I got nuthin'

I'm telling you what, if we have any more of this overcast crappy drizzly weather, I'm bolting for Florida.  It takes such a toll on me.  Not only am I not able to spray paint, but it's too cold to even brush paint out in the garage.  Of course yesterday was beautiful, but I started a new job and was in a back room under florescent lights washing dishes. Yay.

I'm attempting to finish up the last measly projects for my dining room and getting nowhere.  Nothing is going as planned, everything is taking longer than expected, and I'm losing steam.  Frustration will do that to ya.  Today is the only day I have this week with chunks of time big enough to get stuff done....but the weather won't cooperate, my head is threatening yet another headache, and I ran out of paint (and funds to get more till the weekend). I tried to take some pictures for the blog, but they all turned out blurry and grainy and dark. I turned to my sewing room, but got immediately overwhelmed with the mess.  I think I just need a big bowl of soup or some hot chocolate and a big fluffy blanket to wrap up in. 

So there's my vent.  No cool before and afters, no big reveals, no inspiration for today folks.  Just move along and don't stare at the crazy lady. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

We don't just love ya for the fabulous things you DO...we love ya just because you're YOU! See...you bring out the DR. Seuss in me, lol!!!

Lori S. said...

If it's any consolation at all, your closing made me giggle out loud. Glad my dog's deaf or he would have given me one of those quizzical head-cocked-to-one-side dog looks.

blushing rose said...

Chuckle! You are so funny! Dismal, dark, dank, dreary days ... yuck!
Have a lovely warm week. TTFN ~Marydon

Flat Creek Farm said...

I feel your pain.. entirely! I'm under the weather, yet again. And I truly believe a lot of it IS the weather. Headaches, stomachaches, everything ~ I shall blame it all on the weather :) we all need more sunshine!!! -Tammy

Catherine @ van Breugel Design said...

Your too funny! I hope your day gets better.

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

We all have those days!! And the weather is truly beginning to get to me too! I grow weary!! I do not suggest spraypainting in your laundry room though because it is rainy. Someone I know tried this (me) and it was not a good thing!!!

Hoping for sunny skies!!

Lou Cinda :)

Holly said...

I'm with ya on the weather. Nothing but miserable lately.

Marigene said...

We all have those days...I, too, am sick of dreary, overcast and rainy days. I need sunshine in order to function fully. Tomorrow will be better, Cindy!

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

This might cheer you up Cindy!

I have a fun surprise! I am passing on the Kreativ Award to you and your lovely blog. To learn more, go here:


You deserve it!

sarah { abeachcottage } said...

ooh thanks for the bleach tip! that is exactly what I needed to think up and didn't lol!


Roeshel said...

Vent away. It helps, doesn't it? I hate days like that. I had one last week. I hope it's behind you and Wed. starts the best part of your week! :)


Miss Gracie's House said...

I've had 3 weeks just like this...nothing is working! And the *weather* clock just keeps ticking...and then how am I supposed to paint?!
Oh well...I guess it will get done someday. Love your sense of humor!

Michelle said...

We've had the rain and more rain with a few gorgeous fall days here and there. But not enough time to really get all our fall ToDo's done! It is frustrating!


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