat thingy in it. I love the finish pictures.
I usually comment if I have something to say. lol I often think I have something interesting to say hehehe. Speaking of pictures what is that in todays post. I am not sure what it is. I might have bad dreams tonight.

Lindsey said...

My name is Lindsey and I'm from Texas. My blog is http://adventuresinjayjayland.blogspot.com/

I have had my blog for a while, but am really just starting to use it. I love renovating and crafting. I started to follow your blog because you decorate, craft, and homeschool your kiddos--something I have really considered doing with my son.

Ha ha and this is my first comment on your blog, but I am sure it will be the first of many!

Thank you for being an inspiration!!

Becky said...

I'm saying, my name is Becky and I am from Northern Indiana. I have not updated my blog for far too long.

I comment when it is something I can relate to or when it is something I am passionate about. Like Peter, from Scripture, I tend to be passionate....

I enjoy learning how to hone up my home - and I enjoy attempting simple crafts! So, a bit of both!

Three Birds Inspired said...

My name is Suzan and I am from SE Pennsylvania...until I can escape! I have a couple of blogs:
http://reluctantquilter.blogspot.com and http://suzanslittlenest.blogspot.com
(I post most frequently at the quilting blog.)

I leave comments when I have something to say. I try not to blather.

I read your blog because I appreciate your decorating style, love your sense of humor and enjoy the fact that you keep it "real".

Cathy said...

Cathy from Ontario and my blog is http://TheFarFifty.blogspot.com/

I love the Mi4M parties to check out everyone's projects.

Most recent post I loved (and commented on) was your teens room makeover, I love all the bright colours.

NanaDiana said...

Hi Cindy!

My name is Diana-I live in Green Bay, WI. My blog site is:

I'm not sure exactly how I found you but I signed up because well, don't laugh, I loved the way at the end of your post you said....Okay-Bye!

I also made a decision, early on, to only sign up as a follower for the blogs that I was truly willing to follow and comment on each time I visited (most of the time anyway) So, for me, that meant not only liking the blog material but feeling some kind of connection with the person.

So-guess that's about it- okay, bye! Hugs, Diana

Suzanne said...

- Colorado

- All of it!

- I've been following for too long to remember a single post. I enjoy them all!

- Because you asked and I follow directions!

Take care!

Heidi said...

Good Morning! What a fun idea! I'm Heidi from thecraftmonkey.blogspot.com

I love interior design and crafts for Mi4M

I always enjoy your posts when you are showing us your process. You know, the ones where you show us pictures of all the paint, fabric, furniture, etc and then of course the after when you've put it all together!

I leave comments when I have something to say {and when I have the time, it's hard to read & comment with a 2 year old hanging around}

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...


I love getting inspiration for decorating and crafts, and I enjoy your stories and your sense of humor.

I thinl my favorite post, and when I decided to become a follower was when you were "learning your style" (I can't remember what the course was called). I really enjoyed that, and could totally relate to trying to follow/copy others vs making it your own.

I try to leave comments when something really inspires me, or if I have experience on the subject. I know that I like reading comments, so I try to return the favor. :)

Have a great day!!

Blessed Serendipity said...

Hi Cindy! I am Danielle from Arizona and Oregon. I love the decorating, the projects, the real life stuff that you seem to provide. i comment when something inspires me to. I have a lot of blogs that I follow so I love blogs with a lot of pictures and not too much to read (just being honest). Love you and your blog because you are so sweet and relatable. If I had some Little Debbie oatmeal pies I'd share with you. ;)
My blog is daniellesserendipity.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy!
I'm Michelle and my blog is -shellsshabbyshack.blogspot.com

I just started blogging about 6 weeks, ago.

I've always loved to create, repurpose and paint so a blog is a nice outlet. I like to provide a home where my family likes and wants to be. I am just amazed at how many talented women, blog.

I love all of your posts but my favorite was the blue/brown bedroom makeover.

I think, I remember you liked the book "Blue Like Jazz"... one of my favorites.

I comment mostly on the posts that inspire me but I also like to show the love! Good for us to support one another.

Thanks for your beautiful posts.


Mandy said...

I'm Mandy my blog is http://thelittlethingsinourlife.blogspot.com/

I love your interior design and furniture make over stuff.

Anypost that invovles blues:)

Momma Button said...

Hi, my name is Connie
I live in southern Utah
My blog is http://connnieandherboys.blogspot.com

I can't pin it down to one specific post, but I do love your daughter's room.

I love decorating and craft ideas... ok, so everything.

I comment when something makes me excited, because maybe I can do it too. Or when something really moves me, like the story of your daughter.

Thanks for making such a beautiful blog to follow.

Janet@Mamalaude said...

Hi, I'm Janet. I live in Nebraska. I'm a new blogger, and mine can be found at http://mamalaude.blogspot.com/

I come to your blog for both decorating and crafting inspiration.

I started following you in Google Reader because of the photos of your home. It seemed so homey and real, not just a space full of the latest fads. My favorite photo was of the mirrors on your stairs.

I tend to only comment when someone has posted something that strikes a chord within me. Or I can't stop laughing. That's always a good thing, as far as I'm concerned.

KimMalk said...

Hi Cindy, I don't know if I can give you any good info. I'll be interested to see the results because I was wondering the same thing for my own blog. For some reason I tend to gravitate toward cottage-y, shabby blogs to get a "fix" since that's not how I decorate my own home--a little vicarious living.

Carol said...


My name is Carol and I live in Battle Creek, MI.

I loved the reveal of your daughter's room. I have been inspired by various posts on your home and changes you've made. I know you do that a lot :).

I comment to encourage others, when I have the time to do so, and also when something has inspired me. I also enjoy getting comments myself and read somewhere that the more you comment, the more people will come over and comment on your posts. That sounds superficial and I don't mean it that way, I just enjoy hearing from others and I know everyone else does, too.

Have a blessed weekend.

Carol said...

Oh, I'm over at:

Joy in the Journey


hilary@oldhousetruelove said...

Hi Cindy : 0 )
well... I am definately in it for interior design/decor than the crafty end. Although painting and redoing furniture is a must. I follow you cause', I like your stlye. And I like your honesty and that everything is not perfect in a perfect little box. I love that you are generous with your knowledge of blogging and that you reach out to others. I comment to let others know that they and their work is appreciated and noticed. And... thats a wrap!;)

Debbi Thinks Deep said...

1. Ummmm . . . Central California

2. Anything that speaks to me creatively . . . {vague enough for ya?}

3. I kept running across your name on other blogs that I follow, so I stopped by to see what you're all about, loved your banner and your colors, if it's robin's egg blue, I'm like a moth to a flame . . . and I think you had just painted a dresser kind of greenish . . . I thought you did it beautifully . . . You seem very real. You have a sense of humor, and a strong sense of family. Although a post certainly doesn't have to be funny for me to enjoy it. My interests are all over the where!

4. I think I am inclined to comment when a) a person seems down and could use a little encouragement. b) a post tickles my funny bone. c) a post is particularly, clever, poignant, original, creative, unusual, thoughtful, etc. d) Any of the above, but only if I have a genuine thought to add. I'm not overly inclined to be a groupie and write gushy compliments because someone is a "big" blogger. If I comment, I mean it.

Once I have an established personal connection with a blogger, I am much more inclined to comment . . . because at that point it became more like an exchange between friends.

I won't comment if I feel that it is not my place to do so . . . you know . . . like an especially personal post, and a comment from a stranger seems trite . . . although, I may be wrong there.

You'll enjoy this, once I commented an opposing view when a person was ranting and raving and speaking of harming professionals {I'm still afraid to say publicly, what kind of professional, we'll say public employee} . . . Well, I've got me a couple of those professionals . . . and the blogger threatened to "have people find me". So I DON'T comment myself into the fray!

Is that the kind of information you were interested in? TMI? I'm always a little curious myself. :) I think most of us are, don't you?

Abigail Prescott said...

I'm from Oklahoma and I blog at:

I'm probably slightly more interested in interior design for Mi4M, but crafts don't put me off or anything!

My favorite post is always Mi4M; it gets my creative juices flowing every time. (Sorry if that's a little bit of a cheat, but it's true!)

I'm trying to be more "vocal" and always comment when I see something I like, but I'd probably have to stop sleeping in order the achieve that. I will always comment if a project inspires me to "try it myself," or a really new idea. I also love good knock-offs...


Keetha Broyles said...

I'm from north central Indiana for a couple of more weeks, then I'll be from central Wisconsin.

I don't like either decor or craft blog posts - - - I prefer humor in daily life. No clue what Mi4m is, so don't know if I like that or not!

When the post title/thumbnail picture draw me in, I come to the post. If I find something to which I can relate - - - especially HUMOR, I comment.

Thanks for asking!

Brenda Pruitt said...

I'm from Oklahoma originally, but live in Texas now. I'm trying to recall all your questions, but my menopausal brain has already lost it. I do recall one question. It was my favorite posts of yours. They would be the ones right after you visited Jayme and the chickens. Loved the down-home way you spoke of your time with her. Sorry, if I can't see the questions, they go off the radar screen quickly...

Polly said...


both, but I love home decorating the most!!

favorite post? honestly Cindy, I enjoy all your posts! I think one that stands out is the one from a while back about your picture frames you painted and painstakingly arranged! I sooo want to do that!!

What causes me to leave a comment? If I feel inspired or the post somehow, in some way, hit home for me. Visually, tugged at my heartstrings, or just because!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

1. Where you’re from and your blog address if ya have one.

I'm Donna, from BC Canada, and my blog is at:


2. Are you more interested in interior design or crafts (or both) or Mi4M?

Interior design is more my own personal passion.

On link parties: I personally like to see everyone's link party specifically 'their own'.Make yours uniquely yours in some small way and you'll get traffic due to that.

3. You’re favorite post from cottage instincts (I know, it’ll be hard to narrow it down *snicker*) or why you decided to follow/subscribe.

I love any post of yours where you haul stuff home and do wonderful things with it. Like your picture frame wall. Or your distressed green dresser. LOVED that!

I started following because your photos were amazing. I continue to follow because you take great care in how you portray stuff. I like that. :)

4. And lastly, what nudges you to take time to comment (here or elsewhere)?

You make it easy. You make your little community enjoyable with your own personal brand of humor, your content is interesting, and your photos are great. :)

I generally comment (anywhere) if I really like what I see or I think I can interject something in the topic of choice.


Christin@Pregnant with power tools said...

I'm Christin and have lived in the Bay Area California my whole life.
http://pregnantpower.blogspot.com cause I was pregnant when I started the blog, but my little man is almost 6 months old now!!

I like interior design and crafts,
and I follow 'cause you've had some of the coolest crafts and I find you inspirational!

I never know when I'll comment. It doesn't happen often enough - I usually "comment" in my head and that doesn't do anyone any good. I guess when the kids aren't yelling and I feel like saying hi... who knows, I make no sense even too myself.

Love the Decor! said...

Debbie from Washington state

I am a designer but love crafting blogs too!

Followed you because I liked your profle and your blog content too!
I try to comment often but not regularly I find as the blogs that follow me grows it is harder to keep up but I do try : )

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Sharon from Maryland

Well, part of my problem is that I love it all and just don't have enough time for all the projects spinning around in my head. My absolute favorites are design and furniture transformation.

My favorite posts are your furniture transformations - beautiful work and great tips!

I comment when I see something that moves me in some way.

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

I'm Leslie, in Maryland at FarmFreshFun.blogspot.com.
I'm mostly interested in vintage junk and repurposing/DIY with a bit of interior design. Actually I just like blogs that I can somehow relate to on a personal level. Too much crafty, complicated cooking or PB knockoffs bore me. Your humor/candor is the number one reason I come here. Love your talent too tho!
I found you through my hero Jayme. I admire your similar style of keepin it real!
I comment on a whim, when I have time, just to support and check in with bloggers I like!

Connie said...

I'm Connie from thehome-place.blogspot.com. i love decorating ideas, crafts, sewing, and cooking. i love a great sense of humor, like your picture today. Love it!

Suzanne@thriftstoredecorjunky said...

My name is Suzanne, I'm from Arizona.

Blog: www.thriftstoredecorjunky.blogspot.com.

I like the decorating posts the most.

My favorite was the blue/green distressed dresser video.

I follow because you make and do the stuff I'm interested in, and I know I would like to keep coming over to see what you're doing.

Cassie Bustamante said...

cassie from maryland, though i am a new england girl at heart as i grew up there and miss it!
i am more interested in interior design, and some crafts as well.
my fave post was your green distressed dresser- drooling just thinking about it!
what nudges me to comment is that i feel like we're friends. i would want feedback from my friends so i try to give it, too!

Anonymous said...

Mary From Colorado-

Interior decorating and crafts both-

HMM I leave comments because I like you!

bee blessed

Karie said...

Hi, I am Karie from Utah. I like it all, crafts and home decor. I started following your blog before I ever linked up. And before I commented. I don't know why I am commenting now! I just like your blog.

cheryl said...

Hi...I'm Cheryl, from NWI. {now I just felt a little like Miss Indiana!}

I do have a blog, but I had a nuisance "lurker-man" who followed me from a cooking blog and kept making inappropriate comments on my pages. I didn't know how to block only him so I went private until he lost interest. I may open it back up again sometime, may not.

I'm interested in Interior Design, thrift store finds, makeovers, refurbishing, etc. I don't know what Mi4M is, but I'm probably interested in that too! Ha!

You have great ideas...and I love cottage prim decorating. And we share the same comforter/pillow shams! I don't remember what my favorite post of yours was, but I enjoy reading them all. I think your last one about your sweet girl tops most others since it had to do with your heart for your girl!

I seldom comment. Guess I don't have much more to say than other folks have already said! You have a brilliant following!

And I'm still waiting on those shams woman! :)

Unknown said...

I'm doni, your newest follower and I was almost tempted to wait for a couple more to add you so that I could be #1000 ;) oh well!

I live in Sedalia Colorado and my blog is http://uptherainbowcreek.blogspot.com

I have mostly blogged about crafting and love doing sewing tutorials. I am kind of trying to transition my blog to something more diverse. But right now I have my plate full with trying to do a total makeover of our living space.

I used to do a lot of decorating and gave it up when we had an unexpected rash of boomerang kids and grandkids moving in and out of our house for the past 4 years. My husband and I finally gave up and moved into our own basement. LOL I recently decided that I have to get some style and pretty back in my life and have been checking out all the wonderful decorating blogs I can find.

I haven't looked around much on your blog yet, but love everything I've seen. I look forward to spending some time here looking for inspiration for my project. I am kind of chatty... love to comment so you might be hearing from me a lot.

Missy said...

Hello! Missy (SweetMelissa) here from ND. www.junk-fest.blogspot.com is the blog my junk sistas and I share. We are into junking...which goes hand in hand with interior design and decorating, etc.

I have a hard time narrowing down a single post but I love stopping by because I feel like I'm getting the REAL you, and you're not trying to sell yourself or your ideas to me. Just sharing inspiration like friends do!

I'm a late night blogger so commenting usually depends on how tired I am and whether I'm still blogging with both eyes open...haha.

Great blog, keep up the good work!

Sandy said...

I'm from the Seattle, WA area and my blog is www.cottagestyledecorating.net

I love interior design and I can't remember exactly which post inspired me to follow your blog, but it was probably one that had lots of pictures. I love getting new ideas to try in my own home.

I usually comment when I relate to a particular post or when I really like the room decor.

CraftyMummy said...

Hi! I'm CraftyMummy and I blog at http://mummycrafts.blogspot.com/
I live in Queensland Australia

As my name suggests I'm into craft - sewing, quilting, and more.

I often pop in for Mi4M but I read all your posts in my reader, and click over to comment when I see something I like, or sometimes just cause I have a bit of time and am commenting on blogs.

My fav recent post would be your teen room makeover - the details were fabulous!

I'll often leave comments on blogs when I have time - I like to encourage! - but especially when I see something I like.

Anonymous said...

I am hilde from Belgium...I just love reading your storys and wishing I could be creative and make and do the things you do....for now I just take it all in and it makes me feel good to follow you.

FairfieldHouse said...

I'm Deborah and I'm in NJ. My blog is FairfieldHouseNJ.com

I like all posts that I can draw inspiration from.

My favorite posts were the one about knowing the difference between what you like and what you love and the one that had the video of you singing at your son's wedding.

I comment when I really like a post or strongly disagree.

Your Friend,

Sherri said...

Hi! What a fun post. I'm Sherri, just a Gawga (Georgia) gal on the net.
I write and share things over on my blog ~ Design to Shine.
Of course, I like the decorating ideas and thrifty crafts, makeovers.
I love looking through Mi4M for ideas. My fave post of yours is the thrifty coffee table makeover, because I want to redo one to look like yours!
I comment on blogs A) when I have time, B)when a post jumps out at me and C) when it 'speaks' to me. That doesn't mean it always has to be about decorating or such.
I love recipes, real life stories, photography and more.
Like my 'blog' name. I am designing my 'life' to SHINE. So it's a modpodge with a bit of everything tossed in. :-) I've been a follower a while and love your writing style.
Oh and I hopped over today bc I saw your post on FB.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

gail, louisville KY
I DIY, saw, glue, nail, BUILD

I like a good mixture of design and crafts.

I've been around for awhile. I love your blog.

I comment when something really "speaks" to me.


Karen Sabrsula said...

Hello!! I am Karen and I live in the great state of Texas! Born and raised here, I strayed for a while, but came home!

My home on the web is: www.never-enough-thyme-creations.blogspot.com

I am more interested in design and makeovers than crafty things.

My favorite post from cottage instincts was probably the green dresser. Love a pop of color, plus I have the sister piece to that dresser!!

Usually I will find a blog through link parties. The photos are always an attraction of course! If I like what I see, I will subscribe.

I comment when something is really well done, different, or unique. I love to see creativity!! I cringe when I see poor or improper prep of items.

Happy Painting!

Katherine said...

I'm Katherine from Dorset, England. I am quite a new follower and I've been enjoying myself finding lots of inspiration on your site. I love to find junk and make it beautiful again. Trouble is I'm good at finding the junk, not so good at finding the time to make it beautiful again so my cellar is full of 'projects'! My husband is not impressed! Anyway hi! I don't have a blog yet, but I'm working on it...

Michele Lewis said...

My name is Michele! My blog which I am just getting into writing regularly is energyharmony.blogspot.com OH I'm from Utah.

I am going to school for Interior Design. I find every class absolutely fascinating. (Even those some get frustrated with because they don't get to play with colors or fabrics.) I enjoy seeing what you decorate. I don't think I could call you a designer but that's what happens when one goes to school for something. I enjoy crafts but rarely do any because I know it's a rare thing for me to complete one.

I will tell you why I decided to subscribe. I was curious what another type 1 would blog about. I like your style and how you are all you in what you say. I haven't yet seen a lot as I started subscribing at the begining of summer when you kinda took a break and when you got going again I was busy. LOL I do love the whole turtle thing :)

What nudges me to comment? Um I'm not sure I could give a reason. I like to yak :) LOL I just know you encourage me to be me.

Renee {Shabby, Chic and Charming} said...

I'm Renee from Oregon and my blog is Shabby, Chic and Charming at http://shabby-chic-charming.blogspot.com/

I am here for home decor and DIY projects.

Fave posts are those about furniture redos.

Looking for inspiration, which you so ably provide. Thank you!

One Cheap B*tch said...

Jeanine from Long Island, NY. Blog: onecheapbitch.blogspot.com.

I am in blogland mainly for the crafts! I love seeing what everyone comes up with!

I stop by your lovely blog and comment because I love your sense of humour! Seriously, there has been many a day when I needed a good laugh and you provided it! =)


Jayme Goffin, The Coop Keeper said...

Hi Cindy! My name is Jayme from www.talesfromthecoopkeeper.blogspot.com. I started following your blog when you emailed me and wanted to interview my chickens, and then you invited yourself over to my house. :-) And now I've done invited myself over to your house! Don't you love how life does that? I come here and comment because I love you. That's what I have to say about that.

Becky said...

I am Becky Zeagler from The Little House. (http://overatthelittlehouse.blogspot.com)
I am interested in both interior design and crafts.
My favorite blog post was the one I found on a linky-thing (I don't remember which blog it was).
"How I Paint and Distress a Dresser: In a Somewhat Haphazard Fashion" I loved that you were so real with it and showed even the steps that seem like a 'no-brainer'.
As far as the comment thing, I think it is mostly what mood I'm in or how much time I have. I am bad at comments and it's something I need to work on.

See you around.

Sheila said...

ve to know:

1. Where you’re from and your blog address if ya have one.

I'm originally from Calgary, Canada but I live just north of Seattle now.


2. Are you more interested in interior design or crafts (or both) or Mi4M?

interior design

3. You’re favorite post from cottage instincts (I know, it’ll be hard to narrow it down *snicker*) or why you decided to follow/subscribe.

I can't remember my favourite, sorry.
4. And lastly, what nudges you to take time to comment (here or elsewhere)?

I comment if I love, love, love something and/or if I have a question.

Candace said...

Hi Cindy,

I'm from Idaho, and my blog address is craftysisters-nc.blogspot.com

You know I love the crafts, but I like peeking at Mi4M for your home decor or craft related home decor links.

My favorite post...hard to pick one. I just really enjoy your humor and when you speak from your heart about family stuff. For instance when you spoke of your husband being there (emotionally) for his kids...it really got me!

I comment when you really strike a chord or have made something fantastic. I really would like to comment more...but fear I will say something dumb...(he,he) :) But I read regularly!

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I'm Anita from FL and my blog is goingalittlecoastal.blogspot.com

I'm interest more in interior design and the Mi4M is great. Love seeing whats there even if I can't participate.

Don't make me pick a favorite, that's too hard. I can tell you which post made me follow. It was one titled, Fiddling. And waxing poetic. I could relate to it and I could see your sense of humor is much like mine. So I knew I needed to stick around.

I will comment for a few reasons. When something really sticks out for me and I love it. Or when I'm at linky parties. I try to comment on as many as I can if I am participating. And most importantly when I feel a connection with the blogger. There are some I just relate to more then others and I feel like I'm at their house visiting. So, pass me a little debbie would you?

Marianne said...

Ok I am a bit late, but I want to ship in my two cents too!
1. I am from the south of the Netherlands and I blog at www.songbirdisnesting.com (but you know that)
2. Both!!! Interior design and craft and crafting for the interior
3. Don't have time to look up the url but the one where you analysed all your books and how you get 'your look' from them. Oh and the one where you carried your eggs in a very specialplace. That first post I mentioned made me follow/subscribe.
4. Great content baby! And a bit of time helps too.

Unknown said...

Hi, I just found your blog, and I am going to be a new follower. I am in Maryland and I like home improvement stuff. From what I see I like what you are doing.

My little blog is Little Blue Chairs http://www.littlebluechairs.com/. I would love if you would check it out as well.

I will leave comments when I see things I just have to leave comments on- I know that is very random, but I don't like to leave a "wow" post, usually I want to make a serious comment, but I also realize the value of comment, so I try to leave many.

I will be continuing on through

Elisa said...

Hey Cindy! I've been reading ever since 2009, although I can't always keep up! I blog at www.elisaloves.com I must admit, I first came over to show off my craft project, the quiet book, but, now I read for interior design inspiration. I love your style. I love how down to earth you are, which is why I comment, b/c you frequently get back to people. I don't stay connected to blogs where I feel like the author never reads their comments, ya know? So, I'm going to keep checking Mi4M for home decor projects/ideas and hope that one day I can finally get on it and show off a few of my own. I'm a VERY beginner when it comes to home decorating. Take care!!


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