Weekend Welcomes 5th Edition, Favorite Comment, and Questions Answered

Ooooo, I love me some new followers!  Hey, wait a minute, it's not the weekend.  I know that, duh.  (And I'm not green.  And you're prolly not orange. Well, unless you're an Ompa Loompa.) But I missed the last 2 weekends, so I figgered I better get a move on or this post would be like a million miles long.

So, WELCOME to the craziness that is ::cottage instincts::  and thanks for your support :)
Below are the newest followers with links and buttons to their respective blogs...if you have a blog link/button that I missed, email me and I'll get it up asap!  Everyone go visit those with links and bring some:

Y'all are all kinds of awesome....and have serious cottage instincts. 

Ashley @ The Hillside Home  (sorry Ashley!!!!  I feel like a dorko)

Danielle @ My Blessed Serendipity Life

Sherri @
The Junkin' Chick

Hot Pink Peonies

Whitney @
Diary Of A Preppy Mom

Kirsty @ A Little Bit of Sanity and A Lot of Chaos


Janis @ GRAMS

Amy @  Like Yesterday Shop

Becky @

Richella @
Imparting Grace


Ali @

Alex @ Malice in Underland

Jane @ Flora Doora

judi @ The 1829 Farmhouse

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes


Elise @ Nest Sweet Nest

Lisa @ The Heart of Us

Christine @ Coffee With Chris


Violet @ Hidden Acre

Anna @ Anna's Excellent Adventure


Melissa @ Livvy Loo Who

She Dreams Big!

Modern Vintage Interiors

Linda @ Nina's Nest

Dennise @ Little Green Table

Moe @
five sixteenths blog button

T.bird @ Nestled in Rosenberg

Mrs. M. @ Cabbages and Kings.

Karen @

Joycee @ Granny Mountain

Green Jeans @ Central Florida Gardening

Jane @ Mamie Jane's

Anne @
Fiona and Twig

Nikki @ The Best Part of Believe (got your email!)

Lauren @ Inspire Me

Marla @ May Flower Mama

Kate @
Blog Button

Stephanie (got your email too!)
Kristie and Jason
Dave's Wife
Amy Meyer
mary at vintage patina
Angelika Stratiichuk
Missus Rinehart
Lynda Krozell

And welcome to the 11 new anonymous followers and the 80 new subscribers!  Can't tell you how much I appreciate your visits here:)  And please do leave me a comment sometime to introduce yourself ...I'm kooky, but pretty nice most days.  Except when I have to delete links from the Mi4M party.  Oy.

As for questions, I had tons regarding the bedding and such in these pictures from this post:

Many of it was clearanced or found at TJMarshalls (can never remember which one), but I added links if they're still available.

The paint: Reflection by Devine Paints (in her Tide Pools Collection)
Floral and Stripe quilted sham: found at TJMarshalls (it was a long time ago, and I was never able to find more than just this one.)
Pale Aqua floral quilted sham: Walmart here (BHGardens)
Tan plaid: TJMarshalls (actually a bedskirt from Ralph Lauren's Prairie Plains Collection, still found on EBAY HERE)
Aqua stripe blanket: 4 yards of HEAVY fabric from JoAnn's (it was clearanced out 9 months or so ago, so not sure it's still available, might have been Christopher Lowell.)
Tan and Floral Pillows: Fabric from Hancock's (no identification, and it was on the flat fold table, got it back in the winter)
Shirred Pillow: I got nuthin'  Can't remember.  Maybe Target's Simply Shabby Chic?
Pale Aqua Quilt: TJMarshalls (it's over 3 years old)

I've also had many emails about my home situation, and though it's been a pretty emotional roller coaster ride, we're doing a little better each day.  Working on home projects, blogging and homeschooling have helped to keep life ticking away and bring welcome breaks from the chaos. I will write a brief post soon with a bit more detail, but for now, thank you SO MUCH for your care and concern for my family.

And this weeks FaVoRiTe CoMmEnT came from GRAMS regarding my distressed dresser:

Girl, that is FAB-U-LUST!! I want it! It's on wheels so just put a note on it and send it down the interstate. It'll get here eventually and a little more wear and weather will only make it better.
Your boys are great. I love random odd behavior. 

Janis is HILARIOUS, and her home projects are incredible...like THIS and THIS and THIS.  I know.  She's quite the stripper, eh?  *snort*  Go visit her for inspiration and wicked humor.  I totally want to be her when I grow up.  She's like the coolest gramma evah.

Okie doke.  I think that about covers it.  Don't forget to get your BLUE & BROWN ever-lovin' projects ready for the shindig on the 22nd...and feel free to add the button to your sidebar to help advertise.  The code thingy is up in my sidebar....fiddle dee dee.


Richella Parham said...

THANK YOU so much for posting my little button! I am so glad to finally be a follower of yours. . . I've read your blog many times in the past, but now I'm an OFFICIAL fan and that makes me special. :) Actually, you're the one who is special, and I'm really glad to be following along with you.

Star Talks said...

Hey, Hey, You missed me!!!
I'm a recent follower---Ashley @ thehillsidehome.blogspot.com

Stephanie said...

I am a follower, but sorry to say no blog for me. I love your decorating style and your witty humor. You rock!
Stephanie @ prada63gus@yahoo.com

Nikki ~ Let's Craft!! said...

I'm a follower too!! Thanks!!

Nikki ~ Let's Craft!! said...

I'm a follower too!! Thanks!!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Cindy,
Thought I would stop by for a smile and a laugh and sure enough, you delivered.

Love your blog and you.


Blessed Serendipity said...

Hi Cindy!
Thank you for welcoming me in your post today that was so very sweet!


Blessed Serendipity said...

Oh I forgot to say I love LD oatmeal pies too (the brownies aren't too bad either).

Shabby Jen said...

Love that color you found!! LOVE it! And how sweet are you to give us all the information!! I am a follower and have added your blog to my sidebar on our new blog at http://theshabbyparismarket.blogspot.com
Won't you come follow our blog as well. And take a chance of getting entered into our lovely giveaway! First 50 followers are entered! See you there.
(love that paint color!)

Ali @ Honey and Maple Syrup said...

That's so cool that you do that to encourage people to visit the newbies =)

Little Green Table said...

You are the sweetest for adding me to your list! Love your blog and can't wait to read all the postings!

Anne Lorys said...

I'm actually sort of embarrassed, because I thought for sure I was following you already! Imagine my surprise earlier today when I found out I hadn't been!

Situation corrected! :-)

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I'm so going to check out your new friends! Always enjoy reading your blog!!!!


NanaDiana said...

I needed a smile tonight...and pssst...I LIKE kooky! Diana

Amy W. said...

thanks for the shout out! happy to be an offical follower. ;)


Jenni said...

That comment is too funny! It just cracks me up!

Also, I love the colors in your room! I especially like the pale aqua quilt! It is so pretty! :)

Thank you for stopping by my blog and saying hello! I wanted to let you know that we are having a giveaway over at Beautiful Nest, if you would like to check it out! :)

Have a great night!

Jess said...

Thanks for following The Rented Cottage Life! Also, big thanks for Make it 4 Monday!

Jess said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hello! My name is Lauren and I am a new follower. I have a new blog and love make over projects and decorating on a budget. Looking forward to diving into all your great posts & links! :)

May Flower Mama said...

I too am a new follower of yours.
Love, love love the tips and stuff you put out there in blogger land for all of us to be inspired with. Thanks so much!

Marla @ May Flower Mama

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Thank you for posting my button..
and I love visiting all the other
blogs you feature...so much fun!

That's what it's all about!

Flora Doora

cindy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cindy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cindy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Becky said...

*squeals* Thank you for being my first follower that is not genetically required to be my friend! Hope to see you around!

Brenda Pruitt said...

Well hon, I must have been under a rock! I seem to have missed all the stuff going on. We need to form a club for women with poor decision-making skills. I'd be at the top of that list! Well, tie another knot in your rope and hang on. That advice was given to me by a dear late friend. And I've heeded it ever since.


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