I've been playing. Now I'm in trouble.

I don't know about you, but I've been restless for days now.  I walk around from room to room trying to think up new ways to arrange stuff, incorporate more of my LOVES and get rid of some LIKES (which is surprisingly hard to do), and avoid the masses of clutter piles everywhere.  Do you do that?  When my rooms aren't feeling right, I have no motivation to clean them up.  Blah.  I just know I'm feeling a strong desire to switch things up, be it colors or furniture.  Better start dropping hints to Hubby...if I come on too strong with my ideas, he reminds me of my fave fridge magnet:

I did go around and snap some pictures of what little re-arranging I *have* done though. Helps give me some new perspective, see things in a new light, that kinda thing. Just assume right out of the camera's range are stacks 'o stuff everywhere.  I'd like you to know the real me.

Kitchen hutch.

Love this wee birdie....makes me feel glittery inside just looking at him.

Top of the hutch.  One of my favorite vignettes.  Love the blue-grey background with all the shades of brown and taupe.  Definitely lots of LOVES: natural colors, textures, and elements (and almost all thrifted finds!)


Shelf above the nook.  Simple and fairly monochromatic.


Simplified my mantlescape too.  Reminants of Christmas, but less frou-frou.  I can't tell you how much I want to paint that brick.  Found THIS online, but can't hack the $200 cost right now.
BTW, do you think I should paint those beams on the ceiling?  I'm pondering....

Shots in the dining room:


More blues and browns.  *swoon*

Found this sign at TJ's or Marshalls.  Love that it looks handmade and flea market-y.  And has a birdie.
And cost $3.

Need to fill that cage.  Or not.


Now what do we have here?


While I'm shuffling decor around, shopping the house, I thought I might see what my delish shutter would look like against the deep taupe....then I grabbed some fabric I've used for pillows on my aqua couch.
I'd call that a LOVE.

Ayup.  Yummy.

But then, now I have a problem.  I want to hang that shutter over the couch in the living room, right?  But the living room walls are 'drop cloth' grey-beige, which is lovely.  But I totally dig that shutter against the dark taupe.  Remember this picture?

That shutter innocently leaning against my dining wall conjured up the same feeling as this picture did.
So, what does every good decorator (and blogger) do?

Gets out all her colors and notebooks (and takes pictures for the readers):

I hate how small paint chips are, so I sometimes paint swathes of my colors on printer paper alongside each other, to see the flow.  Then I can throw new chips on the 'map' to see if they will play along nicely.  For instance, I'm considering using that small square "Canvas Natural" in the kitchen.
She used green accents, and I would use blue, but ooo la la!

Do we see a recurring theme here?  I wasn't kidding when I mentioned WAAAY up there at the top that I'm wanting to switch things up some.  It's nice that I love all my colors so far. I can move stuff around from room to room, trying out pieces and fabrics against the wall color.  It's not so nice that I'm considering switching the colors in some rooms (again).

But seriously, paint is pretty cheap, (and I already have most of the colors) and it's just one day's time right?

Stay tuned.  And say a prayer for my hubby.


www.thewhitefarmhouse2.blogspot.com said...

You sound like me. I been wondering where you snuck off to. I drive my husband crazy doing this over and over. I think I paint about once every 1 or 1-1/2 years. I finally decided that I was going with a neutral background and all the big money pieces neutral also. Costs nothing to buy new pillows or accessories. I'm finding this is helping somewhat. Also using up some of the crap I got laying around here is also helping. That is my goal for this year. By Christmas I will be organized and CLEAN! Next year will be the year of adding the stuff. Right now I need to concentrate on making room for the new stuff though.

I also like seasonal decorating. Adding small touches around the house for the different seasons. Not holidays. Gosh shucky darn you for sticking that blue in my face! You got me hooked on that robins egg blue! I want to do some touches of that around for spring/summer and leave my reds for fall/winter.

Stop by later I have a little gift for you my sweetie! (and your little dog too!) Just kidding about the dog part!

Faded Charm said...

Looks like you've been having fun playing. Everything looks wonderful. Enjoy your week.


Glenda/MidSouth said...

When you finiish, come start on mine. :) I almost bought a little bird like that at Cracker Barrel the other day - is that where you got yours? Love your birdcage.

Patricia said...

looks like a little spring... which i adore!! LOVERLY as always!!!!!!

Cassie said...

I love your color choices...very soothing and relaxing. Your vignettes are also lovely! Nice that you can move items from room to room and they work everywhere!

Kendall@ Finesse Your Nest said...

Wow! You are GOOD. I just got all my Christmas packed up and my house is a wreck. I feel the exact same way. I want to re-do everything. Something about all my accessories isn't clicking with me right now. I'm really feeling "simple" right now and want to incorporate a lot of WHITE. I may just have myself a good ole fashioned Texas spray paint party tomorrow. Yep, sounding better all the time!
By the way, I LOVE your distressed candlesticks with those big ribbed tapers on top of your hutch. Where in the world did you find those taper candles? I.want.them...BAD.
Everything looks great, but you never disappoint!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

There must be something in the water. I want to change everything too, but I don't know what I want to do. Just seems like nothing has really turned out to be my greatest LOVE, just some of my LIKES. Guess I need to really define my loves. I love the shutter against the taupe walls, it is gorgoeus, and the birdcage is just wonderful whether it is filled or not. Your hutch is beautiful and I love all the dishes and vignettes you have arranged in it. Everything seems perfect to me, but then I do understand where you are coming from. Hugs, Marty

DustyLu said...

Love all your vignettes! Fab! Love the plate racks my new fav. Love, love, Love! lulu

Leanne said...

Oh, I love what you've done so far and the blues and browns are perfect. It feels so comfortable, like I should come over and we should have some hot cocoa and talk about decorating and our fun projects we have coming up. Oh wait, I live like 6 states or so away. Never mind, but it does look great.

~ Regan said...

haha, GOod luck with all that... I'm in the same boat you are! Tell ya what, you say a prayer for my hubby, and I will say one for yours! Mine doesn't know yet that along with the 'office', I also am thinking of repainting the bathrooms (yes, that' plural) and our master. Eeek!! I hope he doesn't leave me! ;)

Brenda Pruitt said...

Oh, so it isn't only me then! I don't have motivation to clean until I rearrange either! We need to start a support group. You know how we can do that? Get together and heft that furniture for one another so's we don't have to ask the husbands to get involved!

Kirsty said...

You are just like me. We got home from being gone for a week and I cleaned up the Christmas stuff and moved rooms around the second we got home. That's not even an exaggeration. I still had my coat on....I was itching. Oh, and I totally think you should paint the brick fireplace. But, keep the beams they way they are!

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Well your pictures are fabulous and make everything look like it's in its place and enjoying itself. I wouldn't fill the birdcage and, yeah, that's all the advice I have right now :).

Seawashed said...

I vote paint the beams and brick white. I would paint the brick like a white wash with bits of the brick sticking out...like chippy white paint look. Do you know what I mean? I think it would look lovely with how you decorate.

The House Creative said...

I love the beams the way that they are, but they would also look stunning white! Love your house!

Maggie said...

I know what you mean, since I packed all the Christmas "stuff" away the house looks bare. I am becoming a very big fan of the whites & neutrals that you use so beautifully around your home. Your vignettes are gorgeous.
When I told "him indoors" I might want to change all our historic paint colours his remark was very similar to your fridge magnet!
Maybe in the next house??

Autum said...

We are on the same page sister! And from reading the other comments, it's a very crowded page. Lots of redecorating-itch going around.
Here's my two cents worth (and you know you can't even buy a piece of gum with that anymore)
Paint the fireplace- leave the beams
Love, love, love the candlesticks above the hutch. LOVE!
The birdcage looks fine empty, but I'm sure if anyone could fill with just the right thing, it's you.
Are you considering painting the living room a dark taupe? I think it would look fabulous with the turquoise shutter- darker even than the wall you have it leaning against. More like the taupe in the photo. Then paint that fireplace a nice creamy white and all your cream accents will just dance with delight! I'm excited for you. Wish I could come over and help. Actually, in complete honesty, I'd rather come over and watch and chat. I hate to paint. All that up and down on the ladder.

Heather at Dusty Bay said...

I love the neutral palette throughout you home - very nice - and I would paint the beams to soften it up.

Michelle, All Home and Love said...

The colors are all so soothing and pretty. The shutter looks fantastic!

Roeshel said...

I love your colors - so comfortable and pretty. I do walk from room to room wondering what I can do to make some changes but unlike you, most of my rooms still need the basic help. I'm getting there. ;) Slowly.

Thanks for linking up to the DIY Show & Tell party. I think I'm motivated to get the tree down finally! That's a start!


Jane said...

As I read your first paragraph I was nodding my head. Yeah, I feel that way too! Your pictures are so lovely! I have no advice about painting the beams. I rent and the dream of painting anything permanent is something I block out so much that I am really stunted in that area. Lastly, what a cool brick painting product! The price stinks though. Shame because it makes regular paint seem so regular now. Have a great day!

The Decorating Diaries said...

Aren't we always in trouble when it comes to decorating? I liked seeing your hutch and shelf displays. I'm getting ready to redo my kitchen shelves and I'm looking for ideas. Everything is lovely.


Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Everything looks wonderful and I can't wait to see what you do! I know I will LOVE it!!

LOVE that fabric!!

Lou Cinda

Heidi said...

Hi there!
I am so totally in the same place as you right now! What I do when I get the itch to repaint ( and who ever gets that done in ONE day, not me for sure!) - well, I go out for some air and a little look-e-loo shopping trip for inspiration on how to make my old stuff look okay with the old paint! That's my mission today anyway - I'm on my way out the door in 10 minutes.
Your place looks so good, I love the colors and the accessories are perfect. Very, very pretty!
Have a great weekend, can't wait to see what you decide!
I'd love for you to drop by sometime!
Heidi - Heart and Home

KimMalk said...

It seems everyone is feeling the need to change things up this time of year. You mentioned your taupe-y walls more than once, what color are they? Also, I like to paint swatches on the center part of paper plates (not the real cheapy ones), the cardboard stays sturdy and I almost always have them in the cupboard.

Angie Holden said...

Gosh I love it all! Thanks so much for posting -- fabulous job!

joancurtis said...

Cindy, I just stumbled across your blog and may I say I AM IN LOVE! I love your entry on how to find your style!!! It even inspired me to write on my blog.. your words have changed my world! Thank you! Would love you to check it out!

Gotta go get some magazines and some post it notes..

Dawn said...

Everything you've done looks beautiful!

I've been getting very antsy too... looking to make some MAJOR changes around the cottage!

I love that blue sign in your window!!!!

Simple Home said...

I love your comment about "stacks of stuff" just out of camera range. That's all of us, I'm sure. I can't wait to see what your doing. I have an aqua couch too, and loveseat, and chair and ottoman. It's the best set I've ever owned. It was given to us a couple of years ago and it was almost new. It's also leather. Leather with 6 kids is wonderful! I'll be coming back to get ideas for my own changes :-)

Redneck Junkers said...

Adore your color palette . Im a "chocolate & turquoise" freak. Love blues and browns. I say yes" to painting those beams but dont ask me what color.
Darlie of
the Redneck Junkers

Crystal said...

I believe this is my first visit to your blog. I am definitely feeling the same way. After you take down all the glitz from Chistmas, it is hard getting motivated to just clean. Now, we have too much time spent inside looking at the same things in the same way.
Rearranging, just gives me a revilization to go along with the New Year and new "beginnings". Now I need to get the energy to get up and DO
Off to see what I can get into???

Meghan said...


(I say don't fill the cage, yet. Wait 'til spring.)

Unknown said...

Love that shutter, and the sign too - would be perfect in my holiday cottage near the sea in N Ireland.

Teresa said...

Love it all- such wonderful colors! Thanks for sharing....made my day brighter =)

Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top said...

Everything is so pretty. I love the muted colors. So warm and soothing. I really love the collection of candlesticks. The candles are very cool, I've never seen anything like them before.

The Charm House said...

YOU have inspired me!! I love all of your ideas and your colors are perfect! So fun! Thanks!

Michelle @ Sweet Something Design said...

Hey Cindy, loving your blues and browns...I'm feeling a "painting party" coming on too! Everything looks great!

Anonymous said...

I love your style! The colors are beautiful..


Anonymous said...

i love all the colors! so calming! have you check out the nester's blog! she is all about painting brick! love your style!

Kim @ Twice Remembered said...

You're home is just so beautiful and cozy - and so inspiring! Some day I want my cottage to feel like yours! Have fun with all your rearranging and changing things around...I know what it's like to get those decorating blahs. I mainly feel that way because we practically live on a construction site and sometimes I feel like "why bother!" lol

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

BUSTED! But oh how much fun you have been having!!


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