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As you've noticed, I haven't posted any real makeovers, decorating tips and/or mishaps, or crafty projects.

That's what I really want this blog to chronicle, but this week I was pretty overwhelmed with trying to shovel out the house. Had a lot of 'poor me' moments, frustrated with all my stuff, trying to make it work, feeling supremely stupid that I can't even take my own advice....then came Haiti.  Brought some much needed perspective.  So I can't decide where to hang my great-gramma's rose plates....at least I have a wall to hang them on.  I felt pretty shallow in the face of such devastation and misery.  I adjusted my attitude (and donated some moola):

Anyway, my bedroom is just about done, so I hope to show that to you soon.  I also have several pieces of furniture that need a little paint love, so I'll be doing some before and afters. And, because I'm me, I'm contemplating switching up some wall colors in a few rooms....'cause that's how I roll.  Haven't completely settled yet, but I'm getting closer.  Rearranging decorating doohickeys around the house too.  Spending lots of time evaluating my 'likes' and 'loves'.  Sometimes I'm so ridiculously fickle.  I'm sure I'm the ONLY one who struggles with that. *snort*

Thank goodness I have the 3 Big Questions to keep me on track, set my boundaries, and save my sanity.

Ok class, repeat after me:

1. Can I see my family in this room/style/environment?
2.  Is this doohickey/style have a 'timelessness'?
3.  Do I already have enough furniture/accessories to pull this off within my budget?

Other considerations:
~Will it play nicely with the other rooms in my home?
~Does it incorporate my LOVES mostly?

For the record:
My loves.... vintage/antique furniture either painted and chippy or with an original pine stain,

                                                                          my mama's house

natural elements and vintage or textured fabrics,
my cottage


my collection

faded florals in mostly neutral or muted colors,

my pillows

and eclectic gatherings of furniture and accessories,
unknown, but prolly bhg or country home

aqua accents with soft browns, tans, and taupes.

coastal living

Cottage coziness and vintage appeal, 

country living

Farmhouse simplicity and function.
country living

My Likes:
Stuff I'm moving away from, even though they continue to tease and tempt me.....shabby chic clutter and 'glamour' accessories, bohemian style, too much white furniture, 'pottery barn' trendy.  I'll still have a hint of these things here and there, but they aren't the priorities.  Here are examples of what I mean:

A tad too much clutter, though very cute:
country living

Little less bling, more vintage farmhouse simplicity:
country living

 I'm considering having an inhouse garage sale for friends and family next month too.  I hope by then to have weeded out the furniture and decor that no longer fit with my new list of Loves. Many of the pieces I've showcased here on the blog will prolly go the way of craig's.  I just need to make room for my LOVES. 

So there you have it.  I'm in the thick of it, taking a look at my entire home, trying to make it work using what I have.I'm anxious to share with you all the things I hope to accomplish in the next few months.  I'll prolly need your opinions too....

BTW, I can't believe I hit 400 followers!  I think I need to host a giveaway in honor of that great event, what say you?  I'll be making some new soap this weekend (hoping to take pics of the process for anyone interested in giving cold process soap from scratch a try).  Then again, I might surprise you. 

Thanks so much for spending time at cottage instincts.  You keep me motivated to get stuff done, and hopefully I can encourage y'all in your decorating pursuits along the way. Or at least make you laugh.  Even if it's at me.


Unknown said...

Hey Cindy,
Some of those inspiration pics of yours are the same ones I have. Too neat! Good luck gettin everything you want to do done.


GardenOfDaisies said...

I think we like a lot of the same things when it comes to decorating. :-) It's like you are reading my mind.

Rue said...

I've been watching the Haiti footage all day. I have cried and been sad and we have donated. I'm overwhelmed with it too. I needed this break... coming here and seeing something pretty.

I share all of the above, but also a love for really dark antiques. Especially in a light environment. Oh and that last kitchen picture was one of the main inspirations for mine, although you probably can't tell LOL

I'm not laughing AT you my friend, I'm standing (or sitting as it were) laughing right along WITH you ;)


~ Regan said...

God help Haiti. So thoughtful of you to donate!

I am so drooling over those pics. You've captured all the 'Home' things that make my heart go pitter-pat. Now, I'm glancing around here- seeing through what it is currently to what it 'could be'. :) Geez.... Things to do on a Friday.... lol.

Have a good weekend! (I would love to know more about the cold press process!!)

Flat Creek Farm said...

Love the inspiration pics! And I always enjoy your posts ~ no matter what the topic be. You're a great inspiration. Looky at those numbers - congrats! Apparently lotsa other people feel the same way that I do :) -Tammy

Dawn said...

I think a lot of us had those same feelings this week.

I've decided to quit trying to get my house just right and instead I'm going to hang out here as much as possible to get my daily dose of "ooohs" and "aaahs"!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Cindy, you've been on my mind lately. Alot. Every thing I bring in the homestead, I've been chanting, "What would Cindy do?" True story. I'm also making some changes but refuse to pick up a paintbrush until I hit the library Cindy fashion!

Hence.. no DIY posts from me either. :)

Re: your subscription count, activate feedreader and it'll give you your count. :) Something that came up in the big blog critique was, for the .com folks, they need the email subscription option on blogger blogs. You can do both at the same time.

Congrats on 400! And MANY more to come. :)


Unknown said...

LOVELY Pictures hun ♥ them!!
Congrats on reaching 400 followers thats quite an achievment!! You're still welcome to enter the giveaway hun, with your luck winning you could bag a prize!! theres 7 up for grabs xx
Thanks for sharing the prettiness as always
Annie x

Old Time Cindy said...

Love the inspirational pics. My style is evolving and I want simplicity in my life. Cool...but simple!
Living it up at Lakewood,

Suzann said...

I LOVE these pics.
Our tastes are quite similar.

Anonymous said...

Cindy -

I started smiling half way through because I heard George Carlin's voice in my head going through his "Stuff" routine. (You don't need to purge, you just need more room for all your stuff!)

- Deborah

Tammy said...

Hey Cindy I think many of us are going through the need to simplify. I am with you girl. Heck I don't even have an urge to shop - is that sick or what?
I have all the same inspiration pics as you do- we are truly kindred spirits.


Claudia said...

Eye candy - I love all these photos, Cindy. I have been overwhelmed and saddened by what has happened in Haiti, too. It certainly puts everything is perspective.


Anonymous said...

Hiya Cindy,

I've spent a lot of time sorting out my head along with my stuff, moving from a 4 Bdrm burb house to a 375 sq. ft. mountain cottage.

My question to myself in 2009 was "Is this useful?"

My question to myself in 2010 is "Does it bring me joy?"

Seems to me that we need to combine the two to turn a house into a home. Love your style - I have many of the same pics in my inspiration folders.

Happy weekend to you and yours,

www.thewhitefarmhouse2.blogspot.com said...

I know what you mean. I feel the same way. I am trying to focus on one room a month. That way I don't feel so overwhelmed. I am also Limiting myself to 50.00 a week to get each room in order. I figure that will make me use what I have laying around too. Hopefully this will work. We'll see. I am just tired of all the junk and feeling like I am all over the place with trying to get things done. I need to be more focused.

Brenda Pruitt said...

Same here. Ashamed of myself for wanting anything when those poor peoples lives are in ruin in Haiti. Very grateful for the roof over my head! I guess I'd categorize my decor faves as sort of eclectic farmhouse. I'm probably always going to have a lot of "stuff" surrounding me. Simply because it represents things I cherish and love.

Jeni said...

Could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be my friend..or adopt me as a family member. I would love to check out stuff before you put it on craigslist! Remember I live NEAR.....Decatur. EMAIL ME!

friedtfun @ gmail . com


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