Well for pity's sake....

Spent yesterday finishing up painting my double rocker.  The paint I used was a mistint I picked up for a song at one time or other...but it's a FLAT finish.  Ick.  So in my brilliant attempt to use up some cans of  'clear coat' semi-gloss spray paint, I went to town on the flat finish of my rocker in joyous bursts of  "I'm so smart!" with intermittent sprays of clear mist......except it wasn't so clear.  In fact it wasn't so misty. The butterflies and fairies disappeared into the fog of clear coat.  I kept on sprayin' though....hoping against hope that the more I used, the more I wouldn't notice it wasn't exactly turning out as I had hoped.

I am now the owner of a previously beautiful blue-grey double rocker which now sports several yellowish-to-puke green patches and drips over the entire surface.  Lovely. 

Back to the store to get a color match of the beautiful blue-grey in a gloss sheen.  So much for saving money on using a mistint and using up clear coat spray paint.  Guess what I'll be doing today?  In the 92 degree mugfest of NE Indiana....yep.

Oh, and a question....what say you regarding window treatments for screened in porches?  Since I'll have real wood furniture out there, I kinda sorta want to protect it from some of the more harsh elemental elements.  Like dirt.  And sun and rain and snow.  Those kind of things.  In years past, I hung some of those white plastic roll-up shades that look bamboo-ish in their way.  I still have several I can use and prolly will for the rest of this summer season....but for the future, should I invest in some weather-resistant shades and/or drapes?  I see pictures in mags of these gorgeous porches with swathes of billowing fabric draping daybeds and such....but I'm thinking those are just staged, right?

Sorry no pics today.


Pieces of Dreams said...

Hi Cindy!

How heartbreaking regarding the rocker. I made the same mistake years ago. I had painted a trunk blue and white. I also spent hours upon hours handpainting pansies and daisies on the trunk. I sprayed a clear coat on it to seal it. When I came back in the morning, all set to call the people I had painted this for to come pick it up, my heart sank because it had yellowed horribly! I couldn't believe it! It looked as though a bunch of people came together to smoke thousands of cigarettes while "rendering lard" (kinda greasy looking!) I have learned to only use acrylic sealers on top of paint...Minwax clear coat is a favorite. I have also had good luck with Helsman marine spar varnish.

Anyway...I like the drape idea. And, who are those people who stage everything so perfectly and don't really live there??? LOL

Have a great day, Karen

Heidi said...

UGH! What a pain! I hate painting! Hope you are able to iron out the kinks and enjoy your chair soon! I just made some drop cloth curtains for my living room, but I'm thinking that would work for outside too! they are cheap, pretty and washable. And, if they get ruined, no big loss. I paid $10 for one that I cut in half and got two panels out of. I guess you could always sew some outdoor material to the back of the panel? Good luck!

Alaina said...

Sorry to hear about the rocker, none of us DIYers want to repaint something we just finished.
As for the drapes, I plan on using cheap walmart cotton sheets. I forgot the other blog that is doing the same, she used twin while I had picked up a king and planned to cut in half. Good luck.

COTTAG3 said...

Perfect opportunity to use dropcloth drapes in your sunroom. They are cheap (9.99 for a large), prehemmed, washable, durable, airy, but are protective. If you close them, they should block out a lot of light. I have them hanging in my living room in front of 3 huge windows and may be using them in my sunroom. Just an idea. Sorry about your rocker.

~ Regan said...

Aw, that stinks!! Hopefully, you can get it repainted before the next storm hits. :| I'm pretty sick of storms- they are interrupting my projects!
I think you should go for curtains- I love that look- so cozy yet refreshing because you're outside. I just read in some magazine to use metal pipe and pipe fittings for outdoor curtain rods- check it out in the plumbing section!

Pine Tree Home said...

Sigh. I feel your pain about the rocker. I think I've been there more times that I like. I agree with other posters and vote for drop cloth drapes. They are really durable and you can toss in the wash.

Momma Button said...

I'm with Gina, drop cloth drapes would be wonderful. And if they are too plain for you, stamp them!!

Tammy said...

We use drop cloth curtains on our screen porch - the only thing though- they do mildew..so be prepared to bring them in and wash/bleach them. I hang them with the tension wire system that Ikea sells...very easy and cheap.


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