Cindy does the dining room. Or at least starts the dining room.

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I have about 5 brain cells actually firing these days.  Here's why:

Meet my garage.  This would be just before we moved my daughter into her new apartment.  Did you know I have enough furniture to furnish not only my house, but a 2 bedroom apartment?  Yes, I have a problem.

This bed and the matching dresser there in the back were previously in my 3rd daughter's bedroom.  She took over the other daughter's room upstairs under the eaves, so the bed wouldn't fit.  Sold the set to my sis-in-law, but first gave it this nice white coat of paint.

This would be a common sight in our garage.  I was painting and cursing that brown table in the first shot for daughter's apartment....except, psych, she's her mother's daughter and decided she wanted my other extra table.

Yeah, this one.  The one sitting in the middle of my family room, for no apparent reason.

Oh wait.  Now I remember why....we decided to make the dining room into an office/extra school area.  Oh that's right, the dining room redo.  That's what this post is about.

Ok, well we'd purchased a desk top for 5 bucks.....see what it is?

Then we picked up a few wood bookshelves, which hubby had to put together in the 3 square inches I gave him to work in the garage:

We bought 3 shelves, the last one hubs cut in half to support the door desk.  You can just see the little post-its he used to mark where to cut.  We're all professional and stuff around here.

Here's another angle.  The door desk top is still sitting on the file cabinet and some uber-stylish plastic milk crates.  Again, we're professionals.

BTW, we're a 4 computer family.  You know how some hubbies are mechanics, so there's always random car parts (and cars) all over the place?  Well, hubs is a computer-chanic, so we have spare hard drives, monitors, and keyboards cobbled together.  We even have other people's 'puters hanging around a lot so he can clean 'em up.  He's a very nice man.  You'd like him.

Back to the dining room....My DADD (decorating attention deficit disorder) can't just leave the walls the same color as they were, and I got night sweats thinking of unfinished wood furniture just sitting in my house, so out came the paint chips, and sample boards....

The bottom color is what's on my kitchen walls (Reflection by Devine Paints).  I settled on the middle color for the upper walls above the chair rail.  It's Canvas Natural by Ralph Lauren.  See this color in action at The Old Painted Cottage. The white is the trim color all over my house....Woodlawn Lace by Valspar.

Really hard to see in this blurry picture, so consider this a tease.

After MUCH deliberation and about 38950328532 paint chips, I picked this color for the bookshelves:

Already sitting in my paint stash. Is Mistint your favorite color too?  This is actually the color I used for my double rocker re-do.

It's a soft blue-gray.  It looks just a hint darker than that Reflection color I used below my chair rail.  I also used it for an antique desk and chair set that I haven't shown you yet.  Don't hate.

Here we go....all wiped down with Liquid Sander....

Dipping into the goodness:

No going back......well, unless I change my mind.  Which I never do. Ahem.

Here's another sneak peek of the first one against the upper wall...

Me likey.  I'm still trying to decide how to finish the door desk top.  Same blue-grey?  White like the trim?  Stained deep like the chairs I'll prolly use in here (extras from my kitchen table, you can see them in the pictures up thar a bit)?  Hmmmmm.  While I'm at it, here's some inspiration I'm working from.  Just slightly yummy.


So.....any opinions?  Repurposed any rooms lately?  Love to hear about it!  In the meantime, I'm off to do a second coat.....


Amy Kinser said...

Love the color you are using.

I'm with you on so much furniture you can furnish another place. My husband is dying. I have to stop bringing so much stuff in.

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who works in a jumble of stuff. I have got to learn to focus though and get something done! I also have a door desk top. It's stained dark an is sitting on kitchen cabinets that were cut down a bit to make them lower.

Anne Lorys said...

It all look fantastic!

But I'd like an explanation as to how you got in my garage to snap that photo, hmmm?


Mandy said...

great post! so funny :)

I have a "computer-chanic" here too! I thought I was alone, so glad I have a title to give him and all his stuff!

great colour paint, love it! I too got painting wood today, but would love to use that blue!

hugs mandyxx

Cathy said...

I'm jealous of your reign over the garage. I have to work outside since the garage is full of mantoys. Love that blue colour!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

My garage is full of my son's stuff since he is moving. It would be nice to be able to do some work in there. Love all of your tables and things that you are working on. Hugs, marty

GRAMS said...

Okay, I'm beginning to think we were separated at birth. My garage looks like yours except right now it is covered in sawdust and junk. Love the turquoise. March on, oh fellow over-doer

COTTAG3 said...

Your garage looks better than mine. We have to bring projects in sometimes for my husband to work on because we don't have the 3 square inches. Love the paint colors!

Momma Button said...

I'm still laughing over the DADD! I'm sure that I too suffer from this disorder. Love what you've done. And I'm jealous that you HAVE a garage to work in. Keep up the fab projects.

Alaina said...

My favorite is that you have a problem with unfinished wood in the house. If I have a paint brush in my hand and I have finished one project, I do wander around looking for something else in the house that could use a coat of paint. I have been known to just pull something away from a wall and paint it in the room it is in.

NanaDiana said...

Okay- I have officially met someone that is worse than I am! lol At least you are working on stuff and making things happen. I have stuff sitting-stuff waiting-stuff hoping-I have serious stuff!

LOL-You are doing a great job--keep going! Diana

Unknown said...

Hah! Mistint is one of my favourite colours too :)
I really like how your office is coming together. And a wee bit jealous your hubby is a computer mech. We have a perfectly good, hardly used by my dad, spare computer and we don't know how to get the internet to hold a second computer. Totally lacking in tech skills in this abode.
I'm using a similar colour on my kitchen bar stools and a 'for now' little shelf I pulled out of the cold room. My table and chairs are now done and I should have the pics up tomorrow.

debbie @ happy little cottage said...

Your inspiration room is beyond gorgeous! Love the painted desk. Your office/dining room will be fabulous. Can't wait to see the final reveal.

Your garage looks my basement on steroids. My basement has junky furniture, your garage has the motherlode! :)

Debbi Thinks Deep said...

Pitty Pat. Pitty Pat. {That's my heart. Remember the old song? ". . . makes my hear go Pitty Pat, Do Li Do . . ."} No. You probably don't remember it, come to think of it. :) Love what you're up to!

Lemon Lane Studio said...

OOOHHH...I love that blue. It looks so fresh and cottagey. What a lucky daughter to have your stuff to go shopping in. Can't wait to see the reveal. Patty

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

That color is phenomenal. I've never bought a mistint. Going to have to take the plunge someday, I guess. Still lovin' that double rocker!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog, I hadn't noticed cottageinstincts.blogspot.com previously during my searches!
Keep up the great work!

May Flower Mama said...

I too love the color of the paint you stumbled upon.
Do you sand or prime the funiture before you paint or do you go right to the fun color?
I'm just starting out with this painting funiture thing.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I love that shade of mistint! I also love your inspiration room~I think you'll turn out something that will be even better.

My garage is a complete shame. And I'm getting more stuff next week. Big stuff. What's wrong with me??

hilary@oldhousetruelove said...

cute double rocker! I am gaga over mistint!!

Anonymous said...

Love that inspiration room you are looking at! Very nice. :)

Also, just wanted to let you know that I picked your lovely blog as one of my favorites to pass along a couple of cool blogging awards to. You can stop by my blog to read more about that.


Miss G said...

We turned our dining room into an office before baby came and our living room became the living room *and* dining room but now we've changed it back and just moved the computer and desk into the living room. Crazy nesting instincts! :) Kelly



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