No Make it for Monday today....but,

we'll resume the funness next week, K? 

I'm taking down holiday decor, but trying to keep the mood around here light.  I'm thinking of keeping little white lights and the paper lanterns from my mantle up somewhere.  I love little lights and candles in the winter.

Not quite ready to call it quits with these little balls of rounded goodness yet....

I'm challenging myself to continue to declutter, get organized (especially my decorating stuff), and use either what I have or what I can find outdoors for winterscape decor throughout the house.

Thanks for the rustic beauty you added to the holidays, Mr. Jute Webbing....

Winter Solstice is upon us, and I want to celebrate this season with it's restful white beauty and stark contrasts.  I've collected more pinecones, a few large branches, and dried pods and such to scatter here and there.  Changed out all my candles to warm ivory in yummy scents.

See ya next year Lovely Mercury Glass...

That kind of thing.  I keep seeing the word 'simplify' popping up around blogland, and I'm certainly right there too.

Easy to say, hard to live....

So with that in mind, here's my list, just for funsies, of the projects I hope to tackle in the coming months:

1. Slipcovers for the couches in the family room.  Plus hang stuff in there.  Will definitely be looking for opinions from readers.  Don't let me down peeps!
2.  Redo main guest bath, which includes putting in a new soaking tub we picked up a couple months ago at the ReStore.  This will be a HUGE project with many headaches.  I'll need some bigtime hand holding!
3.  Redecorate the master bedroom, which mostly means paint, but I'm considering the board and batten treatment.  Hoping for some cheerleading!

Those are the biggies....the littlies would include organizing my kitchen.  Ugh.  Just seeing it in black and white makes me dread the task.  Also, going thru 24 years-worth of pictures.  Yayup.  Won't be fun.

Looking forward to your twinkle next Christmas....

So, what are you goals for the winter regarding crafts, decorating and organizing?
Please share so I don't feel so overwhelmed....

Maybe I should consider a visit to the dentist for my #5 child as well?



Lori said...

Great list Cindy ~ I too am working on my list for the new year. However I will leave my trim up til the week-end ~ happy packing!

Traci@ Beneath My Heart said...

I was looking for Make it for Monday! Oh well, I understand taking a week off!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Enjoy your partyless Monday. :)

And I think I'll leave up my decor until the New Year. It's simply tradition around here. And I'm lazy. Because I can be. Know what I did today? I got cleaned up then put my pj's back on. For all day. My son is still in his robe.

Hey, at least I have kickin' hair for being in pj's. :)

Can't wait to watch your plans of action coming together!


Michelle Hughes said...

I can't wait to see your projects, especially the Master bath redo.... I am already thinking about this year's projects too.

Happy New Year!

Marigene said...

I can't wait to take the decorations down this year; we usually wait until the Epiphany...not sure about that this year.
Yup, maybe a visit to the dentist for that young'un! LOL

Unknown said...

Be still my heart, I think I read the word o.r.g.a.n.i.z.e. at least three times. A bit of a hang up of mine, okay, close to a passion. I get teased about my organizing a lot. Luckily my younger sister/best friend is organizing-challenged and lives only two streets away. I can get my fix there too.

I usually put our Christmas decorations away (and my sister's stuff) before I head back to school the first week of January. I'll also keep a few winter items out. Lots of wintery weather still to come here.

Goals~ to paint my hobby room and find a table of the right size for it. Changing out the decor using mostly what I already have and putting most supplies behind doors (used kitchen cabinets we picked up).
~ to finish painting our main floor, the troublesome fireplace familyroom/kitchen wall. Maybe I should put the picture out and get some ideas for how to handle our off center fireplace. I'm hoping to beef up the trim, add some boxed type board and batten half way up the wall and finally come up with a mantle for our ten year old fireplace.

Good luck getting started on your projects.

Donna said...

I found your blog through your post on Funky Junk. I am very new to the blogging worl. Your tips and comments were very helpful. Love your blog. Lots to check out..especially on Mondays!

Unknown said...

It's a great list. You will have a lot of work to do.

Simple Home said...

I love the photo of your #5 child with the teeth. It looks like something one of my sons would do.

Unknown said...

Hi, Found your blog via "Homies" awards, Such a great list, must write mine!
Wishing you all the best for 2010! x

Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming said...

Reading your to-do list is inspiring - I have not even attempted to make a list yet for 2010...(I still have a day or two, right?) Basically my entire second floor is going to be on that list. I can wait to see your transformations and follow your progress. I enjoy following your blog and love your photography. Blessings for you and your family for the New Year!


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