Weekend Welcomes 6th edition

Time to welcome the noobs to my little space on the 'net.  
Yep.  Discovered some new wee faces over yonder on the sidebar.

This week I will offer a tutorial on following your cottage instincts up large curbs.  
Should be all kinds of fun.

Below are the newest followers with links and buttons to their respective blogs
...if you have a blog link/button that I missed, email me by clicking on the crazy birdcage lady in my side bar and I'll get it up asap.  
Everyone please go welcome the new folks!

Y'all are all kinds of awesome....and have serious cottage instincts. Thanks for following along and make yourself at home.  I'll even share my Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies.  I appreciate you just that much.

Bridget @
The Rehab Boutique


Lily @ Everyday Lily

Lucy @ Lucy Designs
Sheila @ Dodging Raindrops
Brandi @ The Mullins Family
Green Willow Pond
Jessica @ rented cottage life
Mari @ that girl can cook
Becky @ over at the little house
Rhonda @ if you do stuff, stuff gets done
Suzanne @ Thrift Store Decor Junky
bethy.d @ The Dragness Family
Denise @ Thrifty By Design
Miranda @ Blooming in Alaska
Tiny's Crafty Corner
Sue @ The Rocking Chair Muse
Tia @ Cottage By The Sea
Tanya @ Life: the Pursuit of Something More than Ordinary
kucuksheyler @ dublinde
Mrs. Jones
Deseiree @ Just Another Day in Paradise
Julie @ View from the Windshield
scrap -n- away
Midwest Cottage
Kathy @ Tinket's Vintage Treasures
The Holmes Family @ Four Sweet Holmes
Oonafey @ Little Pink House
Elaine @ Hospitali-Tea Cottage
Pine Grove Farm
Cranberry Cottage
Laura @ The Good Stuff
Jami @ The Rudinger Life
Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun
Stephanie @ Ivy Road
Sheep Thrills in Brooklyn
Jessica @ The Hinz Home
Michelle @ Shell's Shabby Shack
Mi @ eumesma
Emma @ Fresh Look Furniture
Jonna @ Buggaboos
Renee' @ Bearable Deals
Melissa @ Ador
Shelly Atkinson's Blog
Teri @ At Home with Teri
the perfection of rottenness
Swen @ Gwenny Penny
Maria Avila Galeria
Marie @ Marie's Maison
Jane @ Janie's Porch
Jan @ Papercraft Pleasures
Gail @ Victorian at Heart
The Cozy Cape
Michelle @ Trash to Treasure
doni @ faithgracecrafts
Tammy @ Junk Wild
Cristy @ Sassy Southern Lady
Cathy @ Cobblestone Farms
Marissa @ kentucky girl
sunnyville cottage
Lauren Mack
Lisa Shatzer
happy nester
Kim Trosclair
Michelle Mickle
the home front
Justi Lundeberg
This Home of Ours
heart of a cowgirl
Travis Graff
Tracie Benetz
Angela Richardson
Kendra Tucker
Spelled with an I
Nancy Schofield

And a hearty welcome to my newest anonymous followers and subscribers.  I'm sure your pictures are cute too.....here's some pies for you.


fresh_look_furniture said...

Thank you for sharing your Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies! :)

Jane said...

Thanks for the warm welcome! Hey, have you tried those Little Debbie pumpkin pies??? They look totally disgusting, but taste like a bit of Heaven on Earth! Dang, now I'm going to have to make a run to the grocery store and get me some....done made myself hungry....

NanaDiana said...

See-If I hadn't stopped by here today I would have never found out about the Little Debbie Pumpkin pies!>) Diana

Tammy said...

Thanks for including me on your list!! I so enjoy your blog!
Hope you are having a great weekend!
Tammy :-)

Midwest Cottage and Finds said...

Cindy--thanks so much for MI4M!! I love it!! Also--your comments are much appreciated--


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