Did you know that it takes approximately 2.5 gallons of exterior semi-gloss (with primer in it) to cover green/taupe painted cedar planks?  Neither did I.  I'm over it.

So I finished painting everything white (3 times), and also painted the sliding door into the house and the door going out to the yard the same green as the front of the house....someday the whole house will be green, but let's not get ahead of ourselves, eh?

I also painted my double rocker....remember it?  Well, the poor thing had been sitting out in the garage as I contemplated selling it as I had no room in the house for it.  I decided it would look great on the porch, but the black wouldn't work in my color scheme....so out came my gallon of mistinted aqua/grey and I went to town.  Here's a sneak peek....will need another coat, then some kind of protective something or other, prolly acrylic.  Hard to see the color here....OH, and that round table in the back is also getting some Heirloom White tomorrow so it can sit happy on the porch too....

I few months ago whilst rummaging thru the flat fold table at Hancock's, I came across a pretty floral that I thought might go with my aqua couch.  It didn't.  Ick.  BUT, it looks marvey with the olive paint I used on the doors....and it has a hint of the aqua/grey of my rocker.  My kitchen is that same color...looks blue, then grey, then green at different times of the day.  I thought it would be a great way to pull my colors together.  Went to JoAnn's today and found a stripe to go with it, and I already made the pillow a while ago:

I love when stuff begins to come together.   I have a vintage porch rocker already painted chocolate brown, but needs cushions.  I also have a wrought iron glass-top table and 4 chairs that need so lovin's....and two mismatched wicker side tables.  I'll be painting the floor...thinking maybe a deeper olive green now instead of white, and hopefully picking up a new jute or sisal rug at IKEA soon.  The one I have has seen better days, and has broken out in white spots recently. Ahem.

And because I can't keep flowers alive, I found some pretty fake, no really fake, florals to use.  I have tons of pitchers and vases I can stick them in to add a touch of homey-ness.  Plus some candles...always some candles.

Hubs and daughter #3 are in Chicago with her youth group for the week working at homeless shelters and doing 'good works', so I'm holding down the fort with the two young'uns and the blue beast in the back yard.  Nothing like a decorating project to pass the time :)


The Wired Angel said...

You have such a great style.. I wish I had one iota of what you possess, Girl!! Can you come and visit?? I need help brightening up stuff. Seriously... do you do on-line consults? Hugs, P x

Polly said...

It's looking good Cindy! I would love to have a sunroom! Have fun on this little project, despite all the hard work!!



Unknown said...

The sun room is shaping up nicely. I love watching your progress!

:) Laura

Funky Junk Interiors said...

She's been bitten by the decor bug again, folks! Yay for us!! It's all about us after all.

I cannot wait to see the changes, Cindy! I love your plans. And they're helping motivate me to a prettier patio. I've just removed the bird nest from the BBQ now so I'm in good shape so far. (not really)

Incidentally, why are you not in the blue smurf pool yourself? I plan to go in mine.. as soon as it warms up above freezing that is.

p.s. my neighbors just got a WHITE pool. SO NOT FAIR.


Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

I think it looks great! Glad to see you back and cooking up ideas for us!

~ Regan said...

Ok, first off... Where the heck is the closest Ikea to us??? I've been DYING to go!!!! I looked on Ikea's site, and it doesn't mention anything in Chicago (that's where a friend swore there was one) Tell me! I have to go!

And please tell me you weren't using the Behr paint+primer from Home Depot that's like $32/gallon. Because I used it on hubbys 'man' room, and we needed 2 gallons! and it chips like crazy!!!

~ Regan said...

I have NO idea what just happened to blogger,.... sorry that comment got posted twice. ;) Can't wait to see the rest of your porch!

Catherine @ van Breugel Design said...

Hi Cindy, I love what you are doing and can't wait to see more of it! It's gonna be beautiful!

By the way... you've been missed! Welcome back!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Love your colors. Can't wait to see it all finished.

Claudia said...

Cindy, I'm happy you are back and decorating! I dread painting myself, which is why I put it off every year. Soon I will be shamed into doing it.
Can't wait to see the finished room.


COTTAG3 said...

Oh it's coming together beautifully. Love the colors. I have a rocker that same color and it sits in my sunroom. I'm very interested to see this progress.

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Cindy, love the paint colors!! Can't wait to see the finished product!!

Love those fabrics too...

Lou Cinda :)

Suzanne said...

I love when a plan comes together and even more so when it isn't planned! I have some of that floral fabric and I love it.

- Suzanne

Marilyn Holeman said...

Umm. I don't know much, but I was wondering if you could paint your rug?? Just a thought.

Tina said...

Wow Cindy, you have been one busy lady!! I love your rocker and the fabrics you found! I can't wait to see mor of your hard work:) I also wanted to thank you soooo much for leaving your comment with the link to the bench yesterday! You are such a sweetheart!! Wishing you a lovely day Cindy ~ Tina xx

Vintage Porcelain Art By Amy Enright said...

LOL! I'm glag I'm not the only one who gets tired of paintng half wat through!
So glad i found your blog, I enjoied my visit..


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