Make it for Monday #10

So stoked you could Made it for Monday!  Sorry I'm late to my own party.  Went to bed early last night and pretty much spaced it.  Imagine my horror to see all of you standing at my door with food this morning, waiting to come in.  Please excuse my bad hostessing...

I posted my project in a separate post, since I add it to other parties during the week.  If you want the list of parties I've compiled, see the link in my sidebar.  If you host a party you want added, let me know in the comments, and I'll put in your address. 

Please follow these simple rules to join the party.  If you don't I'll need to put you in time out and take away the cheese dip.

Create your post.  Add the URL of that post to MckLinky below with a brief description of your project.
Add a link back here in your created post so others will bring me food. You can use the code in my sidebar if ya want.
Go visit some other participants.  They love to hear how freakin' fabulous they their projects look.

Take it away MckLink!


Old Time Cindy said...

Yep, I've been knocking on your door with no answer! I was ready to call 911! LOL! Thanks for hosting...
Cindy at Lakewood

Paula Grace Designs said...

So you were fashionably late ~ no biggy! Glad the party is up and running. I've enjoyed it so much!

I wanted to make sure you knew about my new link party ~ Timeless Tuesday. It actually goes live tonight at 8:00 PM. I hope to see you there. You're organic soaps would bring much to the party and all your projects. The link below is the post I wrote telling poeple what its all about. In a nutshell ~ all things classic.

See you there!

Paula Grace ~

Leanne said...

Thanks for hosting Cindy. Good timing on the TV. Right before the big game. I love using old furniture with a history and memories attached.

Tami said...

Just happened across your blog today and I am joining your party....sounds like lots of fun! I am following your blog now....off to look at the creations!!

Barbara Jean said...

Thanks for hosting.



Donatella said...

Can I just say, that I think it is so neat the way you superimposed the 'Cottage Instincts' onto the little hammer? Love your creativity~


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