The dinner party that made me swoon.

I know this extremely cool lady who has played the roles of counselor, mentor,  IKEA buddy, and friend in my life at various times.  She is one of the most healthy human beings in my world, and I esteem her and the way she lives her life.  She can also decorate, craft, garden, and entertain like nobody's business. Totally channels Martha Stewart without the anal perfectionism.  She inspires me to embrace beauty in all things, to appreciate what's really important in life (people, not things) and to be generous with my life and talents.  I could go on and on and on....I treasure her friendship. 

Saturday night we were invited to a dinner party at she and her hubby's place, and I was giddy with excitement!  I walked in and immediately began snapping pictures for the blog.  Yes, I did ask permission. Yes the other guests thought I was a lunatic.  I'm okay with that.

Sometime I will do a photo tour of her house, just to show you all the awesomeness within and without her domain.  For now, I offer up the following images from the party....

The table....which can seat a billion people.  There were 11 of us on this particular evening.

An ornament for each of us. I gave them a shot at becoming earrings.  Just too tempting.

Shall I mention here that she has an entire room for storing her dishes?

Her lighted wreath above the sink.

Vertical strings of lights outside the french doors.  They looked perfect behind the netted sheers.

My friend doesn't do one big tree....instead there's two in this corner.....

then the matching baby tree on the kitchen bar situated between the family room and kitchen.  She said she needs one there because when she's watching TV on the couch, her back is to the taller ones in the corner.

Love the simplicity of her tree decorations....brown and silver balls, some teeny pinecones,
glittery  picks, some white tulle...

She uses white tissue paper as her trees' 'skirts'.

Had to use the flash here, but I wanted you to see the boxwood wreaths on her built-in shelves.
Yes, she's read almost every tome in her collection.
One of her sons built all these shelves, and they actually wrap all the way around the room.  She's recently repainted them a chocolate brown.

Here's  the view from the kitchen, looking into the den, all cozy and Christmassy.  I've spent many an hour on those white leather couches with a cup of coffee yakking away with my friend.

Fresh greens with some river rocks in plain terra cotta pots sit neatly all in a row on her glass coffee table. 

She crafted these trees with styrofoam tree forms and fresh lavender from her garden.  Then she sprayed on adhesive and sprinkled on a touch of glitter.  These are actually next to her bed.  Cuteness.  Don't I know it.

The main course...standing pork rib roast. 

Glazed carrots and fresh green beans....and the gracious hostess herself....

Nectar from the gods.  The most delish mashed 'taters I've ever tasted.

Here's her hubby....with their wine selections for the evening.  A bubbly white wine with appetizers, a red with dinner, and another white with dessert.

Speaking of which...

She made those chocolate trees perched atop the whipped cream and mousse.
Served with a mint.

Perfect end to a fabulous evening of great food, fabulous conversation (btw, we even did a science experiment...did you know that if you add cream to your coffee it will keep it warm longer than if you don't?), and wonderful hosts.  Definitely the highlight of my holidays.  I can't wait to show you the rest of her home sometime, and share more about my  hip and talented, giving and loving friend. 

Thank You C and H for a marvelous party!


Edited to add:  Linked to Kimba's DIY Day.


Unknown said...

Cindy, what a beautiful tablescape & eleagnt dinner. Any leftovers? ... chuckle!

May your celebration be joyous ...
Merry Christmas,
TTFN ~Marydon

Patricia said...

Wow what a gracious hostess she is and what a blessing she is to you!
I cannot wait to see more!

Elisa said...

Sigh. My mouth is watering! Thanks for sharing.

Marigene said...

Thanks for sharing your evening at your talented friend's. She sets a beautiful table. Love the lights on her French doors...and those books shelves, I would die for!

Barbara Jean said...

Well, WOW! and Oh My.
What could you say about hat?
Amazing? Beautiful? Beyond words?
Yes, all of those could be said.

Thanks for sharing, and thanks for coming by.

I want to see some things done out of that music paper from your Mom. =0))


barbara jean

Shorely Chic said...

WOWEE - I wish I could entertain like that!! One day... Thanks for documenting, it's nice to see a real life but oh so chic dinner party!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Thank you for showing us these beautiful decorations and table! Your friend really has wonderful style!

Happy Holidays,
LuLu Kellogg

Jenny @ Words on Wendhurst said...

Everything about that dinner party looked fabulous. Thanks for being the weirdo taking pictures so we all got to share in the magnificence!

Decor To Adore said...

Your DIY is DE liciously lovely!

Have a merry and bright Christmas.

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Oh my gosh.. insanely amazing. A feast for the tummy AND eyes.

Thanks for sharing!


KimMalk said...

It's hard to pick favorites, but I have to love those chocolate trees and the lights hung on the doors behind the netting.

Miss Gracie's House said...

What an enchanting evening! Merry Christmas to you and your family...enjoy all of those kiddos!

Charity said...


Delena said...

I would love to go to a dinner like that just once in my life. Thanks for sharing. So beautiful


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