So many givers of goodness!

As I bumble around blogland, I continue to find wonderfully talented gals doing these giveaways.  How fun is this?  So I'm going to try to keep a running list of who's doing what with a link on my sidebar, similar to the one I do for link parties I suppose.

Today I bumped into Rose Petals and Rust.  Tell me how much you love the name!  Shes got this tremendously awesome rusty old scale to give away, and I want it want everyone to have a chance to win. Enter by Monday Oct 19th.

Flea Market Style is making us all drool over this.  Enter by Tuesday Oct. 13th

Manuela at the wonderful The Pleasures of Homemaking is doing a book giveaway.  Enter by Monday Oct. 13th:

Next, go see Centsational Girl for a doozy....a Price Pfister faucet! Enter by Monday Oct. 12th:

Kara at It's the Little Things that Matter is doing a fabulous giveaway from Tara's Vintage Kitchen.  Enter by Wednesday Oct. 14th.

Then there's my own giveaway, 3 bars or 2 mini stacks of my incredibly luscious handmade milk soap (I think I should write commercials, what say you?): Enter by Monday Oct. 12th.

I know there's lots more going on out there, so if you know of any others currently underway, either leave me a comment or email me and I'll get 'em listed!


Debra@CommonGround said...

Hey there Cindy! Thanks so much for the "shout out" for the give-away. So sweet of you to do the link back! Oh, I want to enter for your soaps, they sound wonderful! Thanks again, I'll enter you extras. Have a wonderful Friday!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Lots o goodies!

www.thewhitefarmhouse2.blogspot.com said...

Lots of goodies. I have to say that after a hard day of swinging my pink hammer, I would just want to take off my pink tool belt and soak in a hot tub with some delish handmade soap. Is that too much to ask for?

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Thank you for the info on the give aways!! Please enter me in yours!! I am already a follower!!

Lou Cinda :)

abeachcottage said...

I like how you term it bumbling - I seem to miss it all and get to the party too late!


Miss Mustard Seed said...

I love that scale from Rose Petals & Rust. I am a fan of all of these blogs. Nice choices!

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Thanks for visiting and following! You've got some neat stuff going on over here!! Great blog!

Gayle said...

I say YES, you should write commercials! Great giveaways you found!

Anonymous said...

Hmm I dont know if im to late or not.Is today included.Count me in if so.I found you on Lily Sues blog!


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