Weekend Welcomes 4th Edition...and Questions Answered

Hola!  More followers to introduce to y'all.  Can I just say how amazed I am that I get new folks reading my blatherings each week?  Seriously, I'm like stunned.  But there they are....bright shining faces letting me know they're stopping by now and again....I won't tell you about the 2 who un-followed.  BTW, that's me in the red up there.  Not sure where my ears are or why my left arm is 3 times the size of my right arm.  Any ideas?

So anyway,

to my little spot on the web.  If you're listed below and have a blog I missed, please click that kooky woman in the birdcage in my sidebar, and I'll get you set up right quick.  Everyone go welcome these nifty folks!

Ellen at Abounding Life
Laura at White Spray Paint
Tingle Lane Primitives
Hilary at sweet as june
Lori Lynn's Cottage
Graphic Design by Tara
The Paper Princess at Create With Joy
Cathy at The Far Fifty
Stage My Home
May Flower Mama
Cindy at Purple Froggie Clay Stuff
Angie at Living Aloha
Love of All Things Vintage
Liz at Bizzy Dayz
Anneliese at Sew Blessed
Molly at White Trash and colorful accessories
Heather at Vintage Girl
And the few anonymous new followers and subscribers, y'all are welcome too :)

Just a few questions this week.

Anne at Fiona and Twig asked:
I'd like an explanation as to how you got in my garage to snap that photo, hmmm?
Me:  Um, I just kinda walked right in.  And I'll be stalking your new place too.  

Debbi Thinks Deep wondered:
Remember the old song? ". . . makes my hear go Pitty Pat, Do Li Do . . ."
Me:  If I do I'm not letting on.  But glad to know my re-dos bring a song to your heart :)

May Flower Mama asked:
Do you sand or prime the furniture before you paint or do you go right to the fun color?
Me:  I didn't sand or prime the bookshelves...just wiped them down with some Liquid Sander.  I'll be doing a post soon on how I paint stuff and what I use.  It all depends on the finish I'm after, the condition of the piece and what kind of mood I'm in. :) 

Well, that's it.  Be welcomed and have an Oatmeal Cake.  And hook up your home dec projects tomorrow at Make it 4 Monday 'round about 6pm my time....that'd be Indiana-time.  The east side.


Cathy said...

Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm happy to be here!

Thank YOU for joining the fun over at The Far Fifty.


NanaDiana said...

I think it's fun to pop in here and see what's up. I didn't even know you could "unfollow" someone. I suppose someone just finds that they aren't tuned into what's happening..and that's okay too!

Have a great weekend-Diana

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Hon - you keep it real - that's why we like coming back and visiting.

angie on maui said...

Well gee...thank you for the shout! :)

Create With Joy said...

Thanks for the warm welcome Cindy! You're plying us with food? Well, you know that'll keep me here for a bit! :-) Speaking of which, while I am sampling your Oatmeal Cake, drop by my place and have some Chocolate Almond Cheesecake - quick - I saved a piece just for you!



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