Weekend Welcomes 2nd Edition and Questions Answered

Well, believe it or not some more crazies discriminating readers decided to follow my blog this week.  Let me introduce them to ya, and then go say hi....tell them I sent ya.  'Cause I'm all about networking :)  Again, if you're listed below and have a blog that I somehow missed, email me and I'll add it pronto.  Which means quickly.

Oh, and the picture above is a tease for all who are waiting for my trip report.  It's in the works.  It'll be amazing.

Anyway, welcome to ::cottage instincts:: all you new folks :)

Kristin at Adventures of a Betty Crocker Wanna-Be 
The Swigarts
Nancy at Flatrock Cabin
Sweetpea at Sweet Life
Melanie at The Frosted Gardner
my uncommon slice of suburbia
Alyssa at Always Creating Something
Judith at Creating Balance
Jenni at Nest to Keepand {Beautiful Nest}
Robin at Chris and Robin's Nest
Beat until Fluffy (do you have a blog?  LOVE this title!)
Patricia at Keeping in Touch
Hannah at Crayons, Critters, and Craziness (oh, you'll fit in over here perfectly)
Anita at Going a Little Coastal (you'll fit it too)
Amanda at More than Stars in the Sky
French Country Cottage
The Homesteading Apartment

Now for your questions....

Ok, there weren't any.

What there *was*...... tons of encouragement and kindred hearts sharing on this post.  I'm glad it resonated with so many, and I think I might try to highlight a few of the lesser known bloggers who embrace the 'follow your instincts' mantra....there's some out there who really don't get their due, and I intend to change that. :)  Thank you for all the warm fuzzy comments this week, both on that post, and on the others....it's nice to know I was missed, that Mi4M was missed, and that I'm not alone in my struggle with feelings of inadequacy in the face of the 'big girls'.  *sniff*

Lastly, I'll be throwing up the Make it 4 Monday post tomorrow at 6pm EST.  It was really fun to see everyone's projects last week, get re-connected with lots of gals, and meet some new ones.  It truly is a fantabulous way to find new bloggy friends and inspiration.  I'm honored that you guys link up and party here at ::cottage instincts::  I feel wubbed. 

Then, dear readers, prepare yourself for the Coop Keeper post(s).  They'll rock your world.  Truly.


NanaDiana said...

You know- You are just a nice person and I am glad to part of your following! And I love the way you sign off- Ok-Bye- Diana

Jayme Goffin, The Coop Keeper said...

Law girl - you are so mighty wonderful. Just wanted to make sure you knew that. I thought of you lots today, wishing you were a stones throw away, and we could go for hotdogs again and dream of things together, and pick out paint and laugh. Stuff like that. Love you.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog you have, and looking forward to more Make it 4 Monday parties, tons of ideas and inspiration.

found you through Coop Keeper, she is a riot and a half.


Heather Lee said...

I'm loving how all of my new favorite bloggers are all linked together in friendship, and yet each one is unique, standing out in her own talents and gifts. It's even more wonderful to me that ya'll are Indiana girls, and as I sit here and this (literally) BIG black rain cloud is traveling by, I know it will be watering all your gardens too.
God Bless Indiana,

Erin @ The Little Apartment said...

I love this idea. I may have to borrow it.. what a great way to connect with other bloggers/readers. (:

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Well thanks for the wonderful welcome. I like this idea of yours. I think I will fit in around here!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the warm welcome and for mentioning my blog in your posting. Maybe now I will have some folks reading mine besides my parents. Ha! ;)

Sarah @ Cozy.Cottage.Cute. said...

I love this idea of welcoming your new followers. I'm one of the ones listed above and it was very sweet of you to add me to your list.

P.S. Your posts so cute (and amusing).... :)



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