Party like a rock star. Or like a blog star.

Did y'all know Jen from Sanctuary Arts at Home is hosting a Bloggy Get Together???? 
And did you know I'm going????  Lookie loo who else will be there....

Joan of Anything Goes Here
Tracey of French Larkspur
Suzann of Olive Cottage
Jayme of Tales from the Coop Keeper
Joy of Savvy City Farmer
Pat, a one of Jen's faithful followers

If you're anywhere near Chicago on Feburary 13th, come join the party! 

The more the merrier, so if ya can make it, we'd love to meet ya. 
Vintage bathing suit and stringed musical instruments optional.


Unknown said...

G'eve Cindy ~ Looks like you are going to have a grand time! Enjoy ...

Have a beautiful weekend.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Tammy said...

Wish I were closer. Seems all the fun stuff happens up north..darn it.

Anonymous said...


Don't do anything I wouldn't do...laughing hard!
Wish I were closer.

Have FUN.


Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

I really enjoyed your perspective on having children. Realism is refreshing! Just having one child can be difficult, so I can hardly imagine having 6. I especially was interested in how its affected your own children's view of having children! Fascinating!

Thanks for writing!

Anonymous said...

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