My other thrifty finds. Yes. There's more.

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Here's the last of my haul from Friday.  Grand total spent on this stuff $55.  Awesome.

Two solid wood beadboard cupboard doors....  Wicked heavy. No idea what I'll do with them yet, but here's hoping inspiration will strike before I go thru another garage purge.

2 quarts of paint...one is B.Moore, the other a random blue from ACE hardware. Kennebunkport Green is one of my FAVES!

Ethan Allen side table with HUGE cottage potential.  I may even keep this baby....

22 glass apothecary/spice jars. All packaged nicely in an extremely stylish plastic ice cube tray. Again, no clue what to do with them yet....wouldn't they look cute all lined up on a shelf in my cra(p)ft room with different glitters?  Well, if I used glitters.

Old mirror top for a dresser.  Needs cleaned up obviously, but I may actually strip this down and stain it to match my antique dresser (which is now being used as a dresser, surprise).  Or just hang that sucker up on a random wall all shabby chic-ified. $15

Lastly is this window thingamabob to maybe hang above my bed (which has no headboard currently) once we move the room around for the winter....I'm thinking some cool linen or burlap would look awesome tacked behind it with sepia pics of the fam stuffed behind the muttons.  Or a twine bunting with pictures draped across it.  Or whatevah.

Not that I have time or energy to work on ANY of this stuff right now.  But they make a nice diversion, no?

Any ideas for these pieces?  Find any cool stuff lately yourself?  Junkin' makes you think outside the Pottery Barn/Ballards box, which is such a very nice thing, don't ya think?


Lorie said...


I adore those old apothecary spice jars! I am so jealous!

Everything you found was wonderful!

The Creative Bohemian said...

What a haul! I love the Home Depot Oops! pile.

The Ethan Allen table is a great find. Well made furniture is hard to come by thee days.


Cassie Bustamante said...

those jars are awesome! love them!

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

love the mirror and the window thingy! :)
I have a bunch of those jars, I only wish I had a silhouette. :(

Blessed Serendipity said...

Great stuff. That beadboard cabinet would be so nice painted a pretty cottage color. Those little glass jars are perfect to store brads, embellishments, buttons, etc. in the craft room. Good finds!


Jane said...

I see a lot of potential in all of those pieces. I love your idea for the the window thing in the last picture. I think it would look wonderful with pictures tucked under the muttons.
Great find on the spice jars. I have several that I store all of my little embellishments in...probably the only organized thing in my studio!

NanaDiana said...

Holy Cow! You hit the Motherlode! I can't believe all the stuff you found! I love the little jars and I really like that final cross hatch thingy-no matter WHAT you do with it -it is wonderful.

I remember when those Ethan Allen end tables were all the rage...and now someone has discarded it like a bad habit...I think it will be lovely all primed and painted -or restained. It's a great piece!

Can't wait to see what you do with all your stuff. Hugs- Diana

Chrissie said...

The thingamabob would make an awesome Headboard!

Carolyn said...

wow!! i love all of it! great finds!!!

hugs, carolyn ~ cottage sunshine

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Fantastic finds! The little table is adorable. I love the thingamabob! It would look great hanging just about anywhere. Even above a doorway. That is a huge haul of bottles. You could put some in the bath with colored salts or beads or bath necessaries!

Anne Lorys said...

Love the idea for the thingy hanging over your bed.

I laughed at the glitter comment, I'm not a glitter gal, either!!!


Gail said...

Oh how I love your finds! Can't wait to see how you transform them. You can send the apothecary jars my way.

Have a wonderful day.

hilary@oldhousetruelove said...

what fun! those jars... SCORE!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Wow! That's going to keep you busy but well done! What a stash you have!

I really thought I'd clicked follow last time I was here but you haven't showed up on my dashboard so I'm trying again and I hope Mr Google will play along this time!


Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I'm jealous of your jars. That's a lot to find all in one place!

GRAMS said...

Yes! Give it all to me! I would keep them all and make a very nice home for them. I have a little trailer behind my 4 wheeler. If I leave today I should be there in about 75 weeks so just put them aside for me. See you soon!

shannon i olson said...

fabulous finds!!! those jars will be fun!

Anne said...

You beat me to the punch on the apothecary jars. I order so many of my glitters off of Etsy, and they arrive in plastic bags...so once they arrive I put them into little glass jars...though I must admit, I'd rather your pretty jars!

At Home in English Valley said...

Hi Cindy, I agree with the post suggesting that the doors would make a wonderful headboard. You're handy with a paintbrush, and it would be awesome in any color.
Check out the blog, Just Something I Made for free downloads of vintage labels for your small jars. Great finds!

Brenda Pruitt said...

You did good, girl! Cute little beads or buttons would look good in those tiny bottles as well.

Laura said...

I love those jars! I know exactly how I would use them too!

Unknown said...

do you garden? you could put the seeds in the apothecary jars. As soon as I thought that I knew I had to go to my mum's and scavenge four or five of them (she doesn't use them) for just that purpose.

Amy W. said...

ok, i really, really, really {heart} the ethan allen piece! too funny as we don't have a headboard for our bed (yet) either. :) i really like your idea for that window trim!

have a creative day!

judi said...

woo hoo...you did well! i too love the ethan allen piece..all painted up and distressed. the beadboard doors would also make a cool headboard or backdrop for a large wall, again painted and aged to junk perfection! go see donna at funky junk interiors for her door uses.
judi ;)

The Midwest Cottage said...

Good job on your finds!! I to hit the jackpot this weekend at yard sales. I spent $12.50 and I got two huge gold ornate antique mirrors, a end table, a desk and an antique dresser some items were a dollar. Could not believe it myself! I also scored a 5 gallon of antique white paint!!



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