Ya know, I have this love/hate thing with PB.

Remember when I mentioned a few posts ago about trying to move away from pottery barn style?  I truly was.  As much as I admire their stylists, I get downright angry at their prices, the branding fest that goes on, the way people fawn all over them....when so much of it can be copied or knocked off or whathaveyou for a FRACTON of the cost.  Plus it just goes against my grain to have a house that looks like it's trying to copy a catalogue who's creators are simply dictating what's in style....

Well, now they've come out with their Farmhouse Style.  Gee, so now they can knock off the blogging community?  And they'll make a fortune doing it too.  Seriously, their buyers must spend the better part of their days lurking at Etsy and on all the awesome shelter blogs.  Those of us who've had a love affair with all things bird will look at their new line and go "um, duh"....and swoon a bit, yes....then shake it off and get a bit po'ed that they'll make a mint passing off this style as 'GENUINE POTTERY BARN STYLE'. 

I will say I'm in LOVE (yes I used the L.O.V.E word here) with some of their Farmhouse linens. 
Like this, for instance:

I want that quilt.  There I said it.  Evil doers, they are, I tell ya.

I'm crushing on this too...but I will be making these myself, thank you very much:

Seriously?  As if they were the originators of this idea....*rolling eyes*

Like I said, it's this love/hate thing.  So many times I think we like something because it's trendy or carries The Brand.  It can be hard to decide if we really LOVE them, or just really like them because we're told to like them or because everyone else has already drank the Koolaid and likes them and we want to feel part of the 'in crowd'.  I have to slap myself sometimes when I start playing that game.

So, obviously I really didn't WANT to like all of PB's new Farmhouse stuff. 
But, I admit, I couldn't help myself.

At least I know I love it because I LOVE IT, not because PB told me what is beautiful.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I suppose, except when the Big Guys make all the money and take the credit.

BTW, I'm completely frustrated with my bedroom at this point.  Everything I envisioned is turning out looking stoooopid, and I've spent hours upon hours sewing (and ripping out seams and resewing), hanging stuff (then moving it around and leaving holes in my newly painted walls), and generally getting miffed that I can't seem to do what I want using what I have.  Then getting mad at myself for caring so much. Then eating a bunch of Little Debbie oatmeal cream pies.  And hiding the box from my kids.

I have a date with craiglist, gonna try to sell some of the furniture I bought because it was going to be sooooo perfect but isn't perfect anymore.  You know how it goes.  I'm actually afraid to buy anything at this point, even if I had a wad of cash I wouldn't feel guilty about spending while Haitians are suffering.

So if you live near Fort Wayne IN and want some ecclectic-type furniture that would be perfect for YOUR home, email me and I'll set you up to see the wares.


Loui♥ said...

I totally agree with all you've said!
I've never been a PB person..
but the linens and things are very pretty..
and I do like all white stuff..
but my style is just comfortable, clean and cozy with the felines..
but I do love looking at all the pretty pictures..
and definitely NEVER got into the pink/brown or aqua/brown craze..plain old vanilla stuff..like blue and white, or blue and yellows for me..
warm hugs,laughing smiles..

Kendall@ Finesse Your Nest said...

Cindy -- I love/hate PB too. I just did a 2 part series on PB last week -- knocking them off & furniture look alikes for less. I was a retail buyer and did business with several of the manufacturers that make PB's stuff overseas in CHINA. PB marks their furniture up to 300%! And a lot of the time, their stuff is made right alongside their mass competitors (i.e. Target, WalMart) and sometimes identical merch, just a different label. It's insane!

What's even more insane are the friends of mine that actually fall for them hook, line & sinker. They walk you through their house, proudly pointing out their coveted PB pieces. I snicker to myself and think, "sucker"!

Bunny Jean said...

Cindy, don't get frustrated... take a little break, and don't be too quick to part with the pieces you have. Give yourself some credit for what you've done. It was all looking good so far :)

Yes, PB is overpriced and not all that unique... because everyone is buying it or inspired by it. They do a great job at marketing. I'm with you... I like browsing their catalogs but prefer to DIY.

Talk to you soon ;)
Bunny Jean

Catherine @ van Breugel Design said...

I must also confess, I went into the big city the other day and browsed around Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware and your right I totally had that same thought that they are snooping around the blog worlds for ideas. Did you see the feed sack pillow, there was burlap every where, and also the ironstone plates with chalkboard painted centers? Come on! I also saw the farmhouse linens, and had that thought that maybe I'm due for some new bedding. I resisted! But I do think out of all the items they sell the bedding is the one thing I'd say is worth the splurge.

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Sorry to hear Cindy. I know how frustrating that is. When I know I don't have enough of the right stuff, I either stop and wait till I can get out there to buy again or just go with the flow of what I do have and MAKE it work. (which would be free so if I change my mind later, it was free anyway)

Luckily, we DIYers buy all our stuff 2nd hand so it's not too huge of an investment when we do change our minds.

And, I think PB totally stole my crumply rumply bed making tutorial. :)


Erika said...

Oh Cindy, I love your honesty and I totally agree with you! and love your writing-style for some reason, haha

www.thewhitefarmhouse2.blogspot.com said...

I agree with you. I think though that I like the mood that PB creates more than their stuff. I do use them for inspiration to copy though.

I am sure that your bedroom is better than what you think. I have been there before. Still am in fact. This is the point where I take a break from it and come back not so frustrated. I guess that is why I have not one room in my house finished!

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Well Cindy, as always, your post totally amused me! I also love/hate PB...but must confess that when I get a new catalog in the mail, I feel a little excitement rising. This past one DID have some wonderful things, but just makes me want to get more creative and do it for less with my own input. I think we all appreciate our 'stuff' more when we've either found a great bargain and 'tweeked' it or made and created something ourselves rather than buying a 'look' and style created by a store such as PB.

Good luck with your bedroom, I'm sure you'll pull it all together. Sometimes we get 'design brain cramp' and just have to wait for the inspiration.....

By the way, I usually go for the Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls!

Have a blessed day,

Cheryl said...

Hi Cindy,
I too have to have confess the love/hate with PB. I don't so much covet or want the PB look persae, but I do enjoy looking through the catalog and seeing how they "put a room together." I use them for inspiration, but don't own any of their furniture for textiles. I also thought the same thing about them swiping ideas from blogland when I saw their new catalog....and yes Donnna they totally took your crumply bed idea. (smile)
I like being inspired, but I also like being unique.
I agree with another poster. Step back from the bedroom for a bit and come back to it. It will all come together and you will love it.

Claudia said...

Pottery Barn is so overpriced, as is Restoration Hardware and I'm thinking it is very interesting how PB was sort of the leader there for a while and now they are copying blogworld. Hmmm. Just goes to show you how creative and original bloggers are. Now WE set the trends!


Mama Byrd said...

Well.. I would never shop in PB but have to admit yesterday when I got my PB cat I ripped out the page with the jewelry display frames, ran to ace hardware and spent $5 on hooks and trim nails and started this very project with the 10000 frames I have in the garage. I saw the prices in the catalog and thought WHO is paying for this stuff. Soooo when I post my blog about my new jewelry frames I will not reference PB but will search the blog world for someone who made these and give them credit for my idea

~ Regan said...

I agree- their prices are astronaumical. Fortunately, most of their stuff can be recreated using heirlooms or everyday stuff~ It's a shame they feel that they are setting the trends for us bloggers- I do believe it's the other way around.
I'm sure your room will come together soon. Just sit in the room for five minutes and breathe. Then go have a cup of coffe- out of the house! ;)

~ Regan said...

excuse me... *coffee*

Rue said...

Good morning Cindy :)

When the PB catalog came in the mail my first thought was "rip off". The prices and the stuff they stole from all of us. Us as in bloggers, not me, I suck LOL I have a love/hate thing with them too though ;)

As far as your bedroom... take a deep breath, move onto something else and inspiration will hit you like a ton of bricks. That's why we usually have more than one project going ;)

You can do it!


Katie@Yoga Gal said...

Luna! I absolutely agree with what you are saying, but my favorite part of the post was the Luna pic. Good work! :D

Anonymous said...

Ah. You've just leaned on my "button". This is what the Indie community has been p'ed off about for years.


Creative ideas from small independent desginers are ripped off by all the big compaines, made in foreign countries, and then sold for high prices to the Joneses. Fashion magazines hit the streets to see what the kids are wearing. Copy. Big biz hits the indie designer's sites and blogs to see what people are talking about. Copy.

About the only good thing here is that instead of us all running out and buying what THEY are telling us that we HAVE TO HAVE, we are blogging about what we WANT, and they are providing it. Well, that is if you want to pay their prices. Not me.

RE: "getting mad at myself for caring so much". Yeah. I did that one for years. Then I discovered simplicity, and stuff doesn't matter quite as much. It can be a real tug-a-war, but you'll kick it into shape!


Jeni said...

I about fell outta my chair when I saw the jewelry frames! They are a complete copy of a blogger's work! :( I think you need to walk away....work on something else....then return to the bedroom project. It will come. Promise.

I would LOVE to come see your wares sometime! I don't have your email, so here's mine!



Ticking and Toile said...

Wow, that is crazy they are selling the empty frames! You are so right...seriously...do they really think they invented that? ha! So do you have a pattern you are using for the ruffle-y pillows? I have been wanting to make some exactly like that!


-chris said...

I married Luna!

{northern cottage} said...

So funny -- we're on the path as I posted about PB copying us in blogland today too!! I like it for ideas on how to mix the stuff up but I'm soooooo much more about creating the look ourselves FOR CHEAP & make it unique for us!! Enjoy what we have & the way we put it together!!

Stay Warm!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I was saying.....I love that quilt and those shams! Our sentiment with PB is about the same. They have wonderful items, HOWEVER not so wonderful prices. Do you like IKEA? I love their linens and accessories.

I say get the quilt....it is lovely!

:) Becky

Helena said...

I agree with everything. And I especially like the part about you eating oatmeal cream pies, and then hiding them from your kids.

Sorry your project isn't working. When something like that happens, it makes me lose patience with life! I am so mad at my project, I get mad at everything else. Maybe taking a break for a few days, and then looking at it again with fresh eyes would help?

Heidi said...

I totally get what you're saying! I guess we all have our own styles that we just LOVE! I was mad that they stole my idea of a big wooden/distressed American Flag last year!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Those frames serious look like something off a blog. I hear what you're saying and I have a love/hate thing going with them as well. Oh well, what are you going to do?

Lynette said...

I posted about PB today on my blog - same thing - most of the stuff in their new catalog I can (and will) find at my flea market - maybe not some of the pillows - but most of the other stuff - yeah, I can find it!

And, I saw some of the beds and thought they looked just like FJ Donna's - those sneaks!

I've lurked for a while on your blog and I'm with most everyone else, take a step back and count to 10, or 45, or even 100 and look around - what you've shown so far looks so very pretty for your bedroom!

One Cheap B*tch said...

Well put! While I think I'd be flattered if they knocked off one of my Etsy items, I don't quite think I'd make the gazillion dollars they do. Anthropologie is another one - althought they've always been about flea market finds, etc. C'est la vie.

The blogging community will just have to remember imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. =)

Michelle Hughes said...

I hear you.... I rolled my eyes when I saw the jewelry in the frames... mine has been up for like 2 years now! And rock on, Luna, rock on! She is one of my favorite characters!

Brenda Pruitt said...

I have a love/hate thing going on with PB too. But I can't bring myself to spend that kind of money on their stuff. What I think is hilarious is that my oldest daughter has always thought PB ruled. And now they're showing farmhouse style and quilts like mom has always had. I wonder what she's thinking about that? Guess mom is not so uncool after all.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

I agree with you completely! I like looking through their catalog and yes, most of their things are lovely. But, I refuse to pay the prices, they are ridiculous!
I also get miffed at how they act as though everything was and is their idea. Oh well,most of us can easily recreate or have already created something in their catalog at a fraction of the cost.

DustyLu said...

I couldnt agree with you more about pottery barn and the great amazing post you did. I look forward to them. lulu

dmvoccola said...

I love reading your blog. You are so real. :) You should post a photo of what you have and get ideas and suggestions from your bloggy friends. I'm sure there is a way to make it work!

L. said...

Love PB style and have a sister (she works @ PB) who gets me any of their stuff for 40% with her discount, which doesn't suck but I totally agree that their wares are a COPY of blogland. I feel PB stuff used to be more unique, creative and inventive but now it's just "on trend." My sis who works there also told me that PB has been inloved in litigation with Target for years... check out the "global bazaar" sale Target does every spring and you'll see total copies of the latest from PB. At least it's a fraction of the price!

Anonymous said...

Great post. I'm sure if I had the time to read all of the comments before commenting myself, I would see many of your readers agreeing with you whole heartedly.

studio pashnada said...

I don't know that PB copied those frames from bloggers cuz they have been around a long time. I had some about ten years ago to display my jewelry at art/craft shows and I know I didn't come up with them on my own. We were putting urns and finials in clients houses 13 years ago (I just gave my antique white ones to Goodwill).

I think there are three problems here -
- we think if we have an idea it's orginal to us but in all liklihood someone else has thought of it too
- we think it's okay to copy PB or Anthropologie but not okay for them to copy us
- this is the biggie: WE DON'T TRUST OURSELVES and our design style so we follow like sheep and they count on that

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

You know I've been thinking that these PB buyers must be lurking on blogs! I've seen things recently in their catalogs that I've seen on many blogs! Which I think is so funny because people do PB Knockoffs and now PB is doing their own LOL!


Rustique Gal said...

Cindy, your post cracks me up! I stopped gawking at the pottery barn catalogues,too, so I could stop WANTING everything. I have great style-You have great style. They should be immitating US! Keep on decorating! You'll get it! And if I get to Ft Wayne, I'll give you a call. Sherry from Massachusetts


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