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Let me say right up front, before I lose half my readers, that undeniably, no-doubt-about-it,

If it weren't for this extremely addicting little tool on the 'net, my daughter's wedding would have been the standard affair with very little extra shizpah (always wanted to use that word in a post).

I'm concerned about a couple things though.  You knew that.

While I'm happy so many find inspiration in my pictures, I'm not pleased with the 'pin it and run' mindset.  It's disheartening to have a post go viral (my old windows-turned-pictureframes have been pinned well over 30,000 times now), but then receive only a handful of comments.

I also hate to see my decor picked at by folks who must not realize that the original people who took the pictures might read it.  I've had a few rather insensitive comments put under pictures from my posts on Pinterest, and I have to think they'd NEVER write something like that on the actual blog post.  At least I hope not.  Things like "beautiful wedding but they should've sprung for a real bridal bouquet" or "not a fan of this decor, but LOVE the fireplace".  Well thanks.  Call me sensitive.  I am.

I also see folks asking questions about something in the comment section under a pin, like how I attached the pictures to the old window panes.  I'm no genius, but they obviously didn't bother to visit the actual post because I did a 'show and tell' on how I did it.  I leave responses like 'this is mine, check the post to get info', but I never know if they did or not.  Certainly never got a 'thanks'.  And I see lots of people give credit to the pinner for a great project when they were just the 'middle man'.

Undeniably, I get new followers, both here and on Pinterest, and I've received a few emails asking questions.....but I haven't seen an uptick in comments.  Pinterest may end up making blogs more like tumblr or flickr and that makes me really sad.  Blogging is way more fun in community.  I'm over being flattered that people like my projects.  I'm WAY over being criticized by people who prolly never even visited ::cottage instincts::, or else never take time to comment.  I'm feeling a bit like 'why bother'....if I take a ton of time working on a project, documenting it, editing and posting the pics, and spending time coming up with some witty text, but then only a few folks actually READ the text, and hundreds instead just hop over to pin something and run......it somehow doesn't seem worth it.

There have been several others who are very concerned about the copyright issue.  The fact that folks can take other's intellectual property with no mention of the original source and go on their merry way is disconcerting.  Folks who rely on blogging for income are worried, rightly so IMO, that Pinterest is driving readers away from the blogs where they might see sponsors and advertisers.  I think it's a legitimate concern.    I don't think people do these things out of an evil motive, plotting and planning the downfall of some blogger they hate.  I just think folks don't really think about what they're doing.  At some point, though, as they become aware of bad etiqette on Pinterest, they need to become responsible for bad behavior.

Let's play with an analogy, shall we?  Let's pretend reading blogs is akin to sitting down to a nice meal at a restaurant where a dapper young person takes your order, chats a bit, and makes sure every little thing is just perfect. The experience takes time, needs savored, and give-and-take plays a big role.  In this scenario, Pinterest would be akin to a fast-food drive up window.  No need to wait, no need for small talk, just instant gratification.

There's a place for both, but I kinda feel like blogs are the 'mom and pop' biz being taken over by Walmart. The time it takes to produce a decent blog and build rapport with readers is significant.  Pinterest has the potential to minimize all of that.

So, in light of all that, and without throwing the baby out with the bathwater, I'm attempting to be a responsible pinner from now on.  Here's my plan:

~If I pin something from a blog, I take a moment to read the entire post, then let the author know I pinned it in the comment section.
~If I see a pin I want to re-pin, I go to the original source of the pin if possible.  Now, sometimes I'm in the mood for fast food, so I re-pin but change the text below to 'go read this' to remind me that I haven't been to the original source.  One of the beauties of Pinterest is gathering inspiration quickly, but I want to be able to honor those who did the original work eventually.  I'll add the blog address of the person to the text box after visiting along with the usual 'want to try this' or whatev.
~If I use an idea or tutorial from a pin, I credit the original source in my post.
~If I don't have something nice to say, I find something nice to say anyway.  I don't say critical things in my text box.  Yes, I've been guilty of this, but having been on the receiving end now, I've mended my ways.
~I'm 'cleaning up' my pins over the next few weeks to be sure they comply with the above.

And this graphic from the post I linked to from  My 3boybarians should go viral too...pass it along and give her credit!

I suppose that's a start.  And I want to be part of the solution for making Pinterest even better.   I'm working to be a more considerate blog reader myself, commenting more and giving credit.

So what are your concerns with Pinterest?  What things are you doing to make sure others get the credit they deserve?  Are you a 'pin-it and run' reader?  Has this post helped you see the error of your ways?
Are you clicking 'un-follow' now? ;)

EDITED:  I posted a follow-up to this post here based on the feed-back I received in the comments.


NanaDiana said...

Hi Cindy- This came at the perfect time for me. I just signed up for Pinterest and don't really know where to start...and so far, I haven't had the time to pursue it. I signed up for FB thinking that was the only way I could get a Pinterest membership..and..signed up under my blog name hoping to remain anonymous. (We are not supposed to be on FB because of my dil's job)..so, now I had to unsign up for FB -a 14 day process- and don't know if I will be able to get back into Pinterest.

While I love the idea of Pinterest I love the connection of blogs..and getting to KNOW the person behind the project. This is a great post you have here today and I hope people take time to read it. xo Diana

Polly said...

i love pinterest. i love the instant gratification. i love the organization of all the images.

i have, for a quite a while now, felt that blogs were kind of on their way out. i think that facebook has had a huge impact on blogs too. i love facebook and prefer using facebooking over blogging at this point.

my blog comments have gone down considerably, but i blame myself for not being able to keep up with it over the past year.

HeatherF1 said...

I am not on Pinterest, but appreciate your comments on it.

An Oasis in the Desert said...

I apologize! I think I have been very guilty of this, but I truly don't think most people realize they are being impolite, I didn't. If I use an idea, I do try to go to the original post and let them know. I really felt that the whole concept was being able to pin it for later use.

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Yes, it is a interesting situation, I don't like it when I can't find the original source...I've seen a ton of my projects pinned, sometimes with a direct link but often not. It does take a bit more time to link back to a direct source, but if more people would do so it would make the site even better.


Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking said...

Great post, Cindy. I agree with everything you said. On top of that, when you sign up with Pinterest you give them permission to have information on all your Facebook friends. Why do they need that? I didn't sign up but I do look at Pinterest now and then and don't like the idea that anyone can basically steal your photos and ideas without asking nor giving you credit.
I hope blogs are here to stay, I enjoy yours and many others.

Goldie said...

One of the things i dont like about pinterest is not being able to find the original source... if i like it i expect to click on it and find the original source. Many people just upload a picture, and that drives me bonkers.

Another thing i dont like is the excessive repinning, why cant anyone pin something original for once?

Linda/patchwork said...

This is good advice. I think I need to go clean up my act.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you wrote this...I just got on pinterest and I'm totally sure that I'm using bad etiquette, only because I just starting pinning and don't really get it. I will definately go back and change my pinning and running ways! :)

Thanks for the honest thoughts on it all ~

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

I am totally with you! I have been discouraged by Pinterest even tho I enjoy browsing thru the pics. I call the "Pin People" "drive byes" and it's frustrating because community is an important part of blogging but the " pin people" are as one reader just said "in for instant gratification". I don't have anything against that, I get it, it is who we are as a society now but it makes me sad. I recently expressed my thoughts to another blogger and she encouraged me saying "look at all the people you have influenced" and that may be true but what I've always wanted was a girlfriend or friends to craft with. That is what blogging does for me. I recently added a FB and Pin button to my blog and noticed I am getting alot more people looking, but that is the point! Thank you for expressing my thoughts, I am glad I am not alone! Can I ask you how you know how many times something of yours is pinned? I would also add because of Pinterest I am starting to add my name to every picture I put out there.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Lots to think about here. I usually try to go to the original post before I pin, but it was mostly done out of contrariness and not thoughtfulness. I don't want to pin someone else's pin when it's not even their project. There are some I've simply repinned, and I'm going to try to remedy that this weekend.
By the way~I'm pinning this post! I hope that's OK. I think more people should read it.

Victoria said...

I resisted Pinterest for quite a while (no FB or Twitter) then buckled and joined last week. I have to confess I've pinned and dashed. I guess I think of it more as my own personal inspiration board, like ripping photo's out of a magazine so I haven't over-thought it too much.

I have seen a decline in blog comments though, but I blame that more on the email feature that people are, IMO, over using now. When I take the time to leave lengthy, personal comments on blogs and either never hear back or get a quick email saying "Thanks!" it's disheartening. I always re-visit the bloggers who take the time to visit me. So I blame the email feature over Pinterest.

These are really good etiquette tips for those of us who are guilty of just pinning away so I'm definitely going to change the way I pin:) Thank you!

Noble Vintage said...

Very well written, Cindy. I keep trying to think of how to best use Pinterest to my advantage as a blogger, because clearly, it is here to stay and will continue to evolve and adapt. I'm sure there is a way to make it beneficial to all the hard work we do, and gain readers! I recently added the pin it button to the top of my posts, so hopefully that will be good? I think a friend of mine recently said it best- Pinterest wants new ideas generated, rather than lots of repinning. That said, I find it kind of tacky when bloggers pin their own posts!!!! Maybe they are figuring that's the way to have their own content link directly back to them???? Or just another avenue to gain more readers (some of them have admitted this...) either way, one of the etiquette rules of Pinterest is to pin other people's content. Hmmm... It's certainly hard to know how all this will benefit or hurt. So far I've not had any trouble tracking down original posts. It's possible if you're willing to look! :)

1950swannabe said...

Hi there...I love, love love pinterest. I am new to blogging and use pinterest to not only gather ideas, but pin my stuff there as well in hopes it will direct people back to my blog. I usually like to pin what catches my eye and can spend hours doing this. Then, I like to spend a day, going through my pins and going to their original sources (i.e. blogs). Since I am a blogger myself, if I like the post or whatever else I see on the blog, I become a follower. So in this aspect, I think Pinterest is wonderful. However, if I were not a blogger, I would probably pin, eventually visit the site of the pin quickly (without leaving comments or becoming a follower) and move on. Does this make since? I guess I'm saying that people who blog will generally do the right thing by each other because we understand what each other is trying to do. People who do not blog do not understand, therefore will be more likely to pin and move on.

Heather said...

Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


Unknown said...

Howdy Cindy, I will admit that I'm a Pinterest junky. I think of it as a magazine online filled with beautiful pictures. I use it only for myself as inspiration, as it was intended. If I recreate any project, and I blog about it I ALWAYS credit the orig. source. The 1 thing that bugs me is when I see a pin of one of my pieces and the pinner never bothered to see what the item really is, ie. a table I made out of a vintage crate. I've seen a few pins saying "great palette table". Um, NO!!! I've commented under them and said ... "No, this is a table/bench made out of a vintage crate". I haven't received any new followers to my blog from Pinterest. Of course I have a lil blog but I'm always surprised to see just what gets pinned and re-pinned. I actually pinned your netiquette sign giving credit back to your blog. GREAT post. Thanks for sharing ... Deanna

Unknown said...

Side note ... one way around having pictures stolen is watermarking your pictures. I have to do that on my videos on YouTube. Many people steal other people's videos and use them as their own. Just an idea. That way your blog name is there no matter what.

angelchi said...

Great article, thanks.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

I appreciate this thoughtful post, Cindy. I haven't signed up for Pinterest and don't plan to. I've been getting a lot of pinterest attention though from visitors who follow until they have pillaged my photos and then moved on taking their "follow" with them. So my follow number bounces a lot lately. I don't feel like any online behavior can be controlled. I'm fatalistic about anything I post, but not in a negative way. About the only thing that bothers me is when my pictures are represented as the rebloggers own. As though they themselves have produced them. Otherwise I take some satisfaction that someone thinks them nice enough to copy. I still think a credit is due, but I don't expect a credit will always be there. There is a steep learning curve for new bloggers especially in regards to crediting pictures. And now there is a similar curve for Pinners. On the surface, blogging ettiquette makes a certain sense, but the rules are very "insider" as blogging is getting to be. I have found myself stepping on blogger toes myself one way or another before I learned each individual's do's and don'ts of blogging. I agree with "1950's Wannabe's" last line above.
And posting "Netiquette" is a good instinct. A few folks will actually follow it.

colleen said...

well i actually prefer the blogs resoning being i can't seem to find the source. sorry such a newbe don't want to step on toes but this is all so confusing. i like tutorials and they are mostly missing on pinterest.also i like the conversation on the blogs. i use pinterest like tearouts from magazines for inspiration. so when i pin its to my inspiration boards i think ;)

Becky said...

I have to agree about the wedding ideas. Pinterest has been wonderful with ideas for my daughters upcoming wedding. (Maybe it makes it even harder for her to make decisions! lol). She also bought a house last yr and is interested in home decor. I love it that we can share boards, so that I can see what she invisions in her house and wedding.
On the other hand, I prefer to see the source when I find something I am interested in. I am terrible about leaving comments, but really trying to improve on that. But, I always to try to find the original source of the pin. That is why my blog reading list has gotten sooooo long! lol But I also get annoyed when I can't find the original, or it just says "pinned by iphone user". I started out spending a lot of time on pinterest, but as time goes on, it really is just a lot of repinned things that I have seen over and over. I for one, prefer the blog community. It feels more like visiting with friends.

Sara S. said...

I recently opened my Pintrest, to find that one of the people I follow had pinned something similar to the image you shared - but the description was what really caught my attention. It took pages and pages, and all it said was "Pinterest needs a pin description character limit." over and over. The point was that people, in some cases, were copying ENTIRE blog posts as their description. That surprised me. It seems to me that the POINT of Pintrest would be for you to pin found photos (not upload your own), and have the source link to view the info (not just copy the whole thing). That those are even options on Pintrest seems, to me, against the premise of the site.

I've always tried to go to the source link to read directions/descriptions, although I will admit to repinning the pin rather than pinning it at the source. Now that I've read this, though, I think I need to go check out my pins!

Jane said...

I am in total agreement with you! I am seeing more and more that people are plugging in their favorite pins in their blog and not give proper credit. Something about that bothers me. Also, while 'pinning' is fun and inspirational, there is a proper etiquette, which many seem totally unaware of. Thanks for bringing it up in this post. Hopefully, we can all be more sensitive. And 'pinning' won't lead ot laziness on the part of 'pinners'!

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

Amen, sister! You hit the nail on the head!! I've been wanting to write a post like this, but haven't had the time. I'll be pinning yours :) and posting about it too. I think everything you've said here is well thought out and so true. I've been frustrated when I've seen an idea that I want to pin or project I want to recreate and when I click on it, it goes to a Google image. So frustrating. I think the problem is the general public is allowed on Pinterest and they probably should require a license or something - kind of like "you need a license to drive a car but any hoo-ha with a computer can be a pinner!" ;)

And for the record - I READ all of your posts!

505whimsygirl said...

I would hate blogs to be on their way out. I've "met" so many people from all over the world through blogs! Not a big fan of Facebook.... and Pinterest - don't know anything about it!

I liked this post, though, and if I do become a pinner then I think your guidelines/rules will be perfect. Everyone should give credit where credit is due!!


adagirl said...

Thank you for your insightful thoughts about pin and run. I am relatively new to Pinterest and very uneducated about blogs. Call me computer (and blogging) illiterate :) I had NO idea there were all these blogs out here on the internet! For me, Pinterest has actually opened up a whole new world where I have found bloggers who cook, bake, decorate, etc. just like me. Without Pinterest, I would have never known how to find them, or that they even existed. After reading your article, I will be much more careful than I already have been in crediting the original source, but you need to know that for a certain generation of people, blogging is an unfamiliar thing. So, consider that in my case, Pinterest has actually brought you attention, rather than taken away from it.

Tina said...

Thanks for this post. such good points and things that I've not thought of before. I do like Pinterest so much, but blogging is a first love. Excellant post. Thanks, T

Jenny said...

Great post and you bring up a lot of great points. I do pin images I see for inspiration purposes (like when I getting ready to paint my kitchen cabinets). I also pin recipes and inspirational or funny quotes.

I am getting a lot of traffic via Pinterest, which is great, but I find that I get some "anonymous" comments, asking questions, but then I have no way to respond to them in a logical way(since I don't have threaded commenting in blogger). I also find that I'm getting more questions where the answers are found in my blog post, which shows that they're not necessarily taking the time to read my posts either. Frustrating. But overall I do love Pinterest - just room for Pinterest Abuse.

~ B. said...

Very thought provoking Cindy! I like blogging and community too but also love Pinterest. I've been reading a lot of thought provoking Pinterest articles on blogs recently. I resolve to be a more responsible Pinner too.

Mandy said...

Anytime I pin one of my projects on Pinterest I make sure that my watermark is on it (which is my blog name and address). I also keep in mind that if I have a blog and post pics that people will use my pics and if I pin a project on Pinterest then I'm saying it's okay to re-pin it. If you don't want it on there, put a copy right on your blog. I do re-pin things that I want to remember and go back to someday. Then, I will go back to that picture and to the post.

Barbara Jean said...

Great Post.
I only just started some pinterest boards... so not much take and run on my end. I am glad to know about that as it did not cross my mind.
And,I thought the pics you took to your place automatically linked to the original. I better reread the pinterest stuff to find out.

So far, what I have pinned is from bloggers whose posts I have read, and just really love their ideas/work.

Thanks for heads up.... and thanks for the warning of what will probably happen to my things too, since I am pinning some of my own work and tutorials so it is easier for me to find them.=) (and to share with others)

blessings and have loved your blog for some time.

barbara jean

Perfect Imperfections by Jeanne said...

Thanks for the insight Cindy. I will say that I do kind of like to see how many repins I get as well as the pinning. It gives me a little pulse of trends I guess. I think I will still repin, but with your suggestion of naming the source in my comment. The Nester wrote a great post on Pinterest and she feels it will probably be her #1 referrer for 2012. That post can be found at http://www.thenester.com/2011/12/pinterest-and-blogging-the-good-the-bad-and-the-huh.html. Anyway, I plan on being more dilegent in my pinning. And I will begin by pinning this post. :)

Dixie Redmond said...

I saw an antique doll pinned there with Google CA as the source. If you take the time to go, it's actually from my blog, and it's a picture I took, and I drove 100's of miles to take it. Soooooooo from now on I'm watermarking my photos. That's my bad.

But I like the use of Pinterest - I'm a Pinterest addict now. Your suggestion to leave a comment rather than Pin and run is a good one.

I pinned your etiquette graphic today, btw. ;-)

Dixie Redmond said...

And oh the IRONY. I just realized that is not your graphic. ;-) So I took that pin down and went to 3 Boybarians to pin from there.

Sheila said...

I agree with everything! I have several of my projects pinned (multiple times) but next to NO comments on my blog. Very frustrating.

Lb Scrapgirl said...

I pin and I hope I'm doing it right, because there is no way that I came up with the stuff I've pinned. Thanks allowing me to pin from your blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this....I've recently opened up a Pinterest account and have been willy nilly going about repinning things. I think I'm doing it right by using the pin it feature which grabs the url. Usually I only repin things that have the url and I have been checking out some of the blogs I've been directed to. Your words will remind me that I need to take care and watch what I do and what I say. Thanks for this!

COTTAG3 said...

Well said Cindy! I rarely just repin. I always click to the original, read it, perhaps leave a comment and then pin from there. I can't repin from a picture. I need to see the post or whatever the original was to see if I really want to even pin it in the first place. I love Pinterest but you have made some really valid points here.

AntiqueChase said...

I read this post twice today. agree with it all. and to make it even more timely (for me) I just got an email from another blogger that a photo of my dining room hutch is on another blog with no photo source... lovely. I'm sure it wasn't intentional but probably came from a pin.

kim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kim said...

Although I have about 45 craft/recipe blogs that I check every evening for new posts, yours being one of them, I very seldom comment. I know this is wrong, but I don't really have a lot of time. I always read the new post and pin the project if it is something I think I could be interested in making. I know I should be better about going to the original source, and I know how frustrated I get when I try to go to the source of a pin that someone else has pinned to make the project and the link is to the actual blog and not the post. I do often pin and run due to time, but I always go to the source eventually. I can definitely see the frustration for your bloggers and credit not being given where credit is due. The other day I followed a link to a crib mobile I LOVED and plan on making for my sons nursery only to find it came from a round up link of about 5 different baby/kids room ideas with links to the different original blogs, I then had to follow the link to the new blog. I edited my pin to now have the correct link and pinned another thing from the first blog by also going to the correct link. I am trying to help to the best of my ability not only for my ease, but your(the bloggers) peace of mind as well.

I am a huge fan of pinterest for multiple reasons one of which is that it allows me to see pins that are from blogs that I do not follow or don't know about. Usually if I end up at the blog looking at something specific and I like the way they blog or the ease of their tutorial I will take a moment to look at other posts as well and maybe pin a few posts or put the blog in my reader so that I can start checking it daily too.

I can see why bloggers worry, but I am a huge fan of pinterest too. I try to do what is right when I pin, but I can see areas where I need to improve too so I will do my best.

Ok, I think that is enough of my windy comment especially from someone who is not good about commenting. :)

Shawna said...

Thanks for this post, Cindy! I do tend to pin and run, but I took the time to clean up four of my boards today and will work on it as I can until they are all done. (My worst etiquette moments are when I am searching for inspiration room shots to show my husband. LOL.)

Sarah Pope Photography said...

I think this is a fantastic post. I actually read your blog, and have seen your pins all over pinterest. I am definitely guilty of the pin and run, but never considered that it could be damaging to the bloggers. I am often searching pinterest for ideas; so to show my husband, some to actually read later and accomplish, some just to decide what kind of things I like (without ever planning on doing anything about it). I think in future I will think twice about why am I pinning something, and leave a comment, or visit a blog when it is a good thing to do. I want to support the blogs that I love (including yours). I hope you find that pinners will clean up their acts. :)

Nancy said...

Thanks for putting this out there. I am pretty new to Pinterest and basically I use it for recipe ideas. I do try to get the pictures from the original source. I truly do not get people who take the time to post negative comments about "pins" from blogs. I just always thought of pinterest as a way to keep organized of things you would like to do (crafts/cooking/DIY/funny memes that you see) and have them all in one place so you can find it. I will definitely make more of an effort to comment on blogs I do get ideas from and pin.

Patricia said...

I appreciate this post. I've started Pinterest, but haven't really put much time and effort into it. I will definately follow your guidelines. They're smart and the right thing to do. Thanks for being here.

marie said...

Excellent post....very convicting too! I'm going to work on cleaning up my boards...two done already!

I'm also going to pin the "Pinterest-netiquette" badge to my "Note to Self" board...and then practice the good manners mentioned!

Thanks for sharing.

Laurie said...

Fantastic!!! I feel as we all do, that my blog is my baby (my 5th child actually!ha!) so having people stop awhile and give feedback after laboring over a project or party and blogging about it is not too much to ask, right? So many projects swirl around on so many sites, so who is to say that someone was the "original" creator...and with Pinterest and google images that line is fuzzy in a big way. BUT I think that it is important on Pinterest to always link the original source. If not, then it is basically like your image was stolen and that is disheartening to all of us who invest a decent amount of time in good old fashioned blogging!

Calypso In The Country said...

I have thought a lot lately about what you are saying and I agree. I think people who have blogs are aware more of the etiquitte but a random person going on Pinterest for ideas has no clue. It is very frustrating and surprising sometimes when I see one of my projects pinned yet I have never gotten a comment on my blog from that person. But I have repinned when I am searching for ideas. I guess I have to do some clean up too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy. I love reading blogs. It's the start to my day with coffee in the morning. I also do Pinterest. My purpose for that was for inspiration/pin board for my personnal use. Unfortuneately, in this day and age, anything put on the internet is open to everyone. And, with anything, there will be those who respect your property, and those who will abuse and misuse it. It's a sad, but true fact. BTW, I think I might have pinned your window as a frame post,(I don't think you're the only person with that idea, I see it everywhere) but I did pin from your site. It's one of the blogs I enjoy reading on a regular basis, and hope I'll be able to continue seeing your posts in the future. :)

Colleen said...

I found your comments interesting - I too am guilty. I've been using Pinterest rather than saving posts as Favorites on my computer. I get so much inspiration from others. Pinterest has led me to many peoples blogs that I may not have discovered otherwise. I also use Google Reader to keep up to blogs - not sure if that is "kosher" or not but I find it is an easy way for me to keep up from different computers in different locations. I don't really understand all the technology obviously. I noticed that the url for some of my pins show and others don't. I'm assuming if I just "repin" it doesn't? Is that what you mean when you say to use the permalink url? go to the actual blog post and "Pin It" from there? (It took me awhile to discover that when I saved something in my Favorites I had to click on the actual individual post rather than just saving it as I was scrolling thru the blog.) I would appreciate your clarification of my confusion and I too will try to be more considerate because I appreciate all that bloggers do post. Thanks for enlightening me today.

Laurie said...

I so agree with what you have shared, and I must admit I am guilt, not purposely, mind you, but guilty, non the less. So with your permission, I will pin the Pinerest netiquette and give credit where credit is due. I also have enjoyed visiting your blog for the first time and I will be back.

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

Hi Cindy ~ I wanted to share the post you inspired me to write: http://asimplyklassichome.blogspot.com/2012/01/friends-dont-let-friends-pin-and-run.html

Thanks for being an inspiration!!

Leah said...

This is the first time I’ve been to your site, I came over from A Simply Klassic Home. I really wanted to respond to your post and I hope you won’t take anything I say the wrong way--although you might since we rarely enjoy opposition to our own view--me, especially J

When you put something on the internet, you run the risk of someone else not liking it..and they’re going to say things that hurt your feelings. That’s one thing you just have to accept and yes, you can rant about it on your blog--because this IS your blog, but the fact is you put yourself out there, you made this blog public..your drove traffic here and people are not always going to like everything you do. It happens in real life too. You just suck it in and move on with it.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a pin and run person. And I make no plans to ever change that. If I see something that someone else has pinned and I absolutely love it--I’ll pin it. I’m not going to take the time to go the original site and pin it from there--I’m not going to take the time to read the original blog post and I’m certainly not going to take the time to post a comment on the original blog post. My goal is to get in, find some ideas I like, pin them and move on and THEN come back to them when I have time another day. Someone else comes along and pins what I’ve pinned…and guess what? The original site is right there for them to go to anytime they want.

Most of the time, when I get a second in my schedule, I’ll go back, check out the items I’ve pinned and if I’m really interested in a project or recipe, I’ll go that original site and spend some time looking at their other stuff too because they‘ve caught my eye with that original project--their blog stats go up even if I don’t comment and it shows every time I look at any of their pages.

Pinterest drives traffic. Pin and run or a slow down and pin--it still drives traffic. And post people do say ‘hey, thanks for the great pin!’..yeah, that’s awesome..I want to thank my friends for finding something great that is going to get me to your site, because there might be a hundred other things I love that you’ve done and I want to eventually get here.

The point is: You can be sensitive about whatever you want to be sensitive about, but if you put something on the web..some people will hate what you’ve done. Some people will love it…if you’re putting yourself out there, you have to accept it and move on. And pinterest drives traffic…that’s it. You can block pinterest from your site (look for instructions) and be done with it or you can accept the fact that not everyone is going to come by and leave a comment or a thank you or even visit your site at all--I’ll be honest, I’ll probably never do ½ of the projects I’ve pinned and won’t visit those sites..but someone else will..who has seen my pin.

I think that’s all I wanted to say.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out!

I appreciate it!

Darcy :)

Miss Gracie's House said...

I've thought about this quite a bit too...I call pinterest *eye candy without obligation*...we do pin and run...it has been a very helpful way to "organize" my own personal photos and all of the inspiration. Is this what the fuss is about with the *censoring bill* I saw a few days back? I do wonder about the copyright issue...and how long this site will be legal.
Blogging has heart...that is what makes it unique'...I, too, have seen an increase in traffic but not necessarily and increase in followers/comments. Now, I want to know...HOW did you find out that your window had been pinned 30,000 times?

Renna said...

" Has this post helped you see the error of your ways?"

Most definitely!

"Are you clicking 'un-follow' now? ;)"

Absolutely not!

Thank you for pointing this out. I honestly never gave it any thought before, but I will in the future.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Leah. You seriously need to chill out. It's the Internet. You put stuff there. You lose control of it as soon as you hit post. Pinterest provides the link to the original post. It's not like they're stealing money from you. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Leah, also. I do pin-it and run all the time. Sometimes I go back and decide to do a project that I've pinned. At that point I go to the original site and read the directions. Most likely I never would have visited ANY of the sites had it not been for a link from Pinterest. It's not TAKING away any traffic from you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this. I just ran across your blog in a round about way from Pinterest, (i went to another blog who had you listed on theirs) must have been a reason that I found you though. I am guilty of pinning and running and since reading this I know now that comments are important!

Thanks again!

Sarahew88 said...

I am so glad I read this. I am new to Pinning but was actually smart enough to go to the original blog for instructions before posting something. And I NEVER took credit for anything. I know what it is like to not get credit. 3 years ago I made a scrap book page and posted it in a gallery on Scrap book dot com. One year later, my exact design, SAME concept and colors and all was featured in Creating Keepsakes magazine. it is the idea and the nerve is all. No I never would have made money off it, but I was proud of it and never received any credit. So I will begin pinning responsibly, thanks so the tutorial and all the fantastic projects and ideas.

Kayla said...

Great post. I feel the exact same way! Although, I'm new to blogging my projects, I agree that credit should be given. When I first started pinning, I thought I was just pinning the pictures, not knowing that they linked to blogs and websites. I'm an avid blogger & I'd much rather read full posts than just pin a picture. I use Pinterest as a way to find new blogs and projects, and I'm glad other people out there want to learn and recognize great work from their creators.
PS. Your projects are gorgeous. Don't listen to the haters.

Janice said...

So, I'm pretty new to pinterst, I was introduced to it by a friend who has been building a home (wish I'd known about it when we were building ours!) as a way of 'collecting' all of those terrific ideas that you see on the web and don't have a place to store them until you give them a try. Such as recipes.... do you know how many recipes I've printed off to try? This will keep them 'virtually' until I have a time to try them.

I'm pretty confused about the request to pin the permalink. I don't even know what that is.

I prefer not to 're-pin' but to go to the original source- after all, there may be something else that amazes me there! As to comments on "my" pins, those are to myself - the things that attract my attention, how I might try something similar. It is not meant to be a critique of someone's work- after all, if I wasn't attracted to it, I wouldn't be pinning it.

As to the comment from 'About Me', the reasons others pinned your table don't have to be the same reasons you posted it on your blog- You are excited about how you made the table, they are excited about another aspect of it. Neither are wrong reactions to the table- or to your blog even. In MHO, only if the pinner was rude and said something snarky about the table should you be offended by why the person pinned it.

Just my thoughts- however, I will keep in mind yours!

Anonymous said...

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Tracy {Eclectic Momma} said...

I just found your wonderful blog threw pintrest....I understand what you are saying about this post. I for one get disappointed that some are not from the original source. Because {A} I enjoy the blog or pictures {B} I want to know more about the person blogging and their style. I have my own blog that I like to feature people on BUT, I also include the original link and give them credit. I think sharing is caring....But I have also been guilty for pin and run. That was when I fist started pintrest and not really no what I was doing.

I am very thankful that I ran across your amazing blog...and hoping to be a regular here. Thanks for all that you do for sharing...you so rock!!!!


debi said...

AMEN!! to everything you wrote!

I will admit, I have had fast food, but most of my board contents were pinned only after a visit to the original owner's blog. I have added MANY new blogs to my google reader as a result.

However, with all the controversy over Pinterest, I have since deleted all of my boards. I must say that I really miss Pinterest, but I sure have a lot more time now.

FrazzledbutFun! said...

I am so sorry. I realized I pin and run after reading this. I honestly pin onto my pinterest to "store" the articles/blogs that I want to be able to access later. I will take the time to comment on the blog from now on and will go back on my pins to do those too. I am not a blogger (tried it but truly sucked at it) but I didn't know my comments were really wanted. Now I know. By the way, I think your blog is very appealing. :)

Donna said...

AGREE totally with your thoughts and concerns! I have tried to find the source of some pins and it led nowhere or in some cases to an unsafe link. So be aware of what you pin! I just don't get why people click & pin - and this comment is not true- " Pinterest provides the link to the original post." No ma'am= THE PINNER must provide the link to the post they pin- sheesh! I think at times I may just get off Pinterest- Blogs are just better. Thanks for letting me blow off steam. dRow

Amanda said...

Thanks so much for this article! I try really hard to make sure everything I pin is from the original source and is the original idea. A trick I use if I dont have time to look through, is I right click on the image and say open in a new tab so that I can continue doing other things and look when I have time. This article is pinned, hopefully we can get the word out... Dont pin and run!


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