So remember a few days back I posted about my soap?

Well that day I went to JoAnns, and they had these on sale 30% off:

It just so happens I can fit two of my soap logs in each drawer, and as it's made with slatted wood, I can store and cure them at the same time! See how the air will flow easily thru the gaps, but still protect my little soap babies? I ended up getting two as I usually make at least 9 logs at a time....

I had a quart of mistinted brown paint, so I kinda threw a coat of paint over them, mostly dry-brushing, and then sanded it smooth....now they look like this:

Don't they look adorable all snug in their beds? And here's the best part...All I need to do to display them at fairs and such is carry them in the crate, then use the crate drawers upside down to give them some height. I'm SOOOO stoked to play around with a rustic set up using these crates. I'm heading to a flea market this weekend, so I'm hoping to find some vintage tea towels to use in the display as well. Or maybe some feed sacks...or burlap! Ah, decisions, decisions. :o) Here's another shot of my babies...can you tell I'm proud of 'em?

I worked a bit on my soapy website/blog too in prep for an upcoming street fair. I'd love for you too hop over and give me some feedback. I'm mostly going for quick and easy, in and out. I sell my soap 'naked', but offer little drawstring muslin bags if someone wants to give them as gifts. So my site is bare bones, neutral colors.

You must forgive me, but I so love looking at my soap logs...something so pure and beautiful in their simplicity. *sigh*

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