Last wedding post.

PSSSST...I'm no longer blogging here!
You can now find me at


I spent today setting up a blog specifically for selling the rustic wedding decor we made and used.  
If you're interested, you can check it out HERE, but I'm giving preference to local-ish brides first.  
I hate shipping.  
And the prices I set are too low to justify spending too much time packaging and driving to the PO. 
 Just sayin'.  
But if you see something you absolutely MUST have, email me and we'll chat.

Tonight, I wanted to show you how to wrap some cute crap in the form of bridesmaid gifts.
We were thrilled to find these really cute burlap cosmetic case sets at Hobby Lobby.

We stenciled their names and a cute design I found whilst fumbling thru a drawer in my cra(p)ft room.
 We filled each bag with toiletry items and sets, which thankfully were found in abundance due to the holidays.

Just stuck 'em in big ole kraft paper bags with handmade tags.
It pays to pick up letters packs at the scrapbook section when they're on sale.
Great way to personalize gifts.

And buy up ribbon you like while you're at it.

I hear tell they were a hit.
I didn't go to the bachelorette party where they were handed out.
Speaking of which, they did a fun photo shoot that night.
Here's some shots from that:

Ok, more random stuff.
I had some folks ask for a close up of the fabric flower waist piece we made for my daughter's gown.

There ya go. 
 I hotglued all of them to a piece of thick felt, then cut around the edge realllllly close, then hot glued the whole shebang to the lace and velvet ribbon that went around her waist. 
You can see that here:

Full shot of her dress:

And in honor of my beautiful mama and dad, a collage I put together with pictures my brother took that night:

(aren't they the cutest?!)

I'll leave you with one of my favorite shots:
The Walk.

(see wedding craft post HERE, random shots HERE)
Thanks for sticking with me thru all this wedding stuff. 
I can't promise I'll have much decorating or crafting stuff to share in the coming weeks 
as I'm just focused on getting my house back in order before I go to Florida in February.
I'm also struggling a bit to make sense of the coming year, still reeling from events of the last year.
My blog may turn a bit introspective for awhile, but I promise my humor won't disappear completely.
Ok, just mostly.  For just a while.


Sheri said...

you are so talented. the wedding pics are just awesome. God bless you BIG in 2012. Thanks for sharing.

The Country Nest said...

Simply beautiful Cindy. What a great job you did!

deb said...

a d o r a b l e !!!!!!

Maureen said...

You did a wonderful job. Something to remember for sure.

Linda @ bushel and a pickle said...

What a fun wedding! Touch of class and "down home". Looks like everyone had fun. Love the pictures too. We got burned at my daughter's wedding. Photographer did not deliver in anyway what was promised and then closed shop! I also like the brown bags & tags.

NanaDiana said...

You sure did a good job of pulling that off in a short time frame, Cindy. Kudos to you. You did a wonderful job and did your daughter proud.

Now...deep breath...relax and regroup. I hope this year is a better one for you- xo Diana

Debra Howard said...

You did a great job! What cute pics. I really like those fabric flowers too.

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