My biggest creative endeavor yet....

Although I don't have 'before and afters' or tutortials, I thought I'd share some of the DIY stuff I did (with help from friends and family) for my oldest daughter's June wedding. Below are random shots of that special day. I will jump in to describe specific crafty things we did. Ain't she purty?

4 of the six bridesmaids...the two in the middle are my other daughters.
The groom and his men. Their tuxes were a deep pinstriped brown.
Church window arrangements. Everything except the candles were Dollar Store finds. I painted the inside of the ivy vase to match the bridesmaid dresses.
Artificial flower arrangemnts by me and my talented mother!

Here is the bride with her maids and flower girls. I made the sashes that went around the girls waists, and my daughter in law made the flower girl baskets.
The live bouquets and bouts were done at a floral shop, but the artificial arrangements seen behind my daughter at the altar were made by my mother and I.
The creative women of my family...L to R: My sis (scrapbooking queen and teacher extraordinare)....my 92 year old gramma (who used to own her own primitive antique store, was a master seamstress, flower arranger and painter of all things furniture-like)...my mother, (fabric horder, seamstress, interior designer, flower arranger, cook)...and me.
I bought the head table vases for the girls bouquets at the Dollar Store, painted the inside blue and added a brown satin ribbon. Each maid took her vase home as a keepsake.
Shots of our Candy Bar....the monogram was designed by a dear friend who then gave the couple a 5x7 custom framed speciman.
More candy bar.
The sashes I made. These matched the groom's vest. The dresses matched the groomsman's vests.
Reception table set up....yes, those are coffee beans supporting the votives! My daughter is a coffee fanatic! We rented the candalabra, but I bought the glass bowls at the bottom from Walmart, and we floated white roses in them. The placemat is a piece of scrapbook paper. And the favor bags had matching ribbon and monogram stickers for the candy bar.
Me filling up the bowls that will soon have roses floating in them. You can also see the napkins we made....just found some brown and blue ribbons to tie them up purty-like.
Another shot of the window arrangements at the church. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to light these :o(
My uber-talented sis in law who made the fabulous cake!
My sister helping set up the tables.
Aw....the bride dances with her daddy.
My family: All my kids, my parents, and my gramma.
Even more of the candy bar set up.
Is this cuteness or what?! Notice she wore gold sparkly sketchers under her princess gown...a friend from work make her earrings, and she wore an opal ring that belonged to my gramma.
My third daughter...jr bridesmaid. Jewelry ala Walmart. Each of the girls got to pick their own jewelry and shoes.
Daughter no. 2, maid of honor with her big sis.
Flower girl cousins wearing the dresses they picked out. Again, the baskets were put together by my daughter in law (who also sang with my son during the service.)
Walking down the isle...

One of my mom's flower arrangements.
My son and his wife....they are actual recording musicians. He also DJ'ed the reception, and she helped with so much of the crafty stuff, as well as helping design the invites with my daughter! I have such a talented family...I'm so proud of them!

Just after the pronouncement! The whole thing came off very well, and my daughter was so pleased with how everything looked. That was my goal from the beginning, so I'm happy!



Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Just lovely! A beautiful wedding shared by the whole family!! All the happiness to the new couple!

Anna K said...

what a lovely wedding. your daughters are beautiful

Alyssa said...

everything looks absolutely beautiful...fantastic job. Also, cannot believe gramma is 92 years old? She looks radiant.

Sandi said...

What a gorgeous wedding!!! You did a wonderful and thrifty job too!!

Anny said...

That looks like such an amazing day, thank you for sharing :)

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Gorgeous! I am loving the candy bar and we almost did the same thing but the bride opted for several dessert choices instead of candy. (I just adore the look of all that beautiful sugar in apothecary jars. It's so Amy Atlasesque.) Amazing that you did this for 7K!!! My friend's wedding was around 9K and that was such a challenge. We really wanted to rent black chair covers which would have so helped, but it was out of the budget. So I'm loving (and envying) all the chair covers.

You have beautiful daughters and so much to be proud of Momma! Nicely done :).


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