Soapy soaps

In my profile I mentioned I make handmade soap from scratch. In the last weeks I've been making a batooty-load of it in prep for a big street fair near me in Sept. Right now all my logs are curing away, making my craft room smell fa-bu-ous!

Pretty maids all in a row....

I use an old potato/onion bin to cure them. Excuse the mess, I'm still organizing the craft room. Doing my desk area plumb wore me out!
These babes are on the shelf of a garage sale cabinet top that I painted....wait for it....heirloom white. :o) You know.

And a few more on a side table I got from my mama.

All told, I made 21 different 'flavors'. Most are made with essential oil blends, but a few customers really like the 'foody' scents, and there is no such thing as raspberry essential oil. *wink* My sales setups used to be pretty elaborate, but I'm totally streamlining it now. In the past I was a glutton for punishment, er, I mean I was very creative in my displays. I'm still working on how I will display them this year, thinking just letting the beautiful simplicity of a log of handmade soap speak for itself. And then sell them by the 'slice', like the fudge folks do. What do you think?

Here's the link to my soap site....plain but functional. I plan to work a bit on it before the fair, though.

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