::Christmas Past Pt 1: Mantels::

So I'm feelin' kinda sorry for myself 'cause I won't be doing much holly day decorating this year.  That would be thanks to my builder who is taking so ding dang long to get us closed.

I thought I'd get all my mantels together from the past 4 years of blogging.  It might make me feel more in the mood and give me something to post that fits with what everyone else is blogging.  Just want to be a team player, ya know. Links go to the actual posts with more pics and stuff.

My first Christmas blogging was 2009.  I attempted to go with the rustic 80's look of our fireplace at the time. Try not to be blinded by the shiny brass on the doors. I also about killed myself and anyone within striking range by making stockings.  Which I don't show in this shot....but they're in the next one.  So there.

Here's take two with the evil stockings...

Christmas 2010  was a totally different look as we completely redid the fireplace and mantel.  I glitterfied the entire thing and drank the coffee filter wreath kool-aid. I also made burlap stockings that I'm pretty sure someone from Country Living copied and put in their mag.  Whatever. It's still one of my most popular and pinned posts to date.  Voila!

(If you want to read about how we painted the fireplace, click here.)

Next up is Christmas 2011, which might be my favorite, but it didn't make a big splash in the blogosphere like the previous year.  I repurposed Dollar Store white stockings instead of making some from scratch. Hallelujah. I was also drowning in ginormous pinecones due to my middle daughter's rustic chic wedding a week after Christmas. Boom.

Loved it!

Last year's Christmas mantel was a study in aquas and whites.  I've gathered quite a collection of blues and whites for my holly day decor, so it was pretty easy to put this together.  Repurposed those white stocking from Dollar Store yet again.  Ta Da!

It was soft and wonderful.....

Which brings me to this year......in a temporary home with no mantel. :(

There's a really awesome one next door in our new house, so I hope there will still be time to decorate it once we close and move.  I may be posting Christmas mantel decor in mid-January.  You never know.

So which is your favorite?


Rebecca said...

I like 'em all! Would be fun to combine "this" from "that" one...Personally liked the mirror white. Started to wonder why you didn't reuse stockings - but then see that you did.....

REALLY hoping you have a chance to decorate & enjoy the NEW one on time :)

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

2011 is my favorite, the greens and lanterns will get me every time!
I hope you get into your beautiful new house soon.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Weeee....I always like being asked which is my favourite anything! My fav is 2011 with the white lanterns! Totally love it!

Three Birds Inspired said...

I am definitely NOT a glittery kinda gal but my favorite is 2010. I love the juxtaposition of paper/burlap/glitter/brick. I am a huge fan of soft blue and chocolate brown. Love that "mantelscape"!!

CB9 said...

I think 2011 is my favorite! I love the low mirror with the pine decor and star on top--so unique!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

It's hard to pick a favourite, because they are all wonderful, but my heart goes to the last one because of its soft and serene colours.

Connie said...

Every year is delightful . . . I love the white on white it looks so pretty. You have that magic touch :)


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