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Oklahoma.  What is there to say?  My heart hurts over the suffering and devastation there.  Even posting today seems trivial and stupid in the face of such tragedy.  I'm keeping everyone there close to my heart and willing strength and endurance to all those serving and helping and peace to all those who have suffered such devastating loss.

Here's what I did yesterday, and what I'll finish doing today as it helps my heart to work at simple things when I'm feeling heavy and helpless:

(Patchouli for a client and Almond Cream with buttermilk)

I mixed up my master batch of oils for the summer installment of soap babies.
A long while ago I did a tutorial on making soap from scratch-a-rama.
But if you just wanna buy some as soon as it's ready, visit the real soap co. I'm taking pre-orders that will ship by June 10th.

In other news, my hubster and his team got home last night after a 6 day Hurricane Sandy relief trip to NYC.

My daughter Maddie (and her hubster) went with the team.  She and her Daddy took these pics of each other in Harry Potter/Dumbledore fashion across the subway tracks..... as she was headed back to Staten Island and Hubby was heading to Brooklyn to hang out with Peter Rollins and gang.

I love that my Hubby has such a big heart and wants to help people....He'll be doing another helping trip to southern Ohio next month, and possibly travelling to Serbia in the fall.  With the tornadoes down south, I expect he'll head there too eventually.

Back to painting tomorrow.  I picked up some new MMS milk paint samples (Luckett's Green and Shutter Gray) as well as a quart of Ce Ce Caldwell's Kentucky Mint and a sample of The American Paint Co. in Home Plate.  Simple things like happy paint colors and painting old stuff help cheer me, help keep me going when I have a hard time not being paralyzed by fear of storms (some heading our way later), and the pain of others affected by things out of their control.

I hope you all can find something to do that cheers you today, done in honor of those dealing with the tragedy firsthand.


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Three Birds Inspired said...

It does hurt your heart, doesn't it? I was watching the live feed on my computer and had to stop when it suddenly dawned at me that I wasn't just looking at a tornado, I was watching lives being torn apart. I felt very ashamed.

On a much lighter note, please let us know what you think about the CC Caldwell paints. I have to drive from here to forever to get some but I like the color choices. Have you heard anything about the other chalk paint, Webster's Chalk Paint Powder? A 4oz bag of dry mix makes a quart of paint and it is only $13.95 a bag! Here's their site: websterschalkpaintpowder.com/


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