::pardon the mess::

I'm updating tons of stuff and moving things around on ye olde blogge...hopefully making my wee spot a bit easier to navigate, without making other stuff disappear!  I should have everything put back together and functional by the end of today.  

Thanks for hangin' in there with me!


NanaDiana said...

Good luck- You must know what you are doing better than I do! Everytime I try to change my blog I lose SOMETHING! xo Diana

fixitfaerie said...

You know, sometimes I ride the 'short bus'. I brought up you blog just like every other day. Oh, you are redoing it, ok, I'll come back tomorrow.
Then I went to my Facebook page and saw that you went into more detail about the changes.
Nice work. You are one brave woman, 7 children, wow, honestly, I couldn't do it. I applaud you. Seriously.
So anyways, I like your new format better. Blessings Paula Lusk

COTTAG3 said...

I don't see a mess to pardon so it looks good to me. Love the colors of all the text in different places.


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