No pictures today. Just some ponderings and another video.

You guys have given me much to ponder concerning my wee kitchen nook, which unfortunately is the only eating area we use for, well, eating.  By some quirk of nature I was blessed with 6 kids, 2 kid-in-laws and a big black Bogart....and a budget for the size house we live in.

I'm not really any closer to a decision, and heck, we've lived with the room like this for a year and half so another month or two spent organizing my thoughts and saving moola for a table won't hurt us none. :)

I should mention that given my druthers, I'd be moving walls and bulkheads and cabinets and, and, and.....

....but our family is trying hard to be content with what we have, get out of debt, and not spend too much energy on this house as we don't plan to stay here forever.  Changes are more along the lines of what we can afford while we dig ourselves out of debt, and what will update the home enough to get a good return when we do sell later down the road.

I also constantly remind myself that I am BLESSED for no other reason than the fact that I was born in the US to a middle class family who could afford nice home, married a man who is a genius and can work a well-paying job that he loves, and have the aforementioned 6+2(+1 hairy) kids who have zero health issues.

Our time is precious to us as a family.  Big reno's aren't going to be part of our lives very often.  My hubster decided long ago that his children would have a PRESENT father, both physically and emotionally....and those of you with teenagers know how much sheer energy that takes.  I admit I get miffed at times when my 'honey-do' list takes a back seat to Hubs reading to the boys or playing a video or board game with them....or having yet another heart to heart with his teenage girls, or an impromptu phone convo with one of our adult children struggling with the responsibility of being a grown up.  What a gift he is.  I never want to take that for granted, nor do I want my children to remember mom cracking the whip over dad every spare moment to make our house "just so".

Now don't get me wrong.  I want a beautiful home as much as the next shelter blogger.  But lately, my focus and priority are needing to be directed toward functional.  As in, function first: beauty second.  Money spent on our home must first be functional.  For instance, and in random order:
  • I need a table to fit anywhere from 4 to 10.  
  • I need shelves for homeschooling books
  • I need cupboard space for dishes to serve anywhere from 4 to 10. 
  • I need a cleaning schedule, a menu plan, and to deal with the 25 years and 6 kids worth of pictures laying in piles in the middle of the upstairs playroom. 
  • I need to weed out the things that don't bring joy...and organize the stuff I need and want to keep. (spent lots of time over at Leanne's last night.  That girl has organizing skillz!)

So....back to my kitchen nook.  We won't be doing anything structurally to the space except to remove the railing separating the family room from the nook.  Hubby spent time in the attic checking for the joists and found it isn't a load bearing wall.  I spent time looking at PB, Ballards, and furniture store sites for table styles I liked, could afford, and would fit the needs of our family in the space we have.

Here's a some options that have caught my eye so far:
JCPenney's table set
World Market #1
World Market #2
Value City Furniture #1
Value City Furniture #2

We also just found out we could possibly get up to 6 solid wood chairs from Hubby's work as they're renovating their cafeteria.  Get this: $5 ea.  They're first come first serve, so we'll see.  Then I might be able to spend a bit more  to get a big ole farm table and a bench. 

Here's yet another silly video of one of my daughter's wedding showers...she works at the same place as hubby...and you can see the spindle chairs as the camera goes around the room.  BTW, the voice at the end is mine saying...."she does not need that!"  It's an espresso machine. *grin* 

Thanks so much for all the input....it's certainly helping me weigh the options and define what I need!  I'll keep ya posted :)


Leanne said...

Thanks for the shout-out. You're so sweet. I have the same dining area problem as you. Too many kids, not enough space. I have 2 chairs and 2 benches. We can squeeze more kids on the benches than we can fit chairs in. I'm not sure I love it, but I'm still working on it. I've often wondered about a big square table in the area. I think it might work better, now to work it into the budget. I would for sure go for those $5 chairs if you get the chance. And your daughter is darling.

Anonymous said...

Oh, we have soooo much in common! I, too, live in the world of real limited space, real family members, a real (hairy) dog, and a very real budget. I love your honesty.

Erika said...

come on! everybody needs that! hahah :)
your daughter is so cute and happpppyyyyyy! I'm sure you have plenty of things to feel blessed for (it is obvious), but having "aspirations" does not mean that you take things for granted and even though we are aware of that, sometimes we still feel bad about them. You have a healthy perception of the situation, really, you do, so just be happy about whatever little progress you are able to make. This positive mood will be the one that helps you to finish what you've started the way you want it to be. One step at a time is fine...we can get so far on the road even if we can only see one meter ahead...I wish you good luck with the smiling and with, well, anything you decide to do! Hugs, Erika

Funky Junk Interiors said...

LOVE how you have your priorities! LOVE.

The chairs are fab! HOWEVER.. they are the kind that will not scooch under most tables because of the arm rests. (ask me how I know!) I'd suggest to bring one home and try it out first or just be aware of that fact.

Need a library of sorts? Check out what Bobbypins Boardwalk did. You could do something similar on that one wall with the upper shelf and display books AND dishes and whatnot together. To kitchenize it, you could bump out the lower part with doors to make it appear hutch like with upper bookshelves.



Maddie said...

I like the Penny's table and the first Value City table best, although the chairs that go with the first World Market table are awesome!

Thanks for the video post...oh boy I embarrass myself.

Heidi said...

For what its worth (which isn't much) I REALLY like the world market #1. AND, thank you for keeping it real!

Jeni Friedt said...

I can tell you first hand that the World Market #2 table is FABULOUS! My best friend and family member has that table ....LOVE it!

Unknown said...

Cute utube pics. Everyone having a grand time. The chairs are cool.

Have a beautiful weekend.
TTFN ~ Marydon

lucyshirk said...

what you really need is one of those Amish made extension tables!!I have one for 20+ yrs. and really love it:)Lucy

Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

You gotta go with function first ... otherwise you will just feel put out down the road when you have to get something else! BTW - I love those world market tables. That is a toss up!

Tammy said...

Hmmm you said that your room feels crammed since you are going to the door all the time with the dog. That being said I'd veto the square tables. Another thing my parents have that table and they and I hate it. It is so cumbersome - you scootch around it as it is so wide and another thing is they are so hard to pass things(food) around as it is hard to reach the other person. I agree getting at least one bench probably put it on the family room side so you could slide it under when not in use thus making the trek to the door easier.
Of all the tables since you need to seat up to 10 maybe more I'd go with the last one as it has leaves and is rounded- no smashed hips when you walk by it..
can't wait to see what you decide..
I do like the idea of a big wall of shelves though..you could curtain the bottom ones to use more as school books storage(not as pretty to look at) or even put shutters across those. Then leave the upper ones open to showcase china and such..

~ Regan said...

Wow, I love that Sourav table, as well as VCF #2. They would look so great for dressed down for Sunday bruches or up for Thanksgiving dinners! Perfect! :) Good luck deciding!

~ Regan said...

BTW, those chairs are perfect!!! Maybe you could paint/distress them?? OH, you have to get at least a FEW, for $5??! :)

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

I think you and your hubby have your priorities straight! I've seen the WM #2 choice and love it. It seems well made - I think they're having a sale on their furniture in the store. Plus, sometimes they have %off coupons in their flyers.

I think it's a good idea to take time to think about what would work in the space and work for you as a family.


Chandra Ferguson said...

Love you and your husband's priorities! I feel the same way! I never want to be the naggy wife and having a hubby that is committed to his children first is awesome...I so love my hubby for this very same thing....Love all of your posts! Chandra


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