One of my favorite blogs is House of Turquoise.  I need not tell you why.  Today these stunning pictures made me giddy.  Absolutely giddy.  I'm just out of words.  If I could have a house in these colors, I'd shut down this blog and just sit and breath in the perfection day after day.  sigh



shannon i olson said...

looks very relaxing and comforting!

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www.thewhitefarmhouse2.blogspot.com said...

Ugh, you have me so hooked on this color now! Darn it all! I just love how perky it is. The room is just gorgeous!

Unknown said...

I JUST posted about my love of turquoise and aqua last week. I am so happy to see her blog and am a HAPPY new follower!


Sheila said...

You've inspired me to paint my someday project (a playhouse that my boys don't use that I want to turn into a craft room) turquoise!

Claudia said...

I agree - gorgeous. Just gorgeous!


la féneïre said...

thank you for this adress this blog is fabulous

Marianne said...

Looks gorgeous!
And now what? Should we all be glad you don't live in turquoise heaven or should we encourage you to paint your porch, and run the risk of you disappearing on us.
Just wondering :-)

Gretchen said...

I agree. I use this color in touches and accessories at both my home and cabin, but am not so bold to use it on walls. This was a fabulous post yesterday from House of Turquoise and I was smitten with it as well when it popped up in my in box. Fun to see I'm not the only one dreaming of aqua. :)

FairfieldHouse said...


This is great inspiration for my studio! Thank you for sharing.

If you really want to drool, I did a post on my shore and The Painted Ladies (Victorian architecture) along it.


Your Friend,

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

I love the combination of the soft colors and the rustic. Beautiful room. Thanks for sharing.

Cassandra Russell said...

I would love to have a secluded spot like this...C.


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