One of my favorite Vignettes.

I started this blog oh bout a week ago...and have changed it about, um, 16 times now. But tonight I think I got it how I want. I took the picture without the flash. It's a vingette (is that how ya spell that thar word?) that sits on top of a craigslist cabinet I nabbed last fall and painted white. Anyway, thought my one follower would be interested in knowing how I acquired each of those elements....or at least I thought I'd enjoy reading and re-reading my own description of how I acquired the stuff. And then I can look at my pretty blog some more.

Ahem. So on the left we find a white vase-ish kinda thing I got at Goodwill about 4 hundred years ago. It's been full of all manner of junk, er, pretties over the years. In the picture it supports a birdsnest that I found last week in my front yard after a windy day. The little creamer pitcher doohickey was a TJMaxx or Marshall's find. Can't remember where I found that little birdie...the bird picture, however, was purchased at a consignment shop in the most hideous brown frame known to modern civilization, so I abused it into submission with some paint and sand paper. I'm like that. The candlesticks were picked up at several different Goodwills over a couple weeks time. I bought just one of each pair, causing the check out lady to eye me with suspicion. Whatever. Spray painted them white. Then later spray painted them taupe and distressed them. Found the ivory tapers at Hobby Blobby.

I think the whole shebang cost me under 10 buckaroos all told. You likey? Why yes, I do, thank you very much. You're welcome. (pardon me.)

Oh, and this grouping on top of my cabinet is in my breakfast nook, and the wall paint is called 'Reflection' by Devine paints...they are sold at a specialty paint shop that carries Benjamin Moore round these parts. It's the lovliest blue/gray/green I've found and perfectly matches that old Martha Stewart Kmart color called 'Atlantic'. It seriously makes me swoon.

Just goes to show it doesn't haveta take oodles of moola to put together a 'look'. Go see what other crafty gals have done with under $15 bucks at Maman Tatoo.

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