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blog bonanza buttonSo raise your hand if you were scrambling at the last minute to get your post ready just like your hostess?  Uh, yeah.  I’m such a procrastinator.  BUT, it’s here and I’m totally stoked to see (hopefully) lots of BLUE & BROWN goodness linked up!
I’ve also decided to let keep this party rollin’ for a a week.  You can party here till Tuesday at Midnight.  Then I turn into a pumpkin, and I’m kicking you all out.  No hard feelings.

Ok, ready?  I’m gonna share my BLUE & BROWN bedroom.  We’ll call it a psuedo-reveal because I’ve shown it to you before, and I mostly just rearranged stuff, moved stuff in, moved stuff out, and vacuumed.  But I did make (or am in the process of making) stuff too, so I’ll point those things out as we take the tour.

Ta da!  I didn’t paint or sand or do anything to the thingamabob….I just backed it with some tan/beige fabric using a staple gun, then hung a twig wreath I found in the black hole of my cra(p)ft room with some clearanced blue linen.  Kept the edges raw.  Just because.  I’m darn happy with the outcome.  Darn happy.IMG_3198

So below is the view going into my bedroom.  We moved the antique corner hutch and dresser from the family room back here.  I took the curtains and rod from the dining nook,  and pinned on added some more of that clearanced blue linen to the bottom ‘cause they were a wee bit on the short side…also plan on adding a bamboo-ish shade in the near future.


Coming around the corner, you can see my quick fix closet doors.  Ick.  Hate ‘em, but I haven’t found a solution I like.


I set up a clothes dumping ground little reading corner with my white rattan chair.  I covered the seat with the same fabric I lined the back of the thingamabob.  The bookshelf was a thrift find from last fall.  Today she finally got cleaned, sanded, painted, distressed, and glazed.

Here’s the view when I turn around.  Let’s see….there’s the ruffled pillow cases I made awhile back with some vintage sheets, a couple quilted shams from Walmart, and that striped sham (quilted floral on the other side)  everyone emailed me about.


See how perfectly lined up my side table lamps are?  I cheated by sticking some of my hubby’s vintage books under my side so they’d be the same height.  See the beige blanket at the end of the bed?  Just several yards of fabric I hope to make into a throw eventually.  I’m such a cheater.

The nightstand is actually my gramma’s old sewing storage thingy.  She painted and glazed it back in the 50’s.  A perfect turquoise!


Close up of my reading corner.  Wasn’t my hubs a cute baby?  The top shelf are old Landmark History books.  I removed the covers to find all different colors.  I took the pale blue/greens and pale beiges.

Close up of my handiwork out in the garage this morning…..


View from the reading corner to hubby’s side of the bed.  His bedside table also traveled the wilds of our hallway, coming from the family room (yes there’s furniture in the family room.  That will be another post though…..)  That nightstand as well as the dresser were in my bedroom growing up.  ‘Tain’t never selling or painting them.  Nevah evah.  Oh, and I love to decorate with cords.  *rolling eyes*


Love my simple wreath.  I fiddled with the colors so you could see the right shade of blue….but gave up.  Just know it’s perfection. 


Looking back across to the corner hutch, which also sat in my mama’s house as I grew up.


Filled it with some big ole pitchers (comodes?), some tiny pitchers and some vintage pitchers….er, pictures of hubs and me as kids.  Not crazy about the arrangement, but dude, the party was about to start.


Weren’t I a cutie?  How ‘bout that black and yellow bathing suit, eh? 


Up top I stuck my chippy wicker vase and a vintage basket that belonged to my mama with dried hydrangeas from her garden.  Please ignore the nasty ceilings.  They definitely do not say ‘cottage instincts’.  They say ‘cottage cheese’.  Bleck.


Now here are a pair of chippy old windows that I’ve never figured out what to do with.  I’ve decided they’re getting hung in here.  That’s that.  The fabric is a remnant I think I like.  Just checking.  Might stick it behind the glass.  Or something.

Again, using some vintage books that belonged to my hubs when he was a kiddo to prop up some silk fallishness in a thrift store vase.

And that’ll do pig it for the bedroom. 
Now I linked this post up to Jen’s place today too ‘cause she’s having a hook up your hutch party.  Unfortuately she’s gonna have to scroll thru lots of pics to see my hutches, but I’m hopin’ she won’t mind.  Do ya Jen?
So here's my other hutch in the dining nook.  My kitchen is painted the same color as my bedroom, so I get to play with blues and browns in here too :)  This wee hutch was a craigslist find.   It’s a perfect fit….love.

IMG_3229 IMG_3232

I’m slowly filling it with toned down fall colors, and the whole thing just looks delish against my blue walls.  I’m considering repainting the back the same blue or a titch darker blue than the walls.  Dunno.  Bigger fish to fry right now.


And there ya have it.  My blue and brown bedroom and a wee bit of my blue and brown kitchen.

Now I want to see what YOU all came up with. Can't wait!  Pass me the blue and brown M & M's please.

And this party post will link up to a few more party posts this week...you'll find my favorites HERE.

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Kate said...


Cindy I love the Blue Brown mix wow that really is so very pretty. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent and for the inspiration!!


Funky Junk Interiors said...

So pretty Cindy! Love the soft hues every which way you turn.

And that hutch at the end with the dishes?!? Oh my gosh.. drop dead gorgeous. Your staging on it is #1!

Sorry, no brown and blue to share but wanted to crash your party anyway. :)


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I could literally have linked in my whole house!! I stopped myself though,you'll be glad to know! I love,love, LOVE blue/grey and brown together.

When I read about your brilliant idea for this I squealed with delight. Waaahheeeyy!

Thank you so much for hosting.


Vintage Home said...

...wow great job...I love your text as much as the pictures! ...great job...all your white/cream dishes look great...and the blue on the curtains...smarty pants!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Stunning! Blue is not really my color but I adore your room and wish I could move right in. Will try to post my blue additions to my cocoa bedroom today. Nothing at all as nice as yours tho. You do so much more than inspire - THANKS for sharing!

Claudia said...

I love your blue/brown bedroom, Cindy. It's subtle and beautiful. I didn't link up because my only blue/brown is my bathroom and it isn't interesting enough for a post!


Anne Marie said...

hi! saw you at the hutch party and so glad I stopped by!! love reading nooks!!!

hilary@oldhousetruelove said...

Cindy, your room is soooo pretty!

Aaron {the girl with the boy's name} said...

You did such a beautiful job! I love the room, especially that perfectly distressed table with the history books in them...I'm a sucker for beautiful vintage books!

{northern cottage} said...

So very soft and pretty....I'm loving your displays and touches of blue throughout. I feel like you and I are twins with our headboards - http://northerncottage.blogspot.com/2010/09/headboard-fake-faux-for-fancy.html - great minds think alike - especially when going for a great look on a budget! Fun party girlie!

Richella Parham said...

Ah, Cindy. I'm a pretty new follower of yours, and I'm so excited to get to be here for your party! That fabric that you think you might like? It looks mighty like one of my bedroom fabrics. I think you would like it!

I wouldn't think Jen would mind your doing double-duty with your hutches. Yours look marvelous!

Thank you for hosting this party. You gave me the kick in the pants I needed to finish painting a little table, making a tassel, etc. Sometimes I wonder how I ever got anything accomplished before there were blogs. I guess I wasn't sitting at the computer nearly so much, huh?

Deb said...

Your bedroom looks beautiful Cindy, love those pillows! Now that wee hutch of yours...love it and your fab stylin! Thanks for hosting another great party! Deb

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Your bedroom is so pretty! I love that little hutch in your dining room, too.

MJ said...

What a beautiful room! I wanna join the party now too. lol Maybe I can put something together with my bedroom pics and link up later. Your hutches are really nice, glad to visit you again.

Delena said...

I am crashing your party also as I don`t have a blue and brown room or decro ready in time. I however love blue and brown together. Your bedroom is very comfortable looking
and I love the billowness of the curtains and the end tables. Also, the old window, omg I just love everything!

Anonymous said...

Pretty Blue and Browns~ your bedroom is so pretty! About your closet I am wondering if you re- configured the curtains or hung them to where the tabs were not showing.It may give them a look you can live with.

Your bedding is so pretty too! I have one of the guest rooms that I am thinking about doing in brown and blue and yours has lots of inspiration for me! Thanks

bee blessed

Heidi said...

Hi Cindy,
First, let me thank you for hosting such a fun party! the deadline inspired me to get busy and do some things around here that had been on my list for awhile!
I really enjoyed seeing your pretty bedroom. You are clever, all your touches are just right. Love the corner hutch and would love to find one like it. I think it's sweet that you have the pics of you and hubby displayed in your room- adds a very nostalgic and personal touch.
okay, that's all! Drop by and say hello.
Heidi- Heart and Home

NanaDiana said...

Love it Cindy! Your bedroom is lovely. I have a couple of pieces that I won't paint either because they are just family pieces..and I want to see them the way I remember them (if that makes sense). Great party here and I am going to go check out some of the other blue & brownies! Hugs- Diana

Amy W. said...

Cindy, i {heart} that headboard!!! love this party and i am heading to check out all the linkys too.

have a creative day! :)

Home for Your Soul said...

Hi, Cindy!

LOVE your whole bedroom, and especially the blue-and-brownishness. Great cottage look!

I posted a couple of pics from my own bedroom but nothing as charming as yours. But seeing yours does make me want to spiff mine up a bit.

Have a great day!!

Unknown said...

Love your blue and brown bedroom and the hutches. I especially love the natural wood pieces. I'm craving a few more of those for our home.

Free Art Printables said...

I love your wood on the first one and that white cabinet has an awesome shape~ ! Thanks for sharing!

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I love your room and what you did for the headboard! The old pictures of you and your hubby are so great. Love your bangs! I think it's great that you have pieces from when you were a kid. And of course i love those old windows! So glad I was able to join the party today!

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

What a very pretty and relaxing room!! Love the hutch!!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Hi Cindy! I love your room, so pretty and relaxing. I love blue and brown too. Almost missed the party - had to whip up a post just so I could join in. Thanks so much for hosting! I love all the inspiration I find here!!!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I'm crashing your "COOL" party...hope it's okay!!! I just love that simple wreath...I will copy that tomorrow and those windows are sooooo neat looking. Now I will go by and check out the other blogs...thanks for hosting!


Anonymous said...

I love your wreath and since I have a thing for white pitchers of course I love them.

Love the idea of the hung windows. I'd think about adding some shutters. That fabric will look great behind them I bet!

I have given you the Versatile Blogger Award and would love for you to come by and pick it up when you have time.

Here is the direct link:

mel@livvyloowho said...

Now I have to go around my house and take pics of all of the blue/ brown overload:) Fun party! Thanks for hosting!

Andrea said...


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bedroom you have Cindy! The color combination is so calm and relaxing... perfect for a bedroom! LOVE that vintage window, too!
Have a great weekend,
~ Jo :)

Jessica said...

I love the vintage sewing table turned night stand!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colors - very calm and soothing... dropping by from the hutch party.


Wendy said...

So pretty. I just love blue and brown!!

And...to answer your question about the Ektorp sofa...my mother in law bought one a few years ago that was extra soft and cushy. Mine is much less so, but it has worn in a little and is softer than it was at first. That said, it is not our main "watch movies" sofa, so that comfort factor wasn't nearly as important for me. I am quite happy with it overall, though.

Hope this helps!

Gloria said...

Love all of the blues and browns! Especially love your Mom's basket and dried hydrangeas from her garden...
Best regards,

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Love your blue and brown!! I linked up turquoise blue dishes.. not so much brown... hope that is alright? Let me know if it's not. Anyway, your bedroom looks fantastic- I love those windows!! I'm having a decorating inspiration link party this weekend if you feel like joining in the fun! :)

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Everything is beautiful, but I especially love the curtains!!! Lovely!!! I enjoyed my visit today!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

I love this combination and wear it all the time. Your rooms look so peaceful and soothing. I'm so relaxed just looking at your room....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

A Whole Lotta Magic said...

So beautiful; you did a great job. Makes me want to take a nap, lol!


Unknown said...

LOVE your bedroom. You never cease to amaze me how you can make something wonderful out of almost nothing. Love that *thing* above the bed...very clever!


Barbara Jean said...

The room turned out wonderful, and LOVE all the other pics you shared too.

I almost forgot to do my post, but here I am.
Thanks for telling me about it.


barbara jean

Jane said...

Hi Cindy,
I think your room is beautiful and I love all of the family pieces you were able to incorporate. Loved the family pictures in there too.
If I find something blue/brown in my house I'll post. It's the color combo I was looking to do in my son's bedroom (he doesn't know, he went off to college) but of course I haven't started the project yet!

Anonymous said...

Soothing choice of colors. I like the two toned curtains. The subtle hint of blue on the bottom of the panels is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with us!


Ali @ Honey and Maple Syrup said...

What a great room! I love it all!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Cindy, I LOVE your blue and brown bedroom and I really wanted to join the party, but all I had was a vignette, not a full room, but everyone has so many great ideas for these colors. I'm in love with your hutch and the ticking curtain you've used. A really pretty room! Thanks so much for linking up with VIF!!

Pam Kessler said...

I seriously want to live in your bedroom. Hope you have room for me! I started looking at this post and the party participants and I thought very cute, love the color combo. And then it hit me - my bedroom is brown and blue. Duh. I guess that is why I loved it so much.

Christa @ Stories of a House said...

Thanks for linking up! I love love love that room. So airy and cozy. The wreath is brilliant with the way you hung it. You've got such talent.

Lallee said...

Your bedroom is wonderful! I love the wall color and all the elements. Really nicely put together!

Remodelaholic said...

This looks so great! We love this party link and I wanted to let you know that we are planning on featuring it tomorrow morning. We hope that you get a bunch of new visitors.

Unknown said...

I had no blue and brown to link up but I enjoyed looking at your beautiful things/spaces, especially that cabinet! Yum. This was a great party idea, Cindy...so much to enjoy.


Nancy said...

Just amazing! The hutch that was your Mama's just touches my heart. Seriously, I had to fight back tears. I cherish the very few pieces of furniture that belonged to my Mother. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely room.
Nancy from funwithnancy.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Your room is so pretty. All the accessories, etc. are perfect. Only one thing I wanted to mention to you to bring the windows together is you should hang your curtains at the same height on both windows/doors. The curtain with the band at the bottom is hung too high for the room. I know you hear people all the time saying hang them as high as possible. This is not the correct way to hang curtains. You should hang them mid way between the top of the window/molding and the ceiling. That way you still have wall above the rod and below and it is balanced looking. Also, if at all possible, try to hang the same type of curtains in the room. For instance, right now you have rod pocket on one window and loops on the other. Pick one and go with it.

I hope you don't mind my expert opinion on the curtains. I think your room is gorgeous and with the adjustment to the curtains, it will be perfect. Thanks for sharing it with us.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

I love your new bedroom! it's gorgeous. I know how it makes you feel. It makes you smile every time you walk near it, doesn't it?
I've been there. My bedroom still makes me smile.
great job!

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

Cindy, your bedroom is gorgeous. It looks sooo serene and inviting...and clean! If only our rooms could stay that clean AFTER we take the pictures for our posts. LOL

Thanks for linking to my party. I would love to have you join me each week.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

Shaunna said...

What a beautiful space! I love the the soft hues and textures. So cozy! THanks so much for linking up to Style Feature Saturday!! shaunna :)


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