Ashley and Whitney have got it goin' on.

Over at Shanty 2 Chic, there's these two ridiculously beautiful sisters who have no fear of reaching into a tool box.  They seriously create the most amazing stuff....I look forward to every post.  So anyway, they're hosting their first ever linky party.  May I introduce:

I couldn't get the #*&$@! link to work, so you'll have to use the old fashioned way and click
I'm brainstorming about what I will post.  I've not ventured into the world of tools except for using a hammer to bludgeon my thumb and a screwdriver to strip a few screws.  I can wield a paint brush, though, so maybe that counts?
'Twill be the mosted fun to see what everyone comes up with, and maybe I'll grow a pair of something I don't already have a pair of and risk the big scary tool box outside in my garage in the future.  'Course it would help if I win the pink hammer they're giving away.  Wouldn't I look so cute in my birdcage holding a pink hammer?


www.thewhitefarmhouse2.blogspot.com said...

I think you would look rather chic weilding a pink hammer in your birdcage! I am definitely going to be checking this one out, looks like alot of fun!

Anne Lorys said...

I am so seriously needing to visit these girls' blog, I'm tackling all manner of DIY projects since I opened my mall booth last week. I've conquered refinishing and painting, time now to break out the big guns....power tools! Stand back! Cute blog you've got, hope to visit again soon!
All the best,

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

thanks for stopping by my blog!
You did an awesome job on the doors, can't wait to see what you do with the others. I suppose I will have to become a follower, so I won't miss it.


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