Snippets of a most excellent adventure. And chickens. Always the chickens.

I will post a blow by blow account of my whirlwind trip to the Windy City, including how Jayme and I almost got lost getting out of her driveway.  Yes.  Be amazed.

Here are four nausea-inducing videos I shot.  I'm serious.  Go get your dramamine and a glass of wine.  I'll post my rather blurry pictures (or pinch them from those at the get together with WAAAY more better photography skillz than me) when I arise from the dead tomorrow.  Enjoy the sneak peek....

I'm too tired to point out who everyone is tonight....but trust me, they were all fabulous. I want to be all of them when I grow up. Stop laughing.

Jayme's Homies. I would also like to be like all of them when I grow up. So not kidding.


Erika said...

Oh this must have been so much fun Cindy, can't wait to see the blurry pictures, hahaha! Rest a little, drink some tea and we'll be waiting for you right here :o)
Hugs, Erika

Traci said...

Hi Cindy. It was wonderful meeting you yesterday. What an amazing day it was. I look forward to getting to know you better.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh, how fun! Looks like there was a wonderful turnout for the get-together. Love all the chattering! But, I must confess, I had to listen to the chickens twice (squeal!)... can't wait to have chickens again! Thanks for sharing your fun trip. Rest up! -Tammy

Free Art Printables said...

VIdeo Cindy!! Video!!!!! AAAAACCCKKKK!!!! :) I really enjoyed meeting you yesterday!!! I am so glad you could come!

Mari said...

That looked like way too much fun. Thanks for sharing the videos...even if they were to bouncy and short.
Please tell us more about why you ladies all got together and more about your stay with Jayme. I sure wish I had been a mouse listening in on all of your "gab festing"!
You mentioned it took you 3 hours to get to Jayme's...where are you in IN? I grew up in Goshen and my folks still live there. I think I am going to have to make a trip up and plan a get together with all of you fun ladies. Yes, let's do it! (But let's wait until it's warm!)

Anonymous said...

Cindy, It was such a pleasure to meet you. Sorry I ruined your video, YIKES! Thanks so very much for the beautifully scented soap you included in our gift bag. I so enjoyed your stories and the friendship you have with Jayme.
Hope to see you again soon. Penny

annie said...

Does your face hurt? My cheeks are still sore.
You were a little sneaky with that video, I think...
It was great meeting you!


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