Mi4M highlights!

 Here's some highlights from the first weekly Make it for Monday (Mi4M).  Once again I'm amazed at the talent and creativity goin' on out there.  My bookmark page is so full of inspiration, it makes me tired to even look at it.  'Course everything makes me tired lately.  Pish Posh.

So on to the highlights....if you've been featured, feel free to grab my button over there-----> and get your brag on.

Blue Creek Home used materials she had on hand to make adorable snowman ornaments.  Love these, hoping to make some similar for our tree...

The Crafty Sisters made a magnetic board to fit any old place (kitchen recipes!) using an eclectic mix of materials.  Very funky-chic!

Moody Girl is a girl after my own heart....she found a playmate for my thrift store hutch and even placed hers under her window like I did...great minds think alike :o)

Traci at Beneath My Heart (and her hubby!) took on a kitchen renovation after a pipe burst. Check out all her pictures and breath in the awesomeness of her new kitchen space!

And Kelly, the Chick 'n Charge is jumping on the tassel craze, but added a twist for display, which I really think is cool...she popped it on a pillar holder!

Thanks everyone for playing along.  I'll leave you with some mama-brag.  A few of my daughter's senior pictures we just received.   I can't believe this girl is all grown up.  




Kate said...


I had to take a moment to comment about your daughter she's a beauty looks like her mama

Happy Thanksgiving


Traci@ Beneath My Heart said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'm gonna grab your button, and you are officially jumping to my blog list on my blog home page. I only put my favorites there...(kiss, kiss).
And you daughter is beautiful. Those are fabulous pictures of her! Time certainly does fly.
Have a great Thanksgiving, friend!

Tracy said...

Hi Cindy! Your Daughter is gorgeous and the pictures are spectacular! She does look like you! I loved all of the projects. I hope you and your Family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lady! I can't thank you enough for the shout out on my tassel stand! Your daughter is GOR-GEE-OUS!!! Better lock her in a closet...QUICK, lol! I pray that you and yours have a most blessed Thanksgiving!

Blue Creek Home said...

I was thrilled to see my little snowmen featured here!! Thanks so much. Grabbing the button now.

Your sweet girl is stunning! Beautiful photographs. You are about to spend a small fortune on them - but worth it.

Valeree said...

Hi, thanks so much for the visit. I'm following your blog now & I'll stop back by soon. And your daughter is so so so pretty!!!
Nice meeting you,

Crafty Sisters said...

Thanks Cindy! I'm glad you liked the boards, we feel pretty darn special! Your daughter is so beautiful!!!

Happy Thanksgiving:)

The Crafty Sisters!!

Katie said...

You have a beautiful daughter, great senior pictures. Wow have things come a long way since I got mine done is a dark studio with really cheesy wooden letters.

Lori said...

She is not only all grown up ~ she is gorgeous!!

deb said...

Your daughter is beautiful! Just like you.

Ashley said...

Pretty girl!


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